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Welcome Missouri. To. Night. Daniel Boone. LEAD MINING. 1650-1800. By: Devarshi Patra, Andrei Krozel, Umeera Farooq, and Shelby Pritt. ST.LOUIS. ST.CHARLES. By Devarshi Patra. Introduction. Daniel Boone was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1734

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1650 1800

Daniel Boone



By: Devarshi Patra, Andrei Krozel, Umeera Farooq, and Shelby Pritt



By devarshi patra

By Devarshi Patra


  • Daniel Boone was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1734

  • He was an explorer and pioneer.

  • He is mostly called “ The most famous pioneer and frontier hero there ever was.’’


  • When Daniel Boone was a kid he didn’t go to school. Instead he was taught at home by his parents.

  • At age 12 he was very good at hunting. He shot a bear once (When he was 12). Not many people could do that when they were 12.

  • When he was 16 he moved to North Carolina


  • Daniel spent most of his time hunting as an adult

  • He married Rebecca Bryan in 1756

  • Later he had 10 children


Coonskin Cap


  • Daniel Boone explored many places

  • Daniel Boone explored the Kentucky region when Kentucky wasn’t a state and the Appalachians

  • He always wore a coonskin cap when he explored and hunted

Old life
Old Life

  • Daniel Boone spent the last 21 years of his life in Missouri

  • He died on September 26, 1820

  • He was 85

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L ead mining in missouri

Lead Mining In Missouri



By: Andrei Krozel

1719 1800

  • Philip Francis Renault looked for a place to mine for lead

  • Philip started lead mining in Missouri


  • Old Mines was opened for lead mining

  • Mine Renault was opened in Washington County


  • Sainte Genevieve was founded as a place for the transportation of lead down its river

  • The mine Renault was closed temporarily

What it was used for
What It Was Used For

  • It was used for a part of gasoline

  • It was used for paint

  • It was used for water pipes

    lead pipe above

How it helped
How It Helped

It helped make money for things like

  • Roads

  • Railroads

  • Other expensive things

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St louis
St. Louis

  • Prezi:

  • http://prezi.com/ht4buknl28u5/st-louis/?auth_key=9dfda8d2ea94d5208fb1ffaa7afa8b59c1ce796f

St charles

St. Charles

By Shelby Pritt

Control of st charles
Control of St. Charles?

  • St. Charles was part of the Louisiana Territory.

  • At first, the French controlled the land.

  • After the Treaty of Paris in 1762, France gave the land to Spain.

  • Then, in 1800, Spain gave the land back to France.

  • In 1803, France sold the land to America as the Louisiana Purchase.

The settlement of st charles
The Settlement of St. Charles

  • Louis Blanchette was a French Canadian explorer who came to Missouri because he wanted to make a new settlement.

  • In 1765, he met Bernard Guillet, another French Canadian explorer, and they decided to make a settlement at St. Charles.

Les petites cotes
Les Petites Cotes

  • Bernard called St. Charles “Les Petites Cotes”.

  • It means “the little hills” in French.

  • Louis Blanchette agreed to name the settlement that name.

San carlo s
San Carlos

  • In 1791, the first church was built there. They named it San Carlos, and then they decided to name the town San Carlos, too.

  • Later, San Carlos was turned into St. Charles, which is San Carlos in English.

Daniel boone
Daniel Boone

  • In 1799, Daniel Boone, a famous explorer, moved to what is now St. Charles County.

  • He built a log cabin there.

  • He settled in Missouri when he was 65 years old.

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