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2. Residency . Principal place of abodeWhere you voteWhere your children go to schoolWhere you file your federal income taxProof of residency includes a utility bill, statement from your landlord or copy of your deedSee Residency Affidavit . 3. New Registrations. Customer must have a certific

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New Hampshire City Town Clerks Association

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1. 1 New Hampshire City & Town Clerks’ Association New Clerk Workshop April 4, 2011

2. 2 Residency Principal place of abode Where you vote Where your children go to school Where you file your federal income tax Proof of residency includes a utility bill, statement from your landlord or copy of your deed See Residency Affidavit

3. 3 New Registrations Customer must have a certificate of origin, title or dealer prepared title application to register a vehicle with a model year of 1996 and newer Vehicles exempt from title are those with a model year of 1996 and older. The following is needed to register an exempt vehicle: VIN Verification Form 19A, or photocopy of title, or copy of current or expired NH registration and (out of state registration not allowed) Bill of Sale -only needs to be seen by Town Clerk. Do not send in.

4. 4 New Registrations Town Fees based on List Price Look up list price in Red Book using the make and model and year of the vehicle Use list price in column headed Fact. SRP Do not use Avg. Retail Value Add on miscellaneous equipment for trucks, if applicable Round to nearest hundred ($50+ round up) If list price is not in red book call the dealer or ask customer if they have the sticker price that was on window

5. 5 What are mill rates? A mill equals 1/1000 of a dollar and is charged on each dollar of the vehicle retail list price A vehicle is charged 12 months at each mill rate based on the vehicle model year Model Year 2012/2011 = 18 mills 2010 = 15 mills 2009 = 12 mills 2008 = 09 mills 2007 = 06 mills 2006 = 03 mills

6. 6 Mill Rates cont’d Example: A 14-month registration of a 2011 vehicle with a list price of $10,000 would be charged 12 months @ 18 mills =$180.00 02 months @ 15 mills =$ 25.00 + $1.00 town clerk fee + $2.50/$3.00 municipal agent fee + $2.00 title fee, if applicable Title fee is charged for preparing title or accepting blue copy of dealer title application

7. 7 State Fees State fees are based on weight 0-3000 lbs $2.60 per mo. + surcharge $30.00 3001-5000 lbs $3.60 mo. + surcharge $30.00 5001-8000 lbs $4.60 mo. + surcharge $45.00 For cars use shipping weight plus 150 lbs per passenger For Trucks and sport utility vehicles use GVW in Red Book Plates cost $4.00 for one, $8.00 a set Title application fee is $25.00

8. 8 Preparing a Title Application When a customer brings in title from private sale, signed over to him Clerk prepares title application Check back of title to make sure it is signed over properly Look for buyer and seller signatures and odometer reading Only dealers are allowed to sign over a title multiple times Staple title application on top of title and any supporting documentation Here is the extra text for this slideHere is the extra text for this slide

9. 9 Renewals Same vehicle and same owner Due in birth month of registrant or month assigned for the first letter of business, lease or trust All renewals are for 12 months If previous registration has: 7 months @15 mills 5 months @12 mills Renewal would be: 7 months @12 mills 5 months @ 9 mills

10. 10 Renewals (cont’d) Renewals may be done up to 4 months early (includes month of expiration) RSA261:62 Late renewals must charge 12 months regardless of when registrant comes in. If registrant comes in during the 12th month you must charge for the past 12 months

11. 11 Plate Changes Reversal of Names Reversal of names is done in the month of renewal Beginning February 1, 2011 mid-stream plate changes will be allowed; provided the customer is willing to pay the extra fees and understands they will not be refunded any monies Reversal of Names-must have written statement from primary owner granting permission to swap names-include in back of document pile Don’t forget to issue new month decals because expiration date is changing

12. 12

13. 13 Transfers When a customer wants to use the same plates and decals on a different vehicle he may do a transfer: If the old registration is from NH If it has the same first owner (Exceptions: Lease to owner, owner to lease, lease to lease and surviving spouse) If it has not expired If the plate has not previously been on the vehicle being transferred to

