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three years after their participation in the first international symposium ‘ Locals ’ torn between concerns and positivism growing confidence between the actors, yet lots of questions still to be answered.

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threeyearsaftertheirparticipation in the first international symposium

‘Locals’ torn between concerns andpositivismgrowingconfidencebetween the actors, yet lots of questionsstilltobeanswered

Contributors: the locals - Poster for locals’ symposium 2013, translated from Dutch


Impact on Environment

Social Impact

Technology & Approach

Traffic Impact


  • ‘Locals’ representconcernedpopulationaround Remo Landfillwhere ELFM-project is tobestarted.

    • So far, population of Houthalen-Helchterenandsurroundings have onlyseennegative impact of waste treatment:

      • Waste incineratorat Houthalen (approx. 80.000 Tonnes/Yrsince1984), often subject of negativenewsreports

      • LandfillRemo Helchteren (sinceearly 70’s): 18 Mio. Tonnes of filthburried in our back-yard?

    • Andnow, anotherunhealthy (or shall we call itinsane?) waste project in our community?

  • Worriesandanger concern odour/stench, decliningmobility, unsaferoads, threatsto public health (fine dust, sootparticles,… )

  • Diggingit up in open air without protectivemeasures?

  • They are notgoingto transport everythingelsewherefor processing, are they?(= mobility infarct + risks for humans & environment)

  • Plasmatechnology: fairytale, nightmare?

  • Remo is a test case: sowhatifitgoes wrong?

  • When is itallgoingto end? Andhowcan we besureof that?(or will ‘someone’ justadapt the permit accordingto the industrialneed?)

  • Anyguaranteethat site reallywillbelefttonatureafter 20 yrs?

  • Energy balance: worthwhile or sheerscientist’stheoreticalarrogance?

  • Hydrogen? Natural gas? Plasma? a BOMB?

  • Whatwillthey do with the finalfraction? (plasmarock, fly-ash, unprocessables, hazardous cocktails?

  • Independent judging of health andsafety? A SEVESO-site byregulations?

  • Duringconstruction?

  • Duringoperation: 50-100 trucks per day extra on the nearbyroadsfor semi-finished or w-t-m-product?

  • + yetagainincomingfreight(high caloric waste, neededfor constant plasma-feed?

  • Critized new-to-build highway (throughnatural reserve) absolutelynecessary

  • Air, CO2 processing

  • Water and soil

  • Wildlife, biodiversity

  • How do you ‘restore’ nature?

  • By cutting down woods?

  • Risk for stench

Local Community torn and divided – fierce emotions for and against

What’s in itfor the local community? Andhow?

-nature? When - if at allrealistic?

-energy/power/heat? For whom?

-jobs? How manyFTE’s? what kind of jobs?

-financially? (Town, population?)

Or is Machiels (onceagain) the only winner and the locals get the burden (again)?

-green energy? The tax-payerwill ‘gladly’ invest, but otherswillhappilyharvest the return?

Health Impact

  • 500 Ktonnes/Yr Waste-to-Energy = another form of incineration? Exhaust Limits absolute? Detection limits accountedfor? Low enough? Pass = healthy???

  • Any studies knownaboutultra-fine dust? Anditsconsequences?

  • Baseline Measurement of current level of pollution in the bodies of localpopulation?

  • What is the EWS EarlyWarningSystem?

  • Which part of populationwillbemonitored c.q. safeguarded? Andthus: whowill NOT be…

Communication & Follow-up

  • Will all questions that were raised during locals meetings also be examined and answered?

  • Will they also been taken into account and how?

  • What is our continued involvement in this project after the Conference?

  • How will the population get informed and when?