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Resisting media images
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RESISTING MEDIA IMAGES:. AN EXAMINATION OF BLACK CULTURES Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD, ABPP Minneapolis, MN October 2007. Black Cultures. Vernacular Classical. Vernacular Culture. Newspaper Television Radio Cinema. Intent and Vernacular Culture. Those who control the images

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Resisting media images



Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD, ABPP

Minneapolis, MN

October 2007

Black cultures

Black Cultures

  • Vernacular

  • Classical

Vernacular culture

Vernacular Culture

  • Newspaper

  • Television

  • Radio

  • Cinema

Intent and vernacular culture

Intent and Vernacular Culture

  • Those who control the images

  • Those whose images are controlled

Internalized oppression and vernacular culture

Internalized Oppression and Vernacular Culture

  • Frequency makes images “real”

  • Greed can mean the perpetuation of such images

  • Resulting internalized oppression may mean a dis-identification with one’s own people

Resistance and recognition

Resistance and Recognition

  • Classical Black culture accounts for survival of Black people

  • Classical Black culture needs to be taught and internalized

  • Classical Black culture affirms and recognizes positive images of Blacks

Resistance as resilience i

Resistance as Resilience I

  • Make Connections

  • Avoid Seeing Crises as Insurmountable Problems

  • Accept that Change is a Part of Living

  • Move toward Your Goals

  • Take Decisive Actions

Resistance as resilience ii

Resistance as Resilience II

  • Look for Opportunities for Self-discovery

  • Nurture a Positive View of Yourself

  • Keep Things in Perspective

  • Maintain a Hopeful Outlook

  • Take Care of Yourself

It s in the story

It’s in the Story

  • Focus on Family

  • Valuing Literacy

  • The Community as a Source of Strength

  • Spirituality as a Cornerstone

Spirituality as a cornerstone

Spirituality as a Cornerstone

Vernacular Culture

The Black minister is a buffoon

The Black church is just about the hereafter

Classical Culture

The Bible was often the first “reader” for Blacks

The Black Church has been the starting place for many with verbal, oratorical and singing skills

The Black church has been a social service organization in the community

The Black church has been a source of liberation theology

Valuing literacy

Valuing Literacy

Vernacular Culture

Black Children Are Unable to Learn How to Read and Speak “Standard” English

Classical Culture

After Emancipation, Blacks donated land, raised money and built with their own hands, elementary schools in the south

Focus on the family

Focus on the Family

Vernacular Culture

TV Images of the Black Family

Good Times the First Intact Black TV Family

Classical Culture

Following Emancipation Black Men Sought to Re-Unite with Their Families

Community as a source of strength

Community as a Source of Strength

Vernacular Culture

Black communities are killing fields

Nothing good can come out of the community

Classical Culture

Black organizations have contributed to the development of Black youth

We value working together

Classical images

Classical Images

Pillars in the community

Church Deacon

MD/ Lawyer/Architect

School Workers-Maintenance/Bus Driver

Utility Worker

College Professor


About: Values, Consistency, Loyalty

Classical images1

Classical Images







Classical images2

Classical Images

Pillars in the Community



Everybody’s Mother


Administrative Assistant

About Values

Classical images3

Classical Images






Work to do

Work To Do

  • Yes , We DO

  • Lead with Strength

Read the stories

Read the Stories

  • My Bondage and My Freedom- Frederick Douglass

  • Pushed Back to Strength- Gloria Wade Gayles

  • Trespassing-Gwendolyn M. Parker

  • Red River- Lalita Tademy

  • Anointed to Fly- Gloria Wade Gayles

And the women gathered

And the Women Gathered

Poem from Anointed to Fly

And the Women and Men Gathered

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