Time to choose good jobs and strong communities or nafta times 10
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Time to Choose:Good Jobs and Strong Communities or NAFTA Times 10? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Time to Choose:Good Jobs and Strong Communities or NAFTA Times 10?. Remember NAFTA?. Began in 1994 Includes Canada, US and Mexico Weak protections for workers’ rights and the environment Pits workers against each other. Promises US: 200,000 new jobs Mexico: higher living standards.

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Remember nafta
Remember NAFTA?

  • Began in 1994

  • Includes Canada, US and Mexico

  • Weak protections for workers’ rights and the environment

  • Pits workers against each other

Nafta s unfulfilled promises


US: 200,000 new jobs

Mexico: higher living standards


US: Nearly 766,000 jobs have been lost in the US

Mexico: millions of Mexicans living in severe poverty.

NAFTA’s Unfulfilled Promises

Nafta times 10 free trade area of the americas ftaa
NAFTA Times 10=Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

  • Expansion of NAFTA to all countries in the Americas except Cuba

  • Expected to be completed by 2005

  • No meaningful labor rights, environmental safeguards or consumer protections

Ftaa a disaster for working families
FTAA: A Disaster for Working Families

  • Puts jobs and pro-worker policies (e.g.living wage ordinances) in jeopardy

  • Increases rights and protections for corporations

  • Endangers public services

  • Undermines workers’ wages and benefits

Ftaa and manufacturing workers
FTAA and Manufacturing Workers

  • Rising trade deficits would destroy manufacturing jobs;

  • Companies would move more jobs overseas;

  • Employer threats would keep unions out and wages down;

  • Workers’ rights become sucked into a race to the bottom.

Ftaa and public sector workers
FTAA and Public Sector Workers

  • Privatize public services;

  • Outsource jobs overseas more easily;

  • Challenge policies used to protect workers’ rights and union jobs;

  • Reduce manufacturing jobs which drains away state and local tax revenue.

Protects corporate rights
Protects Corporate Rights

  • Retains NAFTA’s Chapter 11

  • Chapter 11 gives corporations the power to sue governments directly for anticipated lost profits

  • For example, corporations can sue governments over laws that protect worker rights and the environment

  • Decisions to protect corporate rights made in secret tribunals

Privatizes public services
Privatizes Public Services

  • Increased pressure to privatize public services such as health care, education and water

  • Corporations who take over the services for profit are accountable to shareholders, NOT clients

  • FTAA could make it difficult for governments to provide basic services for people

Ftaa supporters
FTAA Supporters

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • National Association of Manufacturers

  • Transnational corporations

  • Americas Business Forum

Labor s position on the ftaa
Labor’s position on the FTAA

  • Enforceable worker rights and environmental protections in the FTAA;

  • Protection of public services;

  • No special rights for corporations;

  • Transparency in the negotiations and texts of the FTAA; and

  • Active involvement of civil society organizations in the discussions of the FTAA.

Afl cio campaign on the ftaa
AFL-CIO Campaign on the FTAA

  • Brochures

  • Ballot campaign

  • Worksite flyers

  • Miami Ministerial activities

  • 2004 elections

November 19 21 2003 miami
November 19-21, 2003Miami

  • Trade ministers representing countries throughout the Americas will meet in Miami

  • Possibly establish FTAA headquarters in Miami

Proposed labor sponsored events at the miami ministerial
Proposed Labor-sponsored Events at the Miami Ministerial

  • AFL-CIO worker forum

  • USWA forum

  • ORIT forum with labor leaders and workers from throughout the hemisphere

  • Cultural night

  • Parade

  • Presentation of the ballots to the trade ministers

  • Labor’s allies will be organizing other educational activities

Get involved
Get Involved!

  • Distribute FTAA brochures

  • Participate in the ballot campaign

  • Organize educational events for members

  • Distribute worksite flyers

  • Work with coalition partners to organize activities during the trade ministerial in November

Resources available at www aflcio org stopftaa
Resources available at www.aflcio.org/stopftaa

  • Brochures

  • Ballots-cast your ballot online!

  • Worksite flyer

  • Sectoral factsheets

  • Policy papers

  • Power point presentation