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Alba Project Partners. Introduction Presentation. Typically what people say …. We have too many projects –no real priorities We used to know what was going on around here but we’ve now become too big to keep on top of every project We have some good leaders and teams but we could do with more

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Alba Project Partners

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Alba Project Partners

Introduction Presentation

Typically what people say …

  • We have too many projects –no real priorities

  • We used to know what was going on around here but we’ve now become too big to keep on top of every project

  • We have some good leaders and teams but we could do with more

  • The ideas seems right but we can’t seem to get the results we need from the projects

  • The teams feel they can’t make decisions and the line functions feel they no longer have any accountability for what needs to be done

Alba Project Partners

What is the challenge facing every organization ?

Multiple imperatives in a more competitive environment

  • Seeking new markets

  • Developing new products

  • Needing new capabilities

  • Possessing the ability to successfully manage these imperatives as projects is being recognized as critical

Alba Project Partners

What does a strong “projects organization” look like

  • Well functioning teams with good leaders and members

  • Projects which have clear business value

  • A well managed and prioritized portfolio of projects aligned to the key business strategies

  • A governance approach which ensures management is involved at key decision points

  • Can readily demonstrate project progress at a portfolio level

Alba Project Partners

A Successful Project Based Organization enables project success at all levels

Enterprise level

Portfolio level

Project level

Alba Project Partners

Designing well structured and managed projects

  • Projects with compelling business cases

  • Plans which have been optimized to yield benefits in required timeframes

  • Clear decision points and milestones

  • An effective project or program structure

Alba Project Partners

Building Effective Teams

  • Selection, appraisal and training for all team components—project leader/manager, team member

  • Team effectiveness, assessment and training

  • Effective team start-up, decision-making and team closure

Alba Project Partners

Building effective approaches at the portfolio level

  • A clear and well followed project management process

  • Consistent approaches to cost, risk and benefit

  • A portfolio analysis and priority setting process

  • A tool which makes project and portfolio progress easy to see and readily quantifiable

Alba Project Partners

Building Project –supportive enterprise processes

  • A portfolio process aligned to the budgeting process

  • Clear decision making responsibilities for project and line based organizations

  • Project supportive HR practices regarding career progression and compensation for project professionals

  • A supportive knowledge sharing culture

  • Management support for “Silo-busting” initiatives

Alba Project Partners

Who are Alba Project Partners?

Derek Ross

He was VP Worldwide Project Planning,Strategy and Business Re-design for Glaxo Wellcome and also VP IT Portfolio and Project Management for GlaxoSmithKline. He has many years experience in leading international projects and organizations


Alba Project Partners draws on an international network of highly experienced consultants and practitioners skilled in all the key areas of strategic planning, organizational design, portfolio management, business program change, project management and training and development

Alba Project Partners

What Can Alba Project Partners Do to help ?

We possess the practical experience of building project based organizations in all the key areas

  • Strategic planning and portfolio management

  • Objective setting and performance management

  • Business program design and management

  • Structuring projects and programs for success

  • All aspects of building team effectiveness

  • All aspects of project training and development

Alba Project Partners

We can help you on any aspects of your project performance

  • Setting up a project office

  • Designing and implementing portfolio management

  • Structuring and managing critical business change programs

  • Helping address project issues

  • Designing and implementing project leader/manager/member training and development

  • Developing project supportive HR practices

  • etc

Alba Project Partners

How do we approach an assignment ?

We believe in a structured phased approach which fully integrates client involvement and decision making

  • Problem definition

  • Identification of solutions

  • Design and Implementation of solutions

  • Delivering the benefits

Alba Project Partners

What is our approach to an Assignment?

  • Graphic of 4 –stage approach

Alba Project Partners

Some Examples of our Work

  • Building an effective project matrix

  • Building a consistent way to manage IT projects in a complex organization

  • Effectively structuring a global business change program

Alba Project Partners

Building an Effective Project Matrix

Problem; Organization needed to improve effectiveness of its matrix structure to improve product delivery

Solution included;

  • Designing and implementing specialized knowledge content courses

  • Designing specific training programs for project leaders, managers and teams

  • Designing and implementing ways to improve team and project decision making

  • Improving role clarity for all members of the matrix structure

Alba Project Partners

Building a common way to manage IT projects

Problem: The organization had numerous separate project management functions with different methods and approaches—causing confusion and inefficiency

The solution included:

  • A common project management process with consistently used performance metrics

  • A common, consistent portfolio review approach with key decision points

  • A career ladder and development of consistent training approaches

  • Development of an active project management community

Alba Project Partners

Global Program Management

Problem: The organization needed to design and implement several new critical processes on a global basis to enhance its compensation processes with key consultants


  • A global program managing an umbrella of many separate business change programs was developed ensuring a successful rolling wave of business implementation

  • The change initiative was linked closely with related process changes to ensure organizational optimal support

  • A simple program management approach was developed allowing maximum project flexibility with overall program alignment

Alba Project Partners

Alba Project Partners

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you, contact Derek Ross:

Business: (919) 929 1993

Cell: (919) 260 6430


Alba Project Partners

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