14. 14 Transfers (cont’d) Monetary credit is given from old vehicle to new vehicle. Expiration date must remain same Except in cases of lease/lease, owner/lease, lease/owner and surviving partner transfers Can do a one month transfer and 12-month renewal on the same vehicle on the same day Customer MUST have current original registration Must pay $15.00 for a certified copy if they have lost original registration

15. 15 Transfers (cont’d) Same plate number and decal number are used on new registration A second name may be added or deleted depending on the names on new title (order on title does not matter) Fee calculation for Town is new vehicle fee less credit for remaining months on old vehicle + $5.00 transfer fee + $1.00 town clerk fee + $2.00 title fee, if applicable + MA fee, if applicable

16. 16 Calculating Transfer Credit RSA 261:150 Calculate the number of months from the present month to the expiration date of old registration This is the number of months of credit that will be given Starting with bottom mill rate calculate the per month registration fee

17. 17 Calculating Credit Example of 5-month transfer Old vehicle was charged 9 months @ 15 mills 3 months @ 12 mills Credit given will be 3 months @ 12 mills 2 months @ 15 mills

18. 18 Transfers (cont’d) Fee for State is calculated in similar manner State transfer fee is $25.00 + surcharge + $25.00 title fee if town clerk prepared If vehicle goes up in weight category charge $1.00 per month, per category 0-3000 lbs $2.60 per mo. 3001-5000 lbs $3.60 mo. 5001-8000 lbs $4.60 mo

19. 19 Transfers (cont’d) Do not staple old and new registrations together, put in numerical order in document pile Municipal Agents send white copy of title application in with supporting documentation and retain town clerk copy. Keep Town Clerk copy only of title and registration (old style) if sending customer to motor vehicle substation to complete transaction

20. 20 Transfers (cont’d) Lease Vehicle Transfers and Surviving Partner Transfers are the only time when a transfer can be made where the first owner of original registration does not match the first owner of new registration Municipal Agents may process Owner to Lease, Lease to Owner, Lease to Lease and surviving partner transfers.

21. 21 Owner to Lease & Lease to Owner Transfers Can be transferred if first name on old registration will be second name on leased vehicle registration Or, if second name on leased vehicle will be first name on new registration Leasing company is the lessor and is listed as first owner Lessee is listed as second owner

22. 22 Lease Transfers On registration the address of the leasing company is legal address and address of owner/driver is mailing address On title the address of the leasing company is listed first as mailing address and then the lessee’s name and address Calculate months and amount of credit on old registration New registration expiration date will be based on the first letter of the Leasing Company name on owner to lease

23. 23 Lease Transfers If expiration on transfer would be less than 5 months, always extend the expiration of the new registration by 12 months There are no 17-month transfers, only 13, 14, 15 or 16 months Sometimes number of months credit is more than charged. No refunds given. Transfer can be to same vehicle if customer purchased his leased vehicle

24. 24 Lease to Lease Transfers Transfer can go from one leasing company to a different leasing company, if the second owner remains the same Expiration date usually changes and new month decals are issued If transfer is from one lease company to same lease company it is considered regular transfer and is considered a regular renewal

25. 25 Surviving Partner/Rights of Survivorship-RSA 261:17 The surviving partner may drive on old registration and plates until they expire Must submit copy of death certificate and title, if they have it If title has lienholder, must go through lienholder to re-title Must re-title, do not charge $25.00, unless adding a lienholder or a name

26. 26 Survivorship If surviving partner comes in during month of renewal or earlier: Prepare title at no charge Prepare registration as a survivorship transfer Use same plates, month of expiration will change and new month decals issued

27. 27 Survivorship

28. 28 Survivorship If surviving partner comes in after registration expires: If there are two owners do as a renewal Swap the names to make the deceased individual the second owner and then delete that individual If there is one owner Release the plates and key as new or; Issue new plates and key as new Issue new month decals for the plates. Figure mill rate as if a new purchase

29. 29 Trusts RSA 261:62 Titled in trust name (need to send in 1st and last page of trust paperwork) May be registered in one of three ways Name of Trust Only with expiration date of June the letter “J” (for John) like a company Ex. John Smith Revocable Trust of 2009 Smith, John as first owner, using his birth month for expiration, and trust as second owner Smith, Mary as first owner, using her birth month for expiration, and trust as second owner

