brief presentation on radius system upgrade
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Brief Presentation on Radius System Upgrade

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Brief Presentation on Radius System Upgrade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brief Presentation on Radius System Upgrade. By AGRWA GBM Dated – 12 th Oct. 2014 Venue – Ashiana Greens Club House. Why Upgradation of Radius Prepaid Billing System ?.

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brief presentation on radius system upgrade

Brief Presentation on Radius System Upgrade


GBM Dated – 12th Oct. 2014

Venue – Ashiana Greens Club House


Why Upgradation of Radius Prepaid Billing System ?

Radius prepaid billing system is a vital component of the ecosystem . Reliability and credibility is of utmost importance. Robust and transparent system lost it credibility and reliability - Poor maintenance and upkeep -a) Problem of Updating of meter reading - Billing System affected resulting in abrupt deduction.b) Lack of Low Balance Information.c) Problem is DG sensing , DG Consumption units were being billed in Grid.d) ACs running in DG resulting in DG Over loading and frequent trips d) Difficulty in identifying faulty meters resulting in high T&D Loss.Steps taken:AGRWA rectified 22 faulty meters- Currently it is less than 4 Radius pointed out the following limitations.1. DG Sensing Cable is ruptured in a no. of Place.2. Difficulty in repairing of Load Monitor cards and communication modules due to non availability.3. Poor maintenance due to reluctance of AGRWA to review the AMC charges since 2011.In view above issues and also installation of new DG sets, it is imperative that we fix the prepaid billing systems. AGRWA studied the proposal submitted by Radius to previous managing committee.


The new system proposes to do away with all cable and wiring systems for DG sensing , individual meter reading and load regulation. The entire network will be based on Wi-Fi system.


Proposal study and negotiation:

Based on the above negotiation there has been significant reduction in the cost of over all up gradation if we take into account over a period of three years.


What if the system is not upgraded and continued as it is ?

Study of the cost of up gradation vs continuing with the existing system. - If we choose to continue with the current system and also considering an annual increase of 5% in the AMC as agreed in the agreement dated 30/11/2009, it will be costing us 40000/- more. In essence we will be saving Rs. 40000/- in 3 years time by upgrading the latest pre-paid billing system apart from the resolving the issues currently being faced by the residents. There will also be significant improvement f quality of service and experience for the residents.

This cost of maintenance as projected is corroborated from the fact that M/s Radius on 1.6.2013 had proposed for AMC of Rs. 61,744/- per month and on 11.6.2014 had proposed AMC of Rs. 68,820/-.

From the above its clear that the total cost of AMC for these three years would be Rs. 22, 99,968/-

( Rs 7, 18,740/- for 2015, and Rs 1581228/- for 2016 and 2017).

The cost of up gradation is thus effectively -- Rs 50000/-