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IATH. Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities University of Virginia . Chaco Digital Initiative.

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Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities University of Virginia


Chaco Digital Initiative

The Chaco Digital Initiative is a collaborative effort to create a digital archive that integrates widely dispersed archaeological data collected from Chaco Canyon in the late 1890s and the first half of the 20th century.



The Circus in America: 1793-1940

Circus in America surveys the history of the American circus over a 150-year period. It promotes serious scholarly research of the significant role the circus played in the growth of American society and popular culture. The site contains artifacts from private collections, museums, archives, brought together for the first time for the use of scholars and students of history, popular culture, technology, business, drama, sports, art, and advertising.



The William Blake Archive

An international public resource for the visual and literary works of William Blake.Over the course of two centuries, respect for the prints, paintings, and poems of William Blake (1757-1827) has increased to a degree that would have astonished his contemporaries. The William Blake Archive is a contemporary response to the needs of a dispersed and varied audience of readers and viewers and to the corresponding needs of the collections where Blake\'s original works are currently held.



Mapping the Dalai Lamas


A project to integrate digital copies of classical Tibetan-language biographies with digital animated maps, timelines, and images, so as to present significant events in the lives of the Dalai Lamas. This work will also search out previously unnoticed connections between biographical events, geographic locations, social and historical context, and literary and rhetorical expression.



Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities University of Virginia


The World of Dante

The World of Dante is a multi-media research tool for reading, studying, and teaching the Divine Comedy. It provides an encoded Italian text with structured searches and analyses, an English translation, interactive maps, diagrams, music, a database, timeline and gallery of illustrations.



Monument and Dust:

The Culture of Victorian London

A 4-dimensional project that draws from journalism, literary works, paintings, census data, maps, tracts, cartoons, sermons to create a complex visual, textual, and statistical representation of Victorian London. The web site includes a 3D fly-through model of the Crystal Palace from the 1851 Great Exhibition.


Leonardo da Vinci and His Treatise on Painting is an electronic archive dedicated to the Treatise on Painting. The archive gathers critical resource materials for art-historical scholarship on the legacy and reception of Leonardo\'s art theory from the mid-16th century through the early 19th century and makes it possible to analyze these materials systematically, comprehensively, and comparatively.


Homer’s Trojan Theater

The battlefield sequences in Homer\'s Iliad present an exceptional challenge to a narrator. More than two hundred warriors are killed or wounded, yet the poet is remarkable in his ability to keep his characters on the battlefield straight. The action is visualized and described with such vividness that the audience can easily picture the Trojan plain and the bloody action. Taking the text as a script, we can focus on spatial indications such as “left” and “right” and reconstruct the activity on the battlefield with digital technology. Translating the poem’s verbal account into a visual medium demonstrates not only the coherence of its plan, but also reveals the role of spatial design in plotting its narrative.




Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities University of Virginia

the piers plowman electronic archive
The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive

A multi-level electronic archive of the textual tradition of all three versions of the 14th century allegorical dream vision Piers Plowman.


patterns of reconstruction at pompeii
Patterns of Reconstruction at Pompeii

The Pompeii Forum Project is an investigation into the reconstruction of a large market building on the Pompeii Forum following and earthquake in 62 AD, seventeen years prior to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that buried the city. The study is approached from the perspective of a structural engineer, applying engineering principles to interpret the currently visible areas of damage and repair, plus information available from historic records. It employs a variety of computer-based technologies in the inquiry, in particular digital photogrammetry to document the geometry and construction of key areas of the building, plus three dimensional modeling to depict the state of the building in various states of damage and repair.



The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The Rossetti Archive is a hypermedia archive of the complete writings and pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. It provides students and scholars with access to all of Rossetti\'s pictorial and textual works and to a large contextual corpus of materials, most drawn from the period when Rossetti\'s work first appeared and established its reputation (approximately 1848-1920), but some stretching back to the 14th century sources of his Italian translations.




Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities University of Virginia


aints\' Lives focuses on stories written in French (including Anglo-Norman but not Occitan), in verse or prose or both between c. 880 and c. 1500 of the Christian era about Catholic saints.

The project has an interactive database containing extensive textual, historical and material information about these works and their manuscript contexts, and a collection of hypertext editions and translations of Lives with images of their manuscripts.


Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive

and Transcription Project

The Salem witchcraft episode began in late February 1692 and lasted through April, 1693. This project is an electronic collection of primary source material, including a new transcription of court records, related to the Salem witch trials, the aftermath, and the on-going efforts to clear the names of the condemned.


The Salisbury Project

The Salisbury Project is an archive of color photographs designed for teachers, students and scholars to supplement visually books and articles published on the cathedral and town of Salisbury, England. The project consists of views of the exterior and interior of the cathedral, as well as of select buildings and sites in and around the town of Salisbury. Additional material includes a guide for teachers and students, related texts and essays, and an annotated bibliography.


Silk Road: The Path of Transmission of Avalokiteśvara

A network of trade routes between east and west, the Silk Road was also a channel for ideas, technologies, art, and religion. A wide variety of religious faiths, including Nestorianism, Zoroastrianism, Manicheaism, Islam, and Buddhism in particular, moved through this network and had significant influences in many countries.

This project uses the Silk Road as a spatial template to create a digital presentation of the transmission of one of the most important Buddhist deities, Avalokiteśvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.




Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities University of Virginia


English Medieval Architecture:A Model for Design Process Analysis

A look at the effect of existing physical structure on the development of medieval architecture.


Collective Biographies of Women

This project promotes on-line collaborative research on nineteenth and twentieth century English-language collections of biographies of women. The work will expand on Collective Biographies of Women: An Annotated Bibliography, a web site that examines more than 930 collections of women\'s biographies published between 1830-1940 in Britain and North America.



St. Gall Monastery Plan

The earliest preserved and most extraordinary visualization of a building complex produced in the Middle Ages, this plan for a 9th century monastery was created at the monastery of Reichenau sometime between 819-26 A.D.

Ever since, the plan has been at the Monastic Library of St. Gall (Switzerland).The web site presents the plan, its origins, components, and notations, as well as four centuries of scholarship on the plan within the context of 9th century material culture.


Uncle Tom’s Cabin & American Culture

Uncle Tom’s Cabin & American Culture looks at the relationship between Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel and American culture, including 19th and 20th century responses in the form of books, images, songs, movies, poems, articles, plays, games, and commemorative objects.


Aquae Urbis Romae:

The Waters of the City of Rome

Aquae Urbis Romae examines the intersections between natural hydrological elements such as springs, rain, streams, marshes, and the Tiber River, and constructed hydraulic elements such as aqueducts, fountains, sewers, bridges, conduits, etc., that together create the water infrastructure system of Rome, beginning in 753 BC. It is an interactive cartographic history of the relationships between hydrological and hydraulic systems and their impact on the urban development of Rome, Italy.



Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities University of Virginia

the walt whitman archive
The Walt Whitman Archive

The Walt Whitman Archive is an electronic research and teaching tool that sets out to make Whitman\'s vast work easily and conveniently accessible to scholars, students, and general readers. Whitman is America\'s most influential poet and one of the four or five most innovative and significant writers in United States history but also one of the most challenging of all American authors in terms of textual difficulties.


Virtual Williamsburg

A collaboration between IATH and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, this project is creating a 3D model of the entire area of Colonial Williamsburg. The model aims to correct physical restorations made in the 20th century now considered erroneous. Ultimately, the project will feature a temporal 3D model showing how the town developed from its origins to the end of the 18th century.



The World’s Fairs in Italy Project

This will be the first digital archive devoted to analyzing the phenomenon of World\'s Fairs in Italy. The project will have three sections, corresponding to three distinctive phases of construction and beginning with the "fabulous exposition" of Turin 1911. Each section will have a real-time simulation model of the fairgrounds and an interactive database for materials and data related to that Fair. When finished, the World’s Fairs project will be a rich digital collection preserving the ephemeral world of Universal Expositions.


Traditions of Exemplary Women: Liu Xiang’s Lienü Zhuan

The Lienü zhuan of Liu Xiang (77-6 B.C.) is the earliest extant book in the Chinese tradition solely devoted to the moral education of women and became a standard textbook in women’s education for the next two millennia. The Lienü zhuan offers important insights into the culture, politics, and social structure of early China, as well as the representation of women in various phases of China’s history.