30. 30 Trusts Vehicles going from personal name into trust must have appropriate assignments on back of title, considered a change of ownership Browser towns need to dummy on title in MAAP Browser towns do not list trustees on title but vendor towns do Transfer credits are allowed

31. 31 Corporations & DBA’s Corporations and LLC’s, are registered using first letter of business name as expiration Check to make sure they are registered and in good standing with the Secretary of State at DBA’s must be listed as second owner Don’t need SOS approval for those

32. 32 Corporations Address changes done with on-line towns or substation, customer must provide DSMV503-Corporate Name/Address Change signed by authorized person with proof of address change and authorization (Letterhead, business card) Cannot change address of leasing companies

33. 33 Motorcycles RSA 259:63 Use list price in Power Sport Vehicle Blue Book for town fees, weight is not needed State fee is $2.08 per month plus $1.00 for Safety Fund Transfer fee is $25.00 plus the $1.00 safety fund fee. Title needed for model year 1996 and newer Motorcycle license necessary to drive cycle with 50’cc’s or more

34. 34 Motorcycles Motorcycle plate fee is $4.00 IMOTO plates are allowed 5 character with the exception of initial veteran plates which have four characters Veteran, handicap and purple heart motorcycle plates are available Inspections are done annually in June

35. 35 Mopeds RSA 259:57 1 Moped plate issued at substations There are no town fees for mopeds Municipal Agents are allowed to renew mopeds and collect the municipal agent fee No titles needed for mopeds Mopeds do not require inspection

36. 36 Trailers RSA 259:5 Includes campers, 5th wheel, utility, and snowmobile trailers List price and weights can be obtained at Trailers 3001 lbs (GVW) and greater, model year 1996 and newer, require title or certificate of origin Trailers 3001 lbs (GVW) and greater, model year 1995 and older require bill of sale and VIN verification (Form 19A), copy of NH registration or copy of title.

37. 37 Homemade Trailers (TRAI) Homemade trailers 3001 lbs and greater need: Highway inspection Statement of Construction Form Form 19A NH Inspections done at Salvage & Overweight Certification locations After inspection, Officer issues NH VIN for $30.00 and gives customer form DSMV547

38. 38 Trailers Home made trailers & manufactured trailers 3000 lbs and less, with no VIN, need a TDMV19A form stating VIN is missing NHTR VIN is then issued by Town Clerk or Substation Use weight chart for state fees Make is HMDE

39. 39 Motor Homes Issue 2 PASS plates (IPASS and ICPAS are) Body style-MTRHM Inspections done yearly by July 1 Make is based on manufacturer of chassis or ‘truck’ part Model is based on manufacturer of ‘home’ part

40. 40 Motor Homes As of January 2009 the Recreational Vehicle Blue Book will no longer be printed. List price and weights can be obtained at or call 1-800-964-4617 to sign up for fee of $49.00 The price is $49.00 for NH Town Clerks (Make sure to mention you are a NH Town Clerk)

41. 41 Motor Homes Titles needed for 1997 and newer VIN verification 19A for 1996 and older New motor homes may have two certificate of origins; one for the truck part and one for home part. Send both in. Use newer CO for model year on title and registration

42. 42 Antique Vehicle RSA 259:4 Vehicle must be 25 years old In its 26th year In 2011, 1985 and older qualify Town fee based on list price State fee is $.50 per month for cars and trucks, $.20 per month for trailers and motorcycles (plus $1.00 for motorcycle safety fund).

43. 43 Antique Motor Vehicles 2 ANTI plates issued from Concord IANTI plates may have up to six characters IANTI plates may be processed by Municipal Agents providing customer is going from an ANTI to IANTI Antique trailer and antique motorcycle plates are available. Antique tractor plates do not exist.

44. 44 Antique Titles Upon request by customer, the following shall be required with a title application TDMV23 prepared by town clerk A prior NH or out of state title. Or if a title doesn’t exist, a prior NH or out of state original registration and VIN Verification Form TDMV19a Or a copy of a NH registration and the TDMV19a If none of the above are available, a notarized TDMV105 Affidavit of Ownership and TDMV19a

45. 45 Farm Tractors RSA 261:83 1 TRAC plate Antique tractor plates and vanity tractor plates do not exist State fees are $.15 per month Farm tractors are not titled

46. 46 Farm Tractors RSA 261:83 Town fees are the minimum local fees The farm tractor must be used exclusively for agricultural purposes If farm tractor is used for hire it is considered construction equipment Lawn mowers cannot be registered to travel on the road if they do not have stoplights, turn signals, etc.

