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Project aims
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Project aims:. The shape is determined by the function. User friendly and ergonomic system. Simple and easy access to the transport. Wide group of users ”design for all”. How to seduce hearts of all users?. How to attract people and offer them the best transportation system?.

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Project aims:

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Project aims

Project aims:

The shape is determined by the function

User friendly and ergonomic system

Simple and easy access to the transport

Wide group of users ”design for all”

Project aims

How to seduce hearts of all users?

Project aims

How to attract people and offer them the best transportation system?

Project aims

The focus on the form of the other known transport.

System constructs the new criteria and needs.

Project aims

The SkyCab


Project aims

The ergonomic criteria

quickly form the vehicle area

From two people talking

on the street

to the common vehicle

Project aims

Main volume of the vehicle

Project aims

Rails to handle when entering the vehicle.

Shelf of the vehicle is made

of epoxy thermo-sets

and ABS.

Base frame: steel,

Vertical frame: aluminium alloy.

Bike hanger

Front light

Push bumper

Central door

Boot opening

Project aims

It is easy to pull the seat (like a drawer) if more space is needed.

Project aims

Magnetic plate to fasten a wheelchair.

Project aims


Ergonomics: This is a display of men with Cab size. The X-size man and the S-size women (C95) has been chosen.

Project aims


Electricity layer

Project aims

…SkyCab rail under construction...

Project aims

The top of the pillar.

Pillar is made of a steel

tube which is widen

and partly cut on its both sides.

Project aims


Project aims


Project aims

You do not have to climb to the vehicle,

it comes to you to the ground level.

Non-stop lift

The vehicle operates

as the cab and the elevator.

Project aims

Stop-button was pressed in the SkyCab vehicle by the passenger

Project aims

SkyCab vehicle turns onto the elevator track

Project aims

...and starts to move vertically

SkyCab vehicle goes inside the elevator tower

Project aims

There is an easy access to the vehicle from all sides

On the ground level

Project aims

ICA-MAXI market in Umeå

Project aims

SkyCab vehicle - renderings

Project aims

Thank you for your attention

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