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Alice Amanda Anna and Elena’s company presents….. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alice Amanda Anna and Elena’s company presents…. CHRISTMAS FOOD IN. ITALY !!!!!.

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Alice Amanda Anna and Elena’s company presents…..

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Alice Amanda Anna and Elena’s company presents…..


ITALY !!!!!

Christmas in Italy,as in the rest of the world, is the opportunity to get together with the family, eating exchanging presents and being better.In Italy there are some typical dishes that vary from region to region.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has a magical atmosphere in Italy Families often get together for a special meal Traditionally, Christmas Eve is considered as a “giorno di magro”. This doesn’t mean that the meal is poor, but only that no one eats meat. The reason is that on Christmas Eve the Catholic Church prohibits the consumption of meat. That’s why everybody eats fish


  • Finally, we eat dried fruit:

  • Dates

  • Figs

  • Nuts

  • Chestnuts

  • Almonds

  • It usually starts with a selection of antipasti and a glass or two of sparkling prosecco.

  • Then there is a hearty filled pasta dish, such as agnolotti, ravioli or tortellini. In Southern Italy we usually eat Lasagna.

  • Most families follow with a roast or baked lamb with potatoes. Christmas dinner continues with dried fruits and cakes: panettone, pandoro and the traditional neapolitan cakes: struffoli, paste reali, susamielli, roccocò and mustacciuoli.


  • Then there are different main courses:

  • fried salt cod

  • grilled or fried eel

  • baked fish.


  • Christmas dinner varies throughout Italy.

  • Each Italian region has its own traditional festive dishes.

  • However there are some similaritiesto the nature and size of the meal

  • It is usually very abundant and consists of many courses

Dinner on Christmas Day goes on for hours.

The Christmas day menu is generally freer than Christmas Eve.

  • However, even though meat is absent in Christmas Eve dinner, it is very substantial and consists of many delicious courses

  • Although nowadays this tradition isn’t as strictly observed as in the past, many people, particularly in southern Italy (in Naples and in Aversa too) still have a meat-free meal on Christmas Eve.


  • Christmas Eve meal usually starts with a selection of antipasti (starters):

  • fish salad

  • shrimp cocktail

  • fried calamari and shrimps

  • octopus salad

  • “insalata di rinforzo (cauliflower salad with oil, vinegar, olives, anchovies and pickles)

  • prickly pizza.

Christmas Eve dinner

The Christmas Eve dinner is a very popular tradition for Italian people.

Traditional foods are: Panettone and Pandoro, two Xmas cakes, and the Torrone, a typical sweet.

During this dinner all the family can

find again the fab atmosphere of



  • As for dessert, at Christmas Eve all Italian families have panettone or pandoro

  • In some regions of Northern Italy people also have pandolce, a heavy fruit cake with pine nuts

  • On the contrary in Southern Italy we also eat the traditional neapolitan cakes: struffoli, paste reali, susamielli, roccocò and mustacciuoli.

  • On New Year’s Eve another special meal is prepared.

  • This often includes the same courses as Christmas Eve dinner.

  • The only difference is the addition of a "cotechino" with lentils dish

  • Eating lentils and “cotechino” is considered to bring good fortune (Lentils symbolize money, while the “cotechino” simbolyzes health)

At midnight we eat panettone and make a toast with the Italian sparkling wine to greet the new year

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