47. 47 Agricultural Vehicles RSA 261:82 Town fees are the minimum $5.00 plus town clerk and MA fees To be eligible for AGRI plates the vehicle must be used solely for agricultural and farming purposes and may only travel within a 20 mile radius of the farm. Town shall have applicant sign affidavit stating they fully understand the limitations concerning the use of the vehicle.

48. 48 Agricultural Vehicles 2 AGRI plates substations and some MA locations State fee is $.30 per month Vehicles registered with AGRI plates need to be inspected annually but the inspection requirements are limited

49. 49 Large Trucks

50. 50 Large Trucks PASS plates for trucks up to 26,000 lbs. COMM plates for trucks over 26,000 lbs. Commercial plates are available at substations. APRO plates are for trucks that travel in other states and engage in interstate operations All APRO State work is processed in Concord or Twin Mt. DMV substation

51. 51 Large Trucks Large Trucks include F450, F600, Dump Trucks, Logging Trucks, Peterbilt’s, Kenworth’s, etc. Heavy Trucks are those with 3 or more axles. Light Trucks no more than 2 axles. Tractor-trailer is truck-tractor and semi-trailer See definitions chart

52. 52 Large Trucks List price is found in the Truck Blue Book which is divided into three categories Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, and Light Duty Begin with make and model Portion of VIN is listed with model If necessary, ask customer for assistance finding correct model Suggested Factory Price is used for list price of truck tractor

53. 53 Large Trucks Maximum weight allowed without overweight certification 2 axle truck-33,400 lbs 3 axle truck-55,000 lbs 4 axle truck-60,000 lbs 5 or more axle truck-tractor-80,000 lbs Town clerk cannot put more than 80,000 lbs on a registration MAAP will give error of ‘Gross Weight is greater than axles allowed’.

54. 54 Large Trucks Trucks 18,001 lbs and greater with 3 axles need to be titled regardless of year Trucks 18,001 lbs and greater with 2 axles are only titled for 15 years Example: Two axle truck-33,400 lbs-titled for 15 years Three axle truck-55,000 lbs-always titled regardless of model year

55. 55 Large Trucks Dump Trucks Look up list price of truck tractor Add on for dump body list price Look up in truck body blue book or ask customer Always add chassis and cab list price to truck body list price

56. 56 Semi Trailers Semi trailers have separate registration from truck tractor Town fee is based on list price Body Style is SEMIT Leave weight blank on registration when doing new No plates or decals may be issued

57. 57 Semi Trailers Must be done at any DMV substation or Concord Each truck-tractor registered with the State is allowed one semi trailer at no cost at the State level. A customer with one truck-tractor and 3 semi trailers will be charged for 2 semi trailers.

58. 58 Construction Equipment RSA 259:42 Construction Equipment receive (1) CONEQ plate. New construction equipment transactions are processed at Concord or MV substations. Municipal Agents may do renewals. Construction equipment is not titled See handout

59. 59 Construction Equipment The following types of construction equipment should have a body style of CONET and plate type CONEQ: Generator, Compressor, Cement Mixer, Saw Rig, Log Splitter, Grader, Loader, Excavator, Backhoe, Wood Chipper, Construction Wagon, and Message Board

60. 60 Construction Equipment Town fee is prorated and based on the weight chart below. Contact dealer or ask customer for weight 0 to 7,500 lbs $25.00 7,501 to 15,000 lbs $50.00 15,001 to 50,000 lbs $100.00 50,001 to 80,000 lbs $200.00 80,001 to 999,000 lbs $300.00

61. 61 Construction Equipment The following types of construction equipment have body style and plate type CONEQ: Bulldozers, rollers, scrapers, spreaders, pavers, mixers, retreading machines, power shovels, rooters, scarifiers, etc. These types do not travel on the road Town and State fee will be $25.00 per year, prorated based on length of registration

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