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Aggies for Global Education. Amy Aldrich AFIL class of 2011. My Project. Name: Aggies for Global Education (A.G.E.) Project Tunisia Mission Statement: “We support education, education supports the world”

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Aggies for global education

Aggies for Global Education

Amy Aldrich

AFIL class of 2011

My project
My Project

  • Name: Aggies for Global Education (A.G.E.) Project Tunisia

  • Mission Statement: “We support education, education supports the world”

  • Purpose: Raise money to send to the Elementary School of Mnihla in a less-privileged community of Tunisia while simultaneously educating the local community about the conditions there


  • Population: ~11,000,000

  • Official language: Arabic

  • 98% Muslim, 1% Christian, 1% Jewish

  • GDP per capita: $9,500- ranked 113 in the world

  • 1 out of 4 Tunisians can not read or write

  • Only 490 internet hosts in country- ranked 181 in world! Compare it to the US’s 439,000,000

    Source: CIA World Factbook Online


What better time to invest in the future of this great country?

Recipient school
Recipient School

  • The Elementary School of Mnihla was selected to receive the funds raised by A.G.E.

  • They are currently struggling to purchase books, furniture, and other necessities

Recipient school1
Recipient School

The Elementary School of Mnihla

Recipient School

The Elementary School of Mnihla


  • Sent out over 30 letters for personal donations

  • Visited 17 local businesses seeking donations

  • Contacted a Tunisian student association (TUNASA) at the University of Houston

  • Requested to visit Aggie Mom’s Club in hometown next week

  • Purchased 100 t-shirts to sell for a profit


  • Expenses

    • $650 t-shirts

    • $50 print/mail supplies

  • Capital (expected)

    • $1000 t-shirts

    • $1000 donations

  • Total raised (expected)

    • $1,300


  • E-mailed Arabic Club, Arab Students Association

  • Will talk in all Arabic classes and some INTS classes

  • Facebook and flyers

  • Trying to sell shirts at Shiraz Shish Kabob some evenings

Goals and delivery
Goals and Delivery

  • Minimum fundraising goal: $500

  • Hopeful fundraising goal: $1500

  • Dr. Salah Ayari (yes, our speaker last week and my Arabic professor!) is hand delivering the money to the Elementary School of Mnihla this summer

  • He is planning to attend their June “graduation” ceremony


  • Loss of partner

  • Time management

  • Finding investors

  • Bank account

Hopefully NOT selling the shirts or receiving personal donations!


  • I will be able to continue with A.G.E. next year as my Capstone project for my Arabic Studies minor. Ideally, I will focus on a different Arab country.

  • Beyond that point though it will be dependent upon future AFIL or Arabic minor students to keep it alive… I would love to see it continue!

  • One young lady, Rebeca Clary, has recently shown a lot of interest in the project and she is applying for the AFIL class next year and is pursuing an Arabic minor

Thank you
Thank You