The blind girl
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The Blind Girl . By Joseph. YOU ARE WATCHING MY AWESOME SLIDE SHOW!!!. You are shopping at the Seoul’s shopping mall with your friends. You bump into a girl. You notice that she was blind. She was about your age.

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The Blind Girl

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The Blind Girl

By Joseph


You are shopping at the Seouls shopping mall with your friends. You bump into a girl. You notice that she was blind. She was about your age.

She had a squirrel water bottle and she had blue eyes and blond hair. She wasnt from here she was Canadian.

You help her up and say sorry


You say sorry and leave her, because you nervous

She was trembling. You scared her when you bumped into her. You fell in love with her. She was the prettiest girl you ever seen.

You help her up. You ask what her name is, she says her name is April.

But then her butler came. Her butler kicked you out of her way. Your friends were calling you. So you quickly catch up with your friends to your friends. Than you wonder if youll ever see her again.

You notice that she goes to the school beside your school. The school is only for blind girls only.

You met her after school. You meet her parents. You ask April if she will go to the movies with you again. Then she goes to ask her parents and her parents says yes.

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  • You quickly said youre sorry and you ran away because you never seen a pretty girl like her.Your friends were calling you. So you quickly caught up to your friends. Than you wonder if youll ever see April again.

Next day go to school


Sleep in and skip school

You decided to not go to school and stay home by pretending to be sick. While you lie in bed and think about the girl. Then you decide to play on your computer. You found a website talking about a blind girl. It was April she was the smartest blind girl in her school. It talk about April's family.

Go to school the tomorrow

Stay home and continue your research ( stalking her).


  • You decided to stay home and continue to study April's family. You notice that you are basically stalking April.

Go to school and try to meet up with April


And again you can decided to continue to stalk April

  • While you kept stalking April your computer started to flash. Then it said warning. You started to freak out. It started to appear all over your screen then it over heated and it went out. Three men in white came in with guns. They were taking you hostage. They didnt talk on the whole way in the car. You been tided and a bag was put over your head. You were shoved into a car.

Continue with the men in white


Jump out of the car

  • You decided to keep on going with the men in white. You came to a stop and you where pulled out andBang! over.


Go to Beginning.

  • You where trying to find the door knob. You found it and you quickly opened it and jump out. You where knock out, because of the impacted. You where lucky, because the men in white thought you where died. You found a city and began a new life there, because you knew if you go back youll be in danger.

  • The End

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