Nazi Propaganda
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Nazi Propaganda. By Mr Moorhouse [Modified by NMG] Nazi Propaganda. What is propaganda? Propaganda is the use of the Media to aggressively promote one point of view.

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Nazi Propaganda

By Mr Moorhouse [Modified by NMG]

Nazi propaganda
Nazi Propaganda

  • What is propaganda?

  • Propaganda is the use of the Media to aggressively promote one point of view.

  • Propaganda is ‘brainwashing’ of the public, convincing them of an ideological viewpoint.

Nazi propaganda1
Nazi Propaganda

  • The Nazis quickly recognised the value of the media. From the early days of the party they used aggressive advertising to promote the nazi ideology

  • Goebbels was in charge of ‘enlightening’ the German public

Nazi propaganda methods
Nazi Propaganda: Methods

  • Posters

  • Radio

  • Film

  • Newspapers


  • Posters are cheap and easy to distribute

  • Placed in prominent positions they act as a constant reminder of ideology

  • Can be used for many purposes


  • Hitler’s Speeches

Hitler is considered to have been one of the greatest public speakers of all time.

70% of the population had mass produced radios called the ‘People’s Receiver’


Film was used to show Hitler in a positive light as often as possible.

The Nazis commissioned several films, each carefully portraying a certain image – try to think what this may have been…


  • Censoring newspapers ensures that only the news you want people to read is available to the public

  • Nazi party members wrote many articles for the press, ensuring that the message was always positive

  • Many publications were banned


  • Rallies were used to increase loyalty to Hitler and the Party

  • Mass rallies were held at Nuremberg every year

  • Local SA and Hitler Youth groups raised funds