Group 2:   Groupware Disadvantages

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Groupware Disadvantages. EnvironmentFeaturesCostNetwork Speed

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Group 2: Groupware Disadvantages

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1. Group #2: Groupware Disadvantages Chunhsien Juan Mike Scholle Girma Gebrekirstos J Sulek Mike Hodge

2. Groupware Disadvantages Environment Features Cost Network Speed & Reliability Example of Groupware Failures

3. Groupware Disadvantages Environment Not getting face-to-face interaction Facial expressions Body language Tone Loss of personal relationships in group related projects Loss of individual ideas

4. Groupware Disadvantages Features Lack of or too many capabilities Narrow range of capabilities Too complex to know applications Cumbersome user interfaces Mistakes with the data by inexperienced users Abusive users Personal privacy

5. Groupware Disadvantages Cost Implementation Server and Networking Hardware Training programs Technical Support Operating

6. Groupware Disadvantages Network Speed, Reliability, & Compatibility Older systems Reliant on computers and networks which can fail Reliant that all users be computer literate May lack compatibility between two systems

7. Groupware Disadvantages Example of Groupware failures Group Calendaring

8. Software keep personal Calendars to help individuals manage their time commitments The software can scan the calendars of associates in order to schedule meeting times The user initiates a meeting request by simply adding the names of individuals with whom to meet. The software then schedules a meeting in a open time slot that is appropriate for all parties involved The software request confirmation from all parties

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