vgla content workshop elementary history and social science
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VGLA Content Workshop Elementary History and Social Science

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VGLA Content Workshop Elementary History and Social Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VGLA Content Workshop Elementary History and Social Science. October 7, 2010. What is VGLA?. VGLA stands for Virginia Grade Level Alternative. About this Workshop… . Some of the materials included are Instructional Other materials included are for VGLA Testing purposes.

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what is vgla
What is VGLA?
  • VGLA stands for Virginia Grade Level Alternative.
about this workshop
About this Workshop…
  • Some of the materials included are Instructional
  • Other materials included are for VGLA Testing purposes
history and social science
History and Social Science
  • Exceptional education students in grades four and five can participate in the VGLA assessment program.
  • Fourth Grade assessment should cover all SOLs and bullets from VS 2 through VS 10. The VS 1 bullets are not included in this assessment.
  • Third Grade assessments should include evidence for Standards of Learning from K, 1, 2, and 3. Remember that the third grade assessment is cumulative in all content areas, therefore, students are expected to have mastered all objectives from grade K-3.
summary of vgla changes for 2010 2011
Summary of VGLA Changes for 2010-2011
  • Captioned photos are not permissible
  • Anecdotal records are not permissible
  • All work must be completed under testing conditions
  • Repeated attempts to complete the same assignments is not permissible as it does not reflect testing conditions
  • Work that does not reflect depth of knowledge indicated in the SOL will receive a score point of 1
  • Work that is not on grade-level will receive a score point of 1
  • 2008 standards will be used for history
using the sol instruction tracking forms and curriculum compass as your guide
Using the SOL Instruction Tracking Forms and Curriculum Compass as your guide
  • The SOL Instruction Tracking Forms should be used to identify the activities and pieces of evidence that have already been completed.
  • Use this form as a checklist while completing the VGLA portfolio.
  • The Curriculum Compass is also a great tool to use to make sure that all of the essential knowledge has been taught.
describe the contributions of american leaders sol 1 2
Describe the contributions of American leaders.SOL 1.2
  • This activity focuses on the accomplishments of
    • George Washington
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • George Washington Carver
    • Eleanor Roosevelt
map skills bodies of water vs 2c
Map Skills – Bodies of WaterVS. 2c
  • Use the blank map of the US and identify the following bodies of water:
    • The Potomac – use yarn
    • The James River – use yarn
    • The Rappahannock River – use yarn
    • The York River – use yarn
    • The Chesapeake Bay – use stickers
    • The Atlantic Ocean – color blue
    • Lake Drummond – color yellow
    • The Dismal Swamp – color brown
mali west african empire
Mali – West African Empire
  • Use the Menu that has been provided and choose an appetizer, entrée and dessert.
  • This activity may be completed as a group!
  • You have 15 minutes!
werowocomoco vs 2f
Werowocomoco – VS 2f
  • Use the interactive activity on this website:

Now…Let’s complete the Venn Diagram!

jack jouett sol vs 5c
Matchbook Poetry Books on Jack Jouett’s Ride

See handout!

* How can this activity be adapted to address 3rd grade standards?

Jack Jouett SOL VS. 5c
guess who s coming to our history dinner party sol vs 6a b 7a b
Guess Who’s Coming to Our History Dinner Party?Sol VS. 6a,b 7a,b
  • Let’s have a dinner party!
  • People in Attendance:
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Harriet Tubman
    • John Brown
    • George Washington
    • Nat Turner
    • James Armistead Lafayette
    • Patrick Henry

*What do each of these individuals have in common?

classroom volunteer ideas 3 11d
Classroom Volunteer Ideas 3.11d
  • Brainstorm activities that your class could participate in to help your school or community.
  • Complete the worksheet and create a poster.
the declaration of independence collage 3 11a b
The Declaration of Independence Collage3.11a,b
  • The title of your collage is
    • “Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness”
    • Choose images that represent the words
    • Write two sentences describing the document or what it means to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    • How could this be adapted to address VS. 5a?
famous americans menu
Famous Americans Menu
  • Read the activities included on the menu.
  • Choose 1 activity to complete.
virginia brochure
Virginia Brochure
  • Let’s make a Regions of Virginia Brochure
  • Choose one of the five regions of Virginia
  • Create an attractive and inviting cover for your brochure
  • Include information in your brochure on the following
    • Products
    • Industries
    • Favorite or Famous/Historic Places
    • Major Cities
    • A slogan that will entice people to visit!
historical figure graphic organizer
Historical Figure Graphic Organizer
  • Using the graphic organizer, complete the four boxes identifyingthe political, social, and/or economic contributions made by
    • Maggie L. Walker
    • Harry F. Byrd, Sr.
    • Oliver W. Hill
    • Arthur R. Ashe, Jr.
    • A. Linwood Holton
    • L. Douglas Wilder
quick tips for vgla success
Quick tips for VGLA Success!
  • Develop a timeline and stick to it!!!
  • Make sure you understand how evidence is scored.
  • Make sure that all evidence you submit has a SEI Tag
  • Only submit student work that has a passing grade.
  • Only submit student work that was generated completely by the student. Notes and work using a textbook or website cannot be submitted if it requires the student to copy directly from a source.
  • Be sure to have some evidence behind each COE Organizer.
  • Do not PROCRASTINATE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If you are falling behind, please ask for help!!!!!!!