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"The Theory of Multiple Intelligences" PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring. "The Theory of Multiple Intelligences" . Verbal-Linguistic. Visual-Spatial. Naturalistic. Musical. Bodily-Kinesthetic. Inter-personal. Intra-personal. How Multiple Intelligence helps learners?.

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"The Theory of Multiple Intelligences"

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"The Theory of Multiple Intelligences"








How Multiple Intelligence helps learners?

"With an understanding of Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences - teachers, school administrators, and parents can better understand the learners in their midst. They can allow students to safely explore and learn in many ways, and they can help students direct their own learning."

--Anne Guignon, Education World

Activities related with Different Intelligences

Verbal - Linguistic Intelligence

(“Word Smart”)

Storytelling, journaling, pre-reading word and letter recognition

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

(“Number/Reasoning smart”)

Puzzles ,manipulative, pattern games, number sequence

Musical Intelligence

(“Music Smart”)

Singing, humming, chanting, playing with instruments

Bodily – Kinesthetic Intelligence

(“Body Smart”)

Dance, aerobic exercise, drama, role playing and sculpting

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

(“Picture Smart”)

Painting, drawing, visual rich multimedia activities

Naturalist intelligence

(“Nature Smart”)

Out door nature study, mapping,

comparison of natural elements and love for environment

Interpersonal (Social) Intelligence

(“People Smart”)

Cooperative, pair - share activities, sharing, explaining, demonstrating

Intra-personal Intelligence

(“Self Smart”)

Self paced independent work, exploration and reflection

Multiple Intelligence Poem

A person’s true intelligence is difficult to find

Not calculated merely by retention in the mind

Intelligence is varied

Each deserves its special praise

And everyone is gifted-smart

But smart in different ways

They are all within us blend

The secret is, that every gift is ours to some extent.

The more ways we teach, the more children we reach

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