Federal Employee,
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Federal Employee, We were where you are, We are where you will be. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Employee, We were where you are, We are where you will be. Come join us in preserving your Retirement Benefits. The members of NARFE. Who is Looking Out for Your Retirement Benefits ?. NARFE…. Founded in 1921 by 14 federal workers.

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Federal Employee, We were where you are, We are where you will be.

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Federal Employee,

We were where you are,

We are where you will be.

Come join us in preserving your Retirement Benefits.

The members of NARFE

Who is

Looking Out

for Your





  • Founded in 1921 by 14 federal workers.

  • Now a major force on Capitol Hill and across the nation.

  • Highly respected legislative voice for federal workers and retirees.


  • … 305,426 strong, 24,354 of them are Active Federal Employees. We represent 4.0 million plus federal employees and retirees.

  • … The only association of federal workers and retirees united to preserve and improve the economic security and well-being of federal employees

  • and their families

  • in retirement


Benefits are earned through long term government service and your contributions

NARFE Goals:

  • Protect income security

  • Protect health benefits

  • Receive fair and equal treatment



“Everything we gain, everything we lose, is by act of Congress.”

NARFEis highly respected

Because of:

  • A Top legislative staff

  • Close contact with Congress and OPM

  • Nationwide network of legislative activists

NARFE has helped to bring you:

  • Survivor Benefits (1950s)

  • Creation of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (1960s)

  • Thrift Savings Plan and Federal Employee Retirement System (1980s)

  • Long Term Care (1990s)

Preserving Your Retirement Benefits

  • NARFE will:

  • Sponsor and support needed legislation

  • Oppose adverse legislation

  • Foster public recognition

  • Cooperate with other organizations to accomplish goals

Preserving Your Retirement Benefits (2)

  • Inform members about relevant issues –

    • Retirement income, health care benefits, taxation and COLAs.

  • Strengthen political influence through NARFE-PAC.

  • Partner with OPM to answer questions about retirement.


  • Repeal or modify Government Pension Offset (GPO) legislation affecting CSRS

  • Repeal or modify Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) legislation affecting CSRS and FERS

  • Include FEHBP Premium Conversion for Annuitants Tax Equityin Legislation

Why are these important?

(GPO and WEP in place since 1983)

  • GPO affects 464,537 S.S. beneficiaries –

  • 77% women

  • 43% widowed

  • GPO prevents CSRS retirees from collecting both federal annuity and any Social Security Benefit based on spouse’s work

  • 75% lost entire benefit

Why are these important?

(GPO and WEP in place since 1983)

  • WEP causes loss of up to 50% of retiree S. S. benefits

  • WEP affects 972,000 S.S. beneficiaries –

  • 2/3rds were Men

  • 20% had paid into S.S. for at least 21 years.


  • Automatic TSP Enrollment

  • “Roth” Option for TSP

  • Allow surviving spouse to retain TSP rights

    • Allow agencies to temporarily hire retirees without affecting annuities

    • FERS Sick Leave Credit


  • Actions to reinstate or add new benefits are important, but –

  • Our first legislative priority is to prevent any loss of current benefits.

  • So far, NARFE has been successful in fending off attempts to cut back or curtail funding of our current benefits.

“Harbingers of things to come”:

  • Pensions:

  • Defined pension benefits almost unheard of today

  • In 1980, 80% of workers had them, now only 21.3%

  • Could generate “envy factor”

  • Health Care:

  • Private health care programs hard hit, and FEHBP one of few fee-for-service options left. H.C. Reform will impact.

Some recent, but defeated, Congressional proposals:

  • Cut Federal Retirement & Health Benefits

  • by $10.2 B.

  • Cut COLAS

  • Change from “High 3” to “High 5” computation

  • Cut FEHBP support on retirees with less than 30 years

  • Charge federal employees for parking

But they are not done yet:

  • June 9, 2009 House Republican Policy Proposal calls for:

    • Shift from High 3 to High 5 Annuity Calculation

    • Setting the minimum retirement age at 62 for all Federal Retirees.

  • Sep 28, 2009, Senator Grassley, Iowa, “Move all federal employees, except Congress, to state health care plans.”

But they are still not done:

  • Sept 2010: “Pledge to America” calls for:

    • Hiring freeze on all non-security federal workers

    • On the Hill, calls to:

      • Block 1.4% pay increase

      • Furlough federal workers for two weeks

      • Fire workers who owe federal taxes

      • Freeze bonuses

NARFE is still helping

  • FY2010 Defense Authorization Act, signed in October 2009, includes

    • Allowing federal agencies to re-employ federal retirees on a limited, part-time basis without offset of annuity

  • Letting FERS workers credit unused sick leave toward retirement (initially half, then all).

  • FERS re-deposit

  • CSRS Part-Time fix

  • - Ending NSPS

How Can You Help?

  • Join NARFE – recruit others

  • Stay informed: Sign up for GEMS,

  • Read NARFE Magazine and newsletters.

  • Call, Write and/or E-mail your Representative and Senators (Often).

  • Use CAPWIZ

  • Refute inaccurate and misleading statements

  • Pass The Word to others – members and non-members - Encourage them to act.

  • Give the NARFE Legislative Staff numbers to work with – every voice counts.


  • Alzheimer’s Research (over $8.904 million)

  • Federal Employees Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA)

  • Scholarship Fund (sixty $1,000 scholarships)



  • Active employees

  • Former employees

  • Retirees

  • Survivors

  • Spouses

  • Former spouses

“Civilians who are or will be eligible to receive an annuity or survivor annuity from the federal retirement programs”


  • Grass Roots

  • Chapters

  • Federation convention of delegates

  • National convention of delegates

  • Focus on issues

  • Political, but non-partisan

WHERE CHAPTERS ARE In Washington State:

  • 1409 Chapters in US, Panama, Philippines and Puerto Rico


  • Effective voice in Washington DC

  • NARFE monthly magazine

  • Liaison with Office of Personnel Management

  • Insurance

  • Perks

  • Social contacts

The Magazine

The Web Site



Q & A

NARFE Magazine

Current Federal Employee Info

Retirement Tips

Insurance Benefits

Member Discounts

NARFE: A key source for answers on retirement issues

  • Most chapters have a Service Officer

  • State Service Centers

  • Online assistance through

  • www.narfe.org

  • Insurance – FEGLI and FEHBP

  • Notification of death

  • Survivor benefits

All services provided without cost to user!


New membership dues are $45 the first year which includes chapter dues

The following year dues will be $40 plus chapter dues

Payment options include bill pay, credit card, & money order

Join Today!

Protect Your Benefits

Through NARFE!

“Be Prepared for Life’s Events

  • Useful NARFE Publication

  • Lets you log important information for your beneficiaries

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