Jaywalkers of purdue
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Jaywalkers of Purdue. By: Jarrett Powell, powell4@purdue.edu Jagpreet Chahal , jchahal@purdue.edu Schmarrah McCarthy, samccart@purdue.edu. Project Objective.

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Jaywalkers of Purdue

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Jaywalkers of purdue

Jaywalkers of Purdue

By: Jarrett Powell, powell4@purdue.edu

JagpreetChahal, jchahal@purdue.edu

Schmarrah McCarthy, samccart@purdue.edu

Project objective

Project Objective

  • Comparing the number of people who use the crosswalk between Armstrong and McDonalds as opposed to the people who jaywalk/cross illegally through that area.

Site location

Site Location

Data collection plan

Data Collection Plan

  • Date of Collection: 10-30-09

  • Duration: A hour, 12- 1pm (lunch break) and 4-5pm (off peak hour)

  • Jarrett Powell: Data Analysis Coordinator

  • JagpreetChahal: Field Data Collector

  • Schmarrah McCarthy: Field data collector

  • Resources: Tally mark process



Example graph of the Peak hour and off hour of the crosswalk.

Conclusions suggestions


  • We learned how ineffective the crosswalk is in this area by analyzing how many people actually used it correctly. Approximately 5 times as many people jaywalk during the peak hour than the legal walkers, and twice as many during the off peak hour.

  • Also during the experiment, we noticed that the majority of legal walkers were non-students.

  • It is also concluded that more people jaywalk because it is more convenient.

  • Based on our results, we believe there needs to be more done to advertise the use of this crosswalk and crosswalks in general to increase safety. Otherwise, the crosswalks are highly ineffective.

  • One main suggestion is to increase the amount of time given to cross. A lot of the walkers tried to use the crosswalk but the time given was unacceptable

Location of experiment

Location of experiment

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