rules for sharing a house or an apartment with others xueer
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Rules for sharing a house or an apartment with others Xueer.

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Sharing a house with other students can be a lot of fun and a great way to form lasting friendships. For some, however, it can turn into a nightmare as people fall out over bills, noisy parties or simply whose turn it is to buy the milk. But many of these problems can be avoided or dealt with before they become major issues.



Always chose carefully who you are about to move in with

  • If you have a choice about who you share with, think carefully before you agree to move in. Can you live with a smoker, someone who’s obsessively tidy, or musicians who have regular band practices in the evening?

Allow other people their privacy and don’t go into your flat mates’ rooms when they’re not there. Always knock first if the door is shut.

Respect people\'s privacy


Keeping the place clean and tidy

People have widely differing ideas of cleanliness. It’s best to share with people who have similar standards to you, but if this isn’t possible, try to compromise if you can. If the house gets intolerably dirty or you’re always the one washing up, have a chat with your flat mates and see if you can all take more of a turn at cleaning.



  • To avoid problems in the future, sit down together at the start of your time together and hammer out some house rules. In all, It\'s better to communicate face-to-face in a friendly manner than to leave angry notes or take revenge in some other way.