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Overview for Today. Some DefinitionsChanges to the Business EnvironmentOrganizational Responses to ChangeInformation Technology Trends. Some Terminology. Internet, Intranet, ExtranetClient/ServerSupply ChainIS/ITAny other terms that weren't clear?. Something Many Overlook:. Information System

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IS In the 2010s

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1. Chapter 1 IS In the 2010s

2. Overview for Today Some Definitions Changes to the Business Environment Organizational Responses to Change Information Technology Trends

3. Some Terminology Internet, Intranet, Extranet Client/Server Supply Chain IS/IT Any other terms that werent clear?

4. Something Many Overlook: Information Systems are Social Systems IS change the way people & organizations interact with one another: E-commerce & Changing Business Models Social Medial and Instant communication The Global Village What are some impacts of the above changes in personal interactions?

5. Ill let you in on a little secret Organizations have lots of problems!

6. Changing Business Environment What opportunities accompany our Digital Economy? Three main categories of pressures that cause organizations to change: Economic/Market Pressures Technology Pressures Societal/Political/Legal Pressures May or may not be directly tied to IS

7. 1. Market Pressures Globalization & Competition (NAFTA, EU) What special requirements do these create? Real-Time Operations Todays business doesnt wait for old data Changes in the workforce Telecommuters, flexible hours, disabled access Powerful customers Know more than ever before (how?) How do we exercise this power?

8. 2. Technology Pressures Obsolescence of todays products Moores Law Gateway commercial for the G5 Substitute products and services Increasing amount of available information Amount of information on the WWW doubles each year! What problem results from the points above? Development cycles, purchase/lease, information overload, access, process, manage data Development cycles, purchase/lease, information overload, access, process, manage data

10. 3. Societal/Political/Legal Pressures Social Responsibility Government De/Regulations Homeland Security Information Ethics What are examples of each?

11. Social Responsibility

12. Critical Response Activities Organizations try to keep pressures in equilibrium How often do they achieve this goal? How long does it last? When equilibrium cannot be achieved, critical response activities begin Here are a few there are many Can be used individually or in combination

13. Strategic Systems Goal: provide competitive advantage How can IS increase comp advantage? Caveat: Sustaining advantage is difficult! Why is this advantage difficult to sustain? What are some examples of strategic systems? (AA, FedEx)

14. Customer Focus Providing exceptional cust service What are potential benefits to org? What are potential benefits to cust? How can these benefits be achieved? (Adire)

15. Continuous Process Improvement Small, incremental changes What are some types of changes? CPI often has limited effectiveness What do you do next?

16. Business Process Reengineering Radical change in organizational structure & procedures What are some examples? Organizational structure fits the business process Roles that IT plays in BPR Allows automation Increased flexibility & reliability Rapid, paperless transactions Reduce time to market (FDA approval)

17. Mass Customization What products are customized? Why is customization desirable? How is customization achieved?

18. Business Alliances Within industries One goal is cost savings Covisint Example Across industries Credit card, airline, & telephone What do they have to gain?

19. Electronic Commerce Two primary models: B2B & B2C What are examples of each?

20. IT Trends Ongoing convergence in electronics Mobile / Electronic commerce How many countries in the world today? How many are on the internet? There are many, many more

21. The Big Picture IS impact all facets of busn/society Speed of impact is increasing Absolutely critical to understand: Functions served by IS Potential applications of IS How to manage IS How to avoid failed systems Tremendous employment opportunities!

22. Important Concepts to Know New Business Models of New Economy Driving business pressures: Market, technology, society How organizations are responding to these changing pressures Critical Response Activities Trends in Information Technology

23. For Next Time Prepare Chapter 1 Minicases I will e-mail them to you Start working on project ideas: Think about different topics Different organizations! Form groups!! First Milestone is due soon

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