The wonderful world of picasa
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The Wonderful World of Picasa. By: Chelsea Hatch. Changed to black and white with a focal point on the sun leaving some color. Rotation. Turned the picture right-side up. Red eye. Removal of the red eyes and. ..cropped out negative space. Increased the shadowing . Cropped. &.

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Rotation leaving some color.

Turned the picture right-side up.

Red eye
Red leaving some color. eye

Removal of the red eyes and...

..cropped out negative space.

Increased the shadowing leaving some color.



changed to Sepia

Cropped, leaving some color.

added shadows and

Increased highlights.

Neutral Color Picker.. leaving some color.

From this


My Boys leaving some color.

Sharpened the picture, changed the coloring to black and white and rotated the caption

My Boys

Increased shadow and fill light leaving some color.

Shadow leaving some color.






name caption


my dog

Auto Contrast leaving some color.


Straighten crop

Crop, rotation, and leaving some color.

increased shadowing

Cropped and color tuning leaving some color.

Added color and a caption leaving some color.