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Create a template key
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Create a Template Key. A GOLD report template reference tool. Heather Sousa, CT (ASCP) CUG 2014 – Dallas, Texas. Class objectives. Create a Template Keys folder Create Template Keys with full bookmark names and other hard coded information from your laboratory final reports templates.

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Create a Template Key

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Create a template key

Create a Template Key

A GOLD report template reference tool

Heather Sousa, CT (ASCP)

CUG 2014 – Dallas, Texas

Class objectives

Class objectives

  • Create a Template Keys folder

  • Create Template Keys with full bookmark names and other hard coded information from your laboratory final reports templates.

  • Recognize the difference between the file formats of live templates and template key documents.

Importance of a template key

Importance of a Template Key

  • Change the look of the patient report

    • Formatting changes (color, font size, etc)

  • Client requests for new information

    • Adding comments based upon special status codes.

  • New test information that needs to be updated on bookmarks.

    • Know which bookmarks need to be changed.

Template intro

Template intro.

  • Gold uses Microsoft Word for editing final patient reports.

  • Every final report document is based upon a template.

  • A template determines the basic structure for a document and contains formatting and content settings.

A template is essentially a report wizard

A Template is essentially a report Wizard

Template example

Template Example

What do these brackets represent?

Designators and templates

Designators and templates

  • Designator Maintenance

Each designator in GOLD is linked to a Template

Gold help


  • When a Patient report (Word document) is created, it inherits three things from its “wizard”template:

    • Styles – Font, Color

    • Content – Hard coded information, bookmark placement

    • Page settings – page numbers, margins

Gold help1


  • Thereafter, a template sits in the background (behind the curtain) and provides four things to a document:

    • Macros – Lab specified sequence that expands automatically on report.

    • AutoTexts – Word AutoTexts:) = 

    • Toolbars – Editing tool settings saved

    • keyboard shortcuts – F9 (save and exit)

Pay no attention to the man template behind the curtain

Pay no attention to the man (template) behind the curtain

The template does it’s job behind the scenes.

Finding the wizard

Finding the Wizard…

Find the word template gold directory

Find the Word Template Gold Directory

Laboratory Preferences

Page 2

Open template folder

Open Template Folder…

  • Make sure you are out of the GOLD product

  • Navigate to your Template folder

    • File path found on Pg. 2 Laboratory Preferences

    • ex. PSMGSQL2/Gold/Template

Create a new folder template keys

Create a new folder: “Template Keys”

.dot (live templates)

Create your key

Create your Key

  • Double click on your .dot template to open as a Word document (.doc)

  • Save as

    • You will need to direct your new copy to the Template Key Folder you just made. Remember your file path.

    • For example PSMGSQL2/Gold/Template/TemplateKeys

Save as rename as templatekey

Save as-Rename as “TemplateKey…”

Live templates are dot template keys are doc

Live Templates are .dotTemplate Keys are .doc

Template Key (Word doc)

Live Template (.dot)



Don’t Touch



  • All live Templates (.dot) should be set as Read Only

  • If this is set properly you will not be able to mess up your live Template

Key features

“Key” features

  • You will see all hard coded items (Lab address, Logo, etc)

  • Bookmarks are shown as brackets [ ]

Adding bookmark name

Adding Bookmark Name

  • [ ] brackets show you where your clever bookmarks will appear on the final report.

  • Which bookmark is which!! How confusing…not!

  • It’s easy

Adding bookmark name1

Adding Bookmark Name

  • Put your curser within the brackets of a bookmark

Adding bookmark name2

Adding Bookmark Name

  • Click on Insert/Bookmark

Adding bookmark name3

Adding Bookmark Name

  • You will see the bookmark box with the selected bookmark that corresponds to the brackets in your report.

  • Copy the bookmark name (ctrl C)

  • Click Cancel

Adding bookmark name4

Adding Bookmark Name

  • Paste the name within the brackets (ctrl V)

Template key example

Template Key Example

When finished you have a Word document mapping all hard coded and bookmarked information.

Gold help2


  • Help/Contents (F1)

  • Index/Template

  • Login