My poems
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My poems. By Tatiana 9/1/11. Contents. Tatiana Erica Energy Hessa A Football Noor Homework and Tears Shuaa Countries Rana How you Learn Happy Birthday Dear Dragon Twinkle Twinkle The Pet Jannie My Dragon Noor The Centipede's song of Aunt Sponge and Aunt Shuaa Spike

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My poems

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My poems

By Tatiana 9/1/11


  • TatianaErica

  • EnergyHessa

  • A FootballNoor

  • Homework and TearsShuaa

  • CountriesRana

  • How you LearnHappy Birthday Dear Dragon

  • Twinkle TwinkleThe Pet

  • JannieMy Dragon

  • NoorThe Centipede's song of Aunt Sponge and Aunt

  • ShuaaSpike

  • RanaClick the Button to return to this page

  • Nigel

  • Shuaa

  • Jannie

  • Shuaa

  • Ana



all and smart

mazing and Awesome

raining for sports

‘m the best

ll clever

othing can stop me









  • Power

  • Energy and Electricity

  • Atoms

  • Concentration

  • Everything you need to know

A Football

Black and White

Fun to Play

It is Round

To use Every day

Some have pads

But some have bads

Weighs more than a Feather

And is made of Leather

Homework and Tears

  • Look at my Homework

  • It makes me mad

  • Fifty pages

  • Makes me sad


What is a popular Food in Qatar?


What country is to the north east of England?


How you Learn

Lots of Information

Helps with communication

Lots of ink

Don’t worry, you won’t sink

Twinkle Twinkle

Stars are Bright

Stars give light

They’re so yellow

In the sky saying hello

They have five points

Or five Joints

Their there in the night

For everyone’s sight


  • Jannie is my name

  • And rugby is the game

  • Nothing tastes better than meat

  • Not even tasty sweets to eat

  • I know it sounds quite weird

  • Everyone!

  • I have a beard


  • No-one is better than me

  • Only maybe my pet bee

  • Or maybe my pet dog

  • Ruff ruff he spotted a frog


  • Someone thinks I’m happy

  • However I’m so sad

  • Usually I'm happy

  • And my computer screen makes me mad

  • All is frozen, but now I’m glad


  • Run run the big bad wolf

  • Ah ah he’s chasing me

  • No-one knows what happened

  • And Rana saved the day


  • Nigel, yeah that’s my name

  • Iknow it when I hear it

  • Go on walk away

  • Everyone is staring

  • Love my name 4 ever


  • Someone call my name

  • Hello it’s me

  • Usually they walk away

  • And now they are all here

  • All that like my name


  • Johnny is also my name

  • And everyone likes it just the same

  • Nothing is better

  • Not even a piece of cheddar

  • I know I’m very funny

  • Even though I don’t get paid money


  • Sparkles and bling

  • Hear me sing

  • Under the moon

  • And very soon

  • And that’s what I do


  • Awesomely cool

  • No-one is better

  • Ana is my name


  • Erica is my name

  • Running is not the same

  • In case of injury

  • Call 911 to Germany

  • And I’m just a cool girl that’s cool


  • Here we ride on Hollywood

  • Everyone hear me say

  • So what I’m so popular

  • Say, look at my style

  • And there I drive


  • Now look I’m in the city

  • Oh look I’m in the town

  • Or maybe that’s such a pity

  • Running there with a frown


  • So what I’ve got the style

  • However I’ve got the bling

  • Usually so awesome

  • And I know how to sing

  • And that’s my name


  • Right in my Pajamas

  • And right in my bed

  • Now where’s that rotten toothbrush

  • Alright, gotta make sure I don’t bump my head

Happy Birthday Dear Dragon

  • By Jack Prelutsky

  • Pg. 4 (Dragon Poems)

  • Dragons, Dinosaurs, Monsters

  • Personification: “The Skeletons rattled their bones”

My Pet

  • By Tony Bradman

  • Pg.8 (Dragon Poems)

  • Dragons, Dinosaurs, Monsters

  • Alliteration: “I gave the man my money

My Dragon

  • By X.J. Kennedy

  • Pg.9 (Dragon Poems)

  • Dragons, Dinosaurs, Monsters

  • Metaphor: “Or call my muscles Jelly”

  • Alliteration: “soon feels his fiery fangs”

The Centipede’s Song of Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker

  • By Roald Dahl

  • Pg. 144

  • Vile Verses

  • Simile: “Were as soggy as paste”


  • Dolphins are friendly

  • Dolphins glide through the ocean

  • They jump and dive

Max the Puppy

  • I have a puppy

  • It’s called Max and he is cute

  • I got him today


  • Don’t know what it is?

  • Why don’t you ask some questions?

  • Soon you shall find out…



Detailed, Pale white

Floating, Setting, Smiling

Settling gently once yearly


  • My diamante poem is here

  • Let us all clap and cheer

  • There’s really no need to fear

  • Cause outside the sky is clear

  • Just because it’s today

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