Are juab girls lazy
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Are Juab Girls Lazy? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are Juab Girls Lazy?. Kevin Baird and Shane Whitlock. In our survey we wanted to know if giving someone more work to do when answering a survey would change the results.

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Are juab girls lazy

Are Juab Girls Lazy?

Kevin Baird and Shane Whitlock

Survey s purpose

Survey’s Purpose

Sampling procedure

  • Our population was the females of Juab High School, grades 9-12.

  • We selected our sample by numbering every girl, then used a random number generator to choose 25 for a biased survey and 25 for an unbiased survey.

  • We tried to bias our survey by making one of the answers to the survey require more work than the other.

Sampling Procedure

Survey artifact

Unbiased 9-12.

Should a presidential candidates religion play a major role in determining whether or not they are voted into office?

(Circle One)

Yes No


Should a presidential candidates religion play a major role in determining whether or not they are voted into office?

(Circle One)

Yes No

*If “No” please explain in two or three sentences on back.*

Survey Artifact

Survey challenges

  • One challenge we had was that it was difficult to contact the sample.

  • We were able to come up with our survey fairly easily, so that went well. Also, there were some girls that would say “Do I really have to write the sentences?” and they would also say, “I’m just going to put yes.”

  • It would be better if we could have had more time to work on it together.

  • We had six people not respond, one in the biased survey and five in the unbiased.

  • One bias that I didn’t anticipate was that the younger girls didn’t really know how to answer the unbiased question. They would often say “I don’t even know what this means.” So it would be better if our population was from older girls, it might be more representative.

Survey Challenges

Survey results unbiased
Survey Results the sample.Unbiased

Survey results biased
Survey Results the sample.Biased

Biased if they answered no
Biased the sample.If they answered No

Results interpreted

  • I believe that the bias really did work in the way that we thought it would. In the unbiased sample 56% said No and 24% said yes. While in the biased sample only 40% said no and 52% said yes.

  • Of the biased sample only 40% of the girls that answered no actually explained their answers.

  • Thus, we are inferring that girls in Juab High School are willing to go against what they really believe, to get out of doing a little bit more work.

Results Interpreted