A Novel Ultrasound Curriculum For Teaching The Focused Assessment With
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A Novel Ultrasound Curriculum For Teaching The Focused Assessment With Sonography In Trauma Exam To Undergraduate Medical Students. Trevor Gessel , BS, Daniel Cieslak , BS, BA, Richmond Doxey , BS, Mary Beth Phelan, MD, RDMS, Caroline Pace, MD. Overview. Introduction

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A Novel Ultrasound Curriculum For Teaching The Focused Assessment With Sonography In Trauma Exam To Undergraduate Medical Students

Trevor Gessel, BS, Daniel Cieslak, BS, BA, Richmond Doxey, BS, Mary Beth Phelan, MD, RDMS,

Caroline Pace, MD

Overview Assessment With

  • Introduction

  • Materials and Methods

  • Results

  • Conclusion

Introduction Assessment With

  • Ultrasound curriculum needed in Medical School

    • Ubiquity among specialties

    • Operator-dependent skill

    • Students have shown interest

  • Undergraduate medical education ultrasound training

    • Quantity?

    • Components?

FAST exam Assessment With


Right upper quadrant Assessment With



Left upper quadrant

2 Assessment With nd Year

Medical Students

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2c Inside_a_classroom_of_a_school_in_Kabul.jpg

Materials and methods
Materials and Methods Assessment With

  • Online Modules

    • Society for Ultrasound in Medical Education (SUSME)

  • Didactic Sessions

    • 2 one-hour sessions

  • Training Session

    • Live model

    • Normal exam

Materials and methods1
Materials and Methods Assessment With

  • Simulation Session

    • UltraSim® from MedSim

    • Abnormal exam (positive findings)

  • Final Competency Exam

    • Simulator (abnormal) exam

    • Live (normal) exam

Materials and methods2
Materials and Methods Assessment With

  • Data Collection

    • Participant surveys

      • Previous experience and Interest

      • Satisfaction and Confidence

  • Analysis

    • Surveys

    • Performance on Final Competency Exam

Recruitment Assessment With


Did not Respond, n=182

Declined to Participate, n=3

Introductory Session


No-Showed, n=10

Declined to Participate, n=0

Online Modules


Completed Modules, n=12

Lost to Follow-up, n=1

FAST Didactic Sessions


Training Session for the Normal FAST Exam


Completed Session, n=12

Did Not Complete Session, n=0

Simulation Session for the Abnormal FAST Exams


Final Competency Exam




Final Assessment With Exam

Didactic Session 1

Didactic Session 2

Hands-On Session

Simulation Session


Didactic Session 1 Assessment With

Didactic Session 1

Didactic Session 1

Didactic Session 1

Didactic Session 2

Didactic Session 2

Didactic Session 2

Didactic Session 2

Hands-On Session

Hands-On Session

Hands-On Session

Hands-On Session

Simulation Session

Simulation Session

Simulation Session

Simulation Session









Results - Confidence

PGY1 Assessment With



Results - Competence

Live Model Exam

Simulator Exam

Conclusions Assessment With

  • Successfully taught basic sonography skills

  • Students generally satisfied with the curriculum

  • Multiple strategies successful in ultrasound curricula

  • Hands-on experience is vital

Questions? Assessment With

Thank you! Assessment With

References Assessment With

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Next steps
Next Steps Assessment With

  • Currently repeating the curriculum

  • Added quizzes

    • Board-style questions

    • Proper position/use

    • Images – negative and positive findings

  • Increased hands-on teaching

    • Increased # of sessions

    • more experience