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BRAVO: Executive Summary

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bravo executive summary


    • The effort to remove main threat faced by Pongo Abelli (orangutan/mawas) - an endemic species included in IUCN endangered species – is stopping forest encroachment to the habitat of orangutan, and forest conversion into farm/agricultural lands in the region of Dolok Sibualibulai and Dolok Lubuk Raya.
    • The objective of the Barrier Removal Strategy is conducting participative approaches of integrating environmental education with the strengthening of social and financial capital through the operation of Credit Union at community’s level to support the implementation of biodiversity conservation at Dolok Sibualibulai and Dolok Lubuk Raya, Merancar Sub-district, South Tapanuli District.
  • Who:
    • There are farmer groups, youth groups and female groups in 6 villages in Merancar sub-district, South Tapanuli District, or conservation areas in Dolok Sibualibuali and Dolok Lubuk Raya, which is part of Batang Toru West Block forest area. Population in those villages are estimated of 400 households (2000 people). Normally the target audiences posses Batak-Angkola cultural values that highly appreciate any collaboration approaches and they have a traditional dialogue forum that will address any problems and challenges faced by the villages.
    • Partners include local governments at District, sub-district and village levels, traditional institution (Hatobangon), Naposo Nauli Bulung (Youth Group), private sectors, PTPN IV Marancar (plantation company), then NGOs such as Rare, Conservation International Indonesia (CII), Ekosistem Lestari Foundation (YEL)/Pan Eco/SOCP, Paras Foundation, Lintas Cakrawala Foundation, Traditional Cultural Institution of South Tapanuli, Graha Nusantara University at Padang Sidempuan.
    • Rare fully supports the project, YEL/Pan Eco/SOCP will offer support in terms of local and national policies and the development of Credit Union small scale business which is also supported by experts from Paras Foundation. CI Indonesia will support activities of environmental awareness and development of potential agriculture activities in the villages. Private sectors may involve in terms of land utilization and experts provision in the field of plantation. Local government and Lintas Cakrawala Foundation who are the direct stakeholders in project site, will contribute in the monitoring of orangutan population and biodiversity conservation in Dolok Sibualibuali and Dolok Lubuk Raya.
  • When:
    • By having consensus with “hatobangon” and the local government, Pekat Foundation will begin to create community’s groups for starting a pride campaign in July 2009. it is predicted that in the beginning of November 2009 forest encroachments and land conversion will be reduced. The community groups will be fulfilled with guidance and basic knowledge of Credit Union. Furthermore, the trained groups will conduct various conservation actions. The strategy will be implemented according to the rhythm and capability of the technical assistants and activities conducted by the group members.
  • How:
    • Rare will offer funding commitment to reduce forest encroachments and land conversion into plantation/agriculture areas (200 USD). Fore Barrier Removal funding, Pekat should still competing with other organizations. Funding provided by Rare is only for the campaign, and for the rest, YEL/PAN ECO/SOCP will provide facilities to strengthen Credit Union business group. Pride campaign will targeting the local community to change their behavior which includes the strengthening of people’s business and agriculture in the villages of target audiences.

BRAVO: Executive Summary

BRAVO Scores

Feasibility Score: 1-4

Impact Score: 1-4

barrier removal assessment and viability overview bravo composite score
Barrier Removal Assessment and Viability Overview (BRAVO)Composite Score

Enter average scores in the right hand column. Then take the feasibility score and enter it into Miradi and the Impact score and enter it into Miradi. Where either score is below X for either feasibly or impact, consider the strategy to be inappropriate and assess the need to conduct a second BRAVO that reviews a different strategy.

bravo drafting guidelines risk factors
BRAVO Drafting GuidelinesRisk Factors

List any risk factors, consequences and mitigation strategies that may need to be adopted.