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Fundraising 56 days out
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Fundraising 56 Days out. Presented by Kate Coyne-McCoy KCM Consulting. Introductions. NOI O n Demand You Norms. FOLLOWING THE LAW. FOLLOWING THE LAW. Kate Coyne-McCoy. Campaign Fixer. KCM Political Consulting.

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Fundraising 56 Days out

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Fundraising 56 days out

Fundraising 56 Days out

Presented by Kate Coyne-McCoy

KCM Consulting



NOI On Demand



Following the law


Following the law1


Fundraising 56 days out

Kate Coyne-McCoy

Campaign Fixer

KCM Political Consulting

Fundraising 56 days out

Provide tools and techniques for raising the final funds needed to build a winning campaign.

Fundraising 56 days out

  • Quick Review

  • The Tools

  • Urgency

  • Collect, Re-solicit, Collect, Re-solicit

  • Questions

Fundraising 56 days out


  • Know the Daily Goal

  • Raising $50,000-$100,000 will take 12-15 hours of call time per week

  • Do the backwards math

  • Go Back to Square One and Brain Dump

  • The BULK of your campaign resources are raised on the phone

Power circle

WHO: People who want to protect and advance their economic interests

WHEN: Late

MESSAGE: I am going to win and I want you with me.

Power Circle

Call time

Call time

How do I motivate a cranky tired candidate ?

  • Be energetic, positive and enthusiastic

  • Set a STRICT schedule

  • Everyone knows the daily goal

  • Create a pleasant atmosphere

Fundraising 56 days out


  • Bundlers, Fundraisers

  • House Party

  • PACS

  • Segment the Donors for Re-solicitation

  • Email, Web

  • Events (suck)

Template for fundraising

Re-solicit entire data base 3 times in the cycle by snail mail

The bulk of your total budget is raised through call time

House party systems can work if well organized

At this point in most campaigns, you will do one or two events

Template for Fundraising



Fundraising 56 days out

You must build a base!

Don’t Rely on it!

The “open rate” for emails goes DOWN as the campaign progresses

Average online contribution is less than $50

Using the Web

  • Be relentless about adding email addresses

  • Make sure the Web site for your campaign is included in every piece of material.

Fundraising 56 days out


  • Not PANIC- but creating a sense that time is running out and EVERYONE needs to help.

  • Creating a culture in the campaign

  • Holding call time sacred and patting the candidate on the back for doing it.

Fundraising 56 days out

Collect, Re-solicit, collect

  • The person most likely to give you money is the person who already has.

  • Some %, of the money pledged will never come but chased correctly, most of it will be delivered

  • Entire donor base re-solicited.

Fundraising 56 days out


Www neworganizing com toolbox

Fundraising 56 days out

Interdependent Leadership

(aka the Snowflake Model)

How can I support?

Interdependent Leadership

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