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Plot Level Data. Section 1.0. National Manual Version 1.61. Plot Level Data. Section 1.0. National Manual Version 1.61. Plot Level Data. Section 1.0. National Manual Version 1.61. State. Record the appropriate state code. Louisiana 22. County. Record the appropriate county code.

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Plot Level Data

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Plot level data
Plot Level Data

Section 1.0

National Manual Version 1.61

Plot level data1
Plot Level Data

Section 1.0

National Manual Version 1.61

Plot level data2
Plot Level Data

Section 1.0

National Manual Version 1.61


Record the appropriate state code.

Louisiana 22


Record the appropriate county code.

Plot number
Plot Number

  • Plot numbers are four digits:

    • 0001-0999 Standard field plots

    • 4001-4999 Intensification plots

    • 9000-9999 Temporary and supplemental plots

P3 hexagon number
P3 Hexagon Number

P3 plots only

P3 plot number
P3 Plot Number

P3 plots only

Sample kind
Sample Kind

1Initial plot establishment (new plots)

3Replacement plot (lost plot)

9 Prism plot remeasurement/Fixed plot establishment

LA does not use:

2Subplot design remeasurement

Manual version
Manual Version

Version 1.61

Updated June 3, 2002

Current and past date changed
Current and Past DateChanged

Format: Year month day

Example: 20020610

New item qa status
New ItemQA Status

1Standard production plot

2Cold check

3Reference plot (off grid– not a true plot)

4Training/practice plot (off grid– not a true plot)

5Botched plot file (P3 PDR program only)

6Blind check

7Hot check of production plot

  • Record code 1 on most regular production plots

  • Record code 7 if field crew works with QA to install a regular production plot

New item crew type

2QA crew (at least one QA person on plot)

New ItemCrew Type

1Standard field crew

Cruiser number
Cruiser Number

Record the unique number assigned to identify individual cruisers.

Number of accessible forest land conditions
Number of Accessible Forest Land Conditions

Record the number of forested conditions on the plot.

Number of tree entries changed
Number of Tree EntriesChanged

  • Only includes trees and saplings (on both subplots and prism points)

  • Seedlings are tallied in a separate section

  • Include an entry for no tree and sapling tally

  • on a subplot and prism point

Number of prism points remeasured or subplot centers reverted
Number of Prism Points Remeasured or Subplot Centers Reverted

SK = 9 Plots ONLY:

  • Enter the number of Prism Points on remeasured forest plots

  • Enter number of subplot centers that are reverted when plot center has reverted

Trails or roads new item
Trails or RoadsNew Item

Code the nearest trail or road within one mile of plot center:

0None within one mile

1Paved road or highway

2Improved gravel road

3Improved dirt road

4Unimproved dirt road

5Human access trail

Road access new item
Road AccessNew Item

Record the first road access restriction encountered while traveling to the starting point:


1Road blocked by locked gate or cable

2Road blocked by human-made obstruction

3Road blocked by natural occurrences

4Posted no motorized vehicle signs

9Other (specify in plot notes)

Public use restrictions new item
Public Use RestrictionsNew Item

Record restrictions posted for the parcel(s) of land that the plot area occupies:


1Keep out/ no trespassing

2No hunting or fishing

3No dumping

9Other (specify in plot notes)

Not necessarily the same parcel where SP is located.

Recreation use 1 2 3 new item
Recreation Use 1,2,3New Item

Record up to three signs of the following recreation use on the forested portion of any of the four subplots:

0No evidence of recreation use

1Motor vehicle (4-wheel drive, ATV, motorcycle)

2Horse riding, dog team trails, ski trails



5Hunting/ shooting


7Boating– launch site or dock

9Other (specify in plot notes)

Human debris
Human Debris

Record the presence or absence of human debris on the forested portion of any of the four subplots. Record the lowest numbered item if multiple forms of debris occur.

  • 0None

  • Noncombustible synthetic (metal, glass, etc.)

  • Combustible synthetic (plastic, Styrofoam, tires, etc.)

  • Combustible organic material (man-caused: yard waste,compost, slash piles, etc.)

Water on plot new item
Water on PlotNew Item

Water sources on the forested portion of the four subplots that are not identified as a separate condition on the plot:


1Permanent streams/ponds

2Permanent swamp, bog, marsh


4Temporary streams

5Flood zones

9Other temporary water (specify in plot notes)

Horizontal distance to improved road changed
Horizontal Distance to Improved RoadChanged

Codes are now one-digit categories:

1100 ft or less

2101 to 300 ft

3301 to 500 ft

4501 to 1000 ft

51001 to 0.5 mile

6>0.5 to 1 mile

7>1 mile to 3 miles

8>3 miles to 5 miles

9Greater than 5 miles

Horizontal distance to urban or built up land changed
Horizontal Distance to Urban or Built-Up Land Changed

Use the new one-digit distance codes used for distance to improved road.

Horizontal distance to agricultural land changed
Horizontal Distance to Agricultural LandChanged

Use the new one-digit distance codes used for distance to improved road.

Size of contiguous forest land
Size of Contiguous Forest Land

Record the code that indicates the size of the contiguous forest around plot center using only the photo on which the plot is located.

Gps coordinates changed
GPS CoordinatesChanged

  • Attempt to average 180 readings

  • Attempt to keep error reading no more than +/- 70 feet

  • Elevation is recorded in feet above mean sea level

  • Option of reporting offset coordinates within 200 feet of plot center

Gps unit new item
GPS UnitNew Item

0GPS coordinates not collected

1Rockwell PLGR

2Other brand capable of field averaging

3Trimble GeoExplorer or Pathfinder Pro

4Recreational GPS (Garmin, Magellan, etc.)

Only record code 0 if coordinates cannot be collected at all within 200 feet of PC (unit is damaged, heavy canopy cover, mountain coves, no GPS unit available, etc.)

Always record readings collected within 200 feet of PC, even if less than 180 readings are obtained or even if error reading is more than +/- 70 feet.

Gps serial number new item
GPS Serial NumberNew Item

Record the six-digit serial number of the GPS unit

Latitude longitude

Record the latitude and longitude to the

nearest 100th second


36° 47’ 05.25”

086° 34’ 29.51”

Gps elevation changed
GPS ElevationChanged

Now measured in feet above mean sea level

Gps error new item
GPS ErrorNew Item

  • Record error reading of the averaged coordinates

  • Make every effort to collect readings with less than or equal to 70 feet of error

  • Record coordinates if cannot obtain an error reading less than +/- 70 feet

Number of readings new item
Number of ReadingsNew Item

  • Record number readings averaged

  • Make every effort to collect 180 readings

  • Record coordinates if cannot obtain 180 error readings

Azimuth and distance to pc new item
Azimuth and Distance to PCNew Item

  • Leave blank if using a PLGR, even if coordinates are range-calculated.

  • We are not using this in the South as long as we are using PLGRs.

Plot level notes new item
Plot Level NotesNew Item

Record notes pertaining to the entire plot

or to a plot level item

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