Measuring the effectiveness of state wildlife grant project s
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Measuring the Effectiveness of State Wildlife Grant Project s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Measuring the Effectiveness of State Wildlife Grant Project s. Mark Humpert, Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies. State Wildlife Grants. Millions of $’s. Fiscal Year. Wildlife Action Plans. Conserving at-risk fish and wildlife in Ohio. SWG Successes.

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Measuring the effectiveness of state wildlife grant project s

Measuring the Effectiveness ofState Wildlife Grant Projects

Mark Humpert, Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

State Wildlife Grants

Millions of $’s

Fiscal Year

Conserving at-risk fish and wildlife in Ohio

SWG Successes

Lake Erie Water Snake (Nerodiasipedoninsularum)

Status: De-listed as federally threatened (Sept 2011)

Project Description: Permanent conservation

easements, research, monitoring, education

Cost: $250,995

Outcome: Population increase to >8,000 (Recovery Plan Goal 5,555)

Partners: ODNR, USFWS, Black Swamp Conservancy, Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Northern Illinois University, OSU-Stone Laboratory, private landowners

The Need for EM

  • Improve Conservation Work

    • link measures & actions

  • Improve Accountability to Administration & Congress

    • show success

  • Maintain/Enhance Public Support

    • tell a story

Two Questions





Conservation measures partnership s open standards for the practice of conservation
Conservation Measures Partnership’s Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

CMP Open Standards

  • Developed by leading organizations & agencies

  • Draws on many fields

  • Open source/common language

  • Used around the world

    • Great Lakes

    • TNC Preserves

    • Swedish National Parks

    • Donor Funding Programs

    • Academic Training

Bat Cave Results Chain


# breaches


# bats


# juveniles


# distinct cat tracks

Plover Results Chain


# breaches


# eggs


# juveniles


# disturbed nests

Work Group Charge

Develop and test a measures framework for assessing the effectiveness of State and Tribal Wildlife Grants, conservation actions more broadly, and potentially Wildlife Action Plans themselves.


Karl Hess (USFWS)

Ron Essig (USFWS)

Connie Young-Dubovsky (USFWS)

Amielle DeWan (DOW)

Tess Present (NAS)

Shelley Green (TNC)

Mary Klein (NatureServe)

Mathew Birnbaum (NFWF)

Terra Rentz (TWS)


Dana Baxley (KDFWR)

Faith Balch (MNDNR)

Tara Bergeson (WIDNR)

Chris Burkett (VDGIF)

Wendy Connally (TPWD)

Jenny Dickson (CDEP)

Mike Harris (GDNR)

Eric Rickerson (ODFW)

Tracey Tomajer (NYDEC)

Work Group

  • AFWA

  • Mark Humpert

  • Priya Nanjappa


  • Nick Salafsky

  • Caroline Stem


  • Sept ’09-Working Group Formed

  • Dec’09-Workshop 1

  • Jan’10-Subcommittees Formed

  • Mar’10-Interim Report to TWW Committee

  • Apr’10-Workshop 2

  • June’10-Pilot Testing

  • July’10-Workshop 3

  • Sept’10-Phase I Report to TWW Committee

  • Dec ‘10-Workshop 4

  • Jan ’11-SWAP Coordinators Review

  • Mar ‘11-Final Report to TWW Committee

  • Apr ‘11-Print Final Report/Implement

Framework Steps

  • Define Generic Conservation Actions

  • Use Results Chains to Describe the Theory of Change

  • ID a Limited set of Effectiveness Measures

  • Develop & Test Data Collection Questionnaires

  • Collect & Analyze Data & Adapt

11 Common Actions

11 Common Conservation Actions Funded through SWG

Criteria for Measures

  • Linked-to key factors in results chain

  • Measurable-both qualitative & quantitative

  • Precise-defined the same by all

  • Consistent-unlikely to change over time

  • Sensitive-can measure change

  • Overarching-can be measured at diff. stages

  • Achievable-not onerous to collect

Info for One Action

Definition of Action


“Generic” Results Chain

Species Restoration

“Good” restoration

plan completed

Species Restoration

Source population identified

Species Restoration

Species initially restored to site (short-term)

Species breeding

at sites : o )

Species Restoration

No breeding

at sites

: o (

Species Restoration

Key stakeholders buy into plan

“Good” overall restoration plan for species

Species Restoration

Obj SP RST 2 – “Good” Plan

Before implementation work starts, a "good" restoration plan has been developed for the specific project site(s). "Good" = …

Obj SP RST 6a – Sp Breeding

Within xx years of introduction, the restored population is successfully breeding within the restoration site(s).

Obj SP RST 5 – Sp Initially Restored

By specified target date, the target number of units* have been introduced to Area(s) YYYY.

Species Restoration

Ind SP RST 6 – Species Breeding

Evidence of ongoing self reproduction of species within the site; Total units of species at the site

Ind SP RST 2 – Quality of Plan

Presence of plan; assessment of plan against

a priori quality criteria

Info for One Action

Definition of Action


“Generic” Results Chain

Crosswalk Table







This is all most

folks would see for

performance reporting


Roll Up Measures

Similar Projects Generating Similar Data

  • % of projects that answered research questions

  • % of projects where data reaching target audiences

  • % of projects leading to other management actions

Demonstrate That These are More Than “Counting” Projects

IT Systems

  • ConPro

  • Conservation Registry

  • HabITS

  • Miradi

  • Wildlife TRACS

  • Biotics 4

  • DataBasin

  • NatureServe Explorer Web Service

Using OS to Evaluate

Wildlife Action Plans

Measuring the Effectiveness of State Wildlife GrantsFinal Report

An approved framework

Measures for 11 common conservation actions

Wildlife TRACS as the IT System

Grant Streamlining

Next steps for SWAP

Final Report

April 2011


“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

-Peter Drucker

Effectiveness measures wildlife tracs reporting tracking tool

Effectiveness Measures & Wildlife TRACS Reporting & Tracking Tool

Mark Humpert, Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies


SWG Effectiveness Measures Working Group

TRACS & Measures Sub-working Group

TRACS Development Team

PDT & PAG Testing


  • Direct Management

  • Species Restoration

  • Data Collection