the bethany project
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The Bethany Project

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often referred to as The Bethany FAMILY. The Bethany Project. Registered in Tanzania as an NGO (non government organisation) no. 8059. Administered in the UK by ‘The Northern Evangelical Trust’ ( Reg. charity 517995 ). The Bethany Project. WHERE.

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the bethany project

often referred to as The Bethany FAMILY

The Bethany Project

Registered in Tanzania as an NGO (non government organisation) no. 8059

Administered in the UK by ‘The Northern Evangelical Trust’( Reg. charity 517995 )


The Bethany Project


Population: 38 millionLife Expectancy: 45yrsHIV: 1.6million


The Bethany Project


Situated: 80 Kilometers from Mwanza(Tanzania’s second largest city)

20 Kilometers from Magu(nearest Market town with Internet access)

Bethany is on the shores of Lake Victoria in a very rural village of Yitwimila. We are in an area of no employment. Villagers survive on what they grow and depend on the two annual rainy seasons.



The Bethany Project



Tanzania, (along with 5 others)is one of the poorest countries in the world.


The Bethany Project


Bethany is a children’s home caring for over 140children

No mains water, electricity, gas, or drainage on site

Electricity provided by Solar panels enough for lighting, computer, radio and battery chargers. Not enough power for cooking, electric irons, kettles etc.

Water pumped (petrol and solar) from Lake Victoria and purified with a UV lamp

Drainage provided by septic tanks

Gas: non available other than bottled calor gas


The Bethany Project

Treatment of Children in Tanzania:

For the most part children are looked upon as possessions. Big families are better as the children will provide for you in your old age!

Children are taught to respect adults and older people in particular saying Shikamoo meaning I was your feet and curtseying to elders.


The Bethany Project

  • Bethany daily routine
  • Breakfast at 7am, prayers and worship song at 7.20am. Work starts at 7.30am
  • Lunch between 1 – 2pm
  • Evening meal 6pm
  • Evening worship with the children 7.30pm followed by discussion of the days events – problems
  • Bedtime 9pm