Culture of latin america
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Culture of Latin America. Mrs. Carter World Geography. Native American Groups. Aztecs in Mexico Mayans in Central America Incas in Peru (Andes Mountains). Cultural Impact of European Colonization. Spanish and Portuguese Language: Spanish and Portuguese Religion: Roman Catholic

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Culture of Latin America

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Culture of latin america

Culture of Latin America

Mrs. Carter

World Geography

Native american groups

Native American Groups

  • Aztecs in Mexico

  • Mayans in Central America

  • Incas in Peru (Andes Mountains)

Cultural impact of european colonization

Cultural Impact of European Colonization

  • Spanish and Portuguese

  • Language: Spanish and Portuguese

  • Religion: Roman Catholic

  • Architecture

  • Dance: traditional (tango, etc)

  • Music: African Influences

    • Calypso, steel drum bands, reggae

Cities in south america are located along the coast why

Cities in South America are located along the coast. Why?

  • Easy access for trade, transportation, travel

  • Rainforest makes inland travel difficult

Cultural landmarks

Cultural Landmarks

  • You need to know:

    • What is the name?

    • Where is it located?

    • What region is it in?

Machu picchu

Machu Picchu









Gaucho in argentina

Gaucho in Argentina

Iguassu falls brazil

Iguassu FallsBrazil

Andes mountains from chile

Andes Mountains from Chile

Economic geography

Economic Geography

  • Diverse economies

  • Subsistence farming

  • Plantation agriculture

  • Slash and burn agriculture

  • Cash crops and food crops

  • Cattle ranges and gauchos

Natural resources

Natural Resources

  • Oil in Venezuela, Mexico and Ecuador

  • Copper in Chile

  • Iron Ore in Venezuela and Brazil

  • Hydroelectric power in Brazil

Income disparity huge gap between the rich and the poor

Income disparity:Huge gap between the rich and the poor!

Mexico city smog and pollution

Mexico City:smog and pollution

Urban sprawl

Urban Sprawl

  • Results: pollution, megacities, squatter settlements

  • Increased drug, and crime rates

  • Increased poverty



  • Out-migration: large numbers of people leaving a place, region, or country to settle elsewhere

Trade agreements

Trade Agreements

  • NAFTA: North American Free Trade Agreement

    • Between CANADA, US and MEXICO

    • Makes trade easier between the 3 countries

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