Japan s cooperation for organizing farmers
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Japan’s Cooperation for Organizing Farmers. Photo : Wikipedia. International Cooperation Division Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (MAFF). 1. International Conference Discussed Soaring Food Price Problem. Trend of Global Food Price ( dollar / ton ).

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Japan s cooperation for organizing farmers

Japan’s Cooperation for OrganizingFarmers


International Cooperation Division Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (MAFF)


International Conference Discussed Soaring Food Price Problem

Trend of Global Food Price(dollar /ton)

Tokyo International Conference for African Dev. (TICADⅣ)

28 – 30 of May, 2008

FAO High Level Conference

High Level Meeting on Global Food Security, Climate Change and Bio-Energy(Rome) 

3 – 5 of Jun, 2008

Hokkaido Toyako Summit

7 – 9 of July, 2008

Source : MAFF

Tasks of International Community for Global Food Problem

【Short -Term Measures】

・Emergency food aid for developing counties

・Voluntary restraint of trade action such as export prohibition

【Medium and Long-Term Measures 】

・Enhancement of agricultural production in each country including agricultural technical assistance for developing counties

・Promoting bio-fuel which is compatible with food security

・Strengthening international cooperation for data collection and analysis regarding food supply and demand


Trend of World ODA and Recent Move Problem

Trends in the Amount of ODA and Share of Agriculture Sector in the World

(Million dollar)

Source :OECD-DAC 

Agriculture Sector (%)

Social Infrastructure (%)

Total Amount of ODA


Food Supply in Africa Problem

Source :FAO・STAT





Initiative for Doubling Rice Production in Africa Problem

Doubling and Self-sufficiency ratio (SSR)

Assistance Scheme

37mil ton

28 mil ton


14 mil ton (2007 )

SSR 77%

26mil ton


28mil ton

SSR 55%

Irrigated field

Rain-fed lowland

Rain-fed upland


14 mil ton

Photo: Tsuboi of JICA


Note: Consumption amount in the future is estimated by MAFF

Countries have been selected from Sub-Sahara Africa, considering possibility of rice production , etc.



Contents of Support

Research ability enhancement,

Variety improvement, Seed multiplication, Paddy fields development, Irrigation, Extension of cultivation, Post-harvest improvement


Main Support




Main Support of MAFF for Increasing Rice Production in Africa

○Research & Development on African Rice


Asian Rice

African Rice

NERICA (New Rice for Africa), etc.

○ Extension of Crop Cultivation including Rice

Develop Paddy Fields

Develop Irrigation

○ Pilot Project and Extension of Rice cultivation techniques in Inland Valley (lowland)

Photo: HP of Kinki Univ.

Main Support of MAFF for Capacity Building in Africa Africa

○ Promote South-South Cooperation

○ Activate Farmers’ Groups

○ Capacity Building for African Researchers

Merits Gained by Farmers When Organized into Agricultural Cooperatives

○Mutually providing loans

○Engaging in joint marketing of products

○Joint purchase of agricultural inputs

Supporting Program (Training course) for Farmers’ Organizations



○ Agricultural guidance, Group purchase/marketing, processing, shared use of facilities, finance, etc.

○Visit to Japan Agricultural Cooperatives

○Making of Action Plan

Training in Japan


Government Officials, NGOs’ staffs and Farmers’ Groups Leaders

Step 1

Accept Trainees

Post training follow-up


○Holding of Seminars

○Dissemination of training results

Step 2

Local Guidance


Japanese Experts

Supporting Program (Training course) for Farmers’ Organizations in 2009

STEP 1:Training in JAPAN


Burkina Faso、Niger、Benin、

Cote d’Ivoire


Lecture、Study Visit、Discussion etc



STEP 2:Post training follow-up in trainees country


Burkina Faso、Niger、Benin、

Cote d’Ivoire


Dispatch experts to follow-up



South-south Cooperation Project in Africa Organizations in 2009

●Since October, 2006

●Target Countries: LDC Countries

in Sub-Saharan Africa

●Objectives: To promote agricultural

productivity focusing on rice production,

irrigation, aquaculture and market access

●How: Capacity development for government

staff and other stakeholders through training

Trade Capacity Building Seminar “Aid for Trade in Kenya”

(Nov, 6-9, 2008, Nairobi, Kenya)

One of the top priority projects in MAFF JAPAN

Human Resource Development for Better Productivity Organizations in 2009


Holistic Support to Farmers through Transfer of Knowledge and Expertise of JA (Japanese Agricultural Cooperatives )

・Farm Management, Life Support

Agricultural Business ,Group Purchase/Marketing, Sharing Agro-Processing Facility, Banking

・Support of Farmers Activity Farmers Market, Promotion of Local Product・JA (Japanese Agricultural Cooperatives) NetworkBroad Network from Village to National Level

Training in Japan

Post Training Follow-up

Dispatch experts for post training follow-up

Accept trainees from developing countries

Discussion with Extension Workers (Malawi)

Rice Processing in

a cooperative(Malawi)

Training on Poverty Alleviation

Practice of Agro-processing