Adopt a tree the american beech
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Adopt a Tree: The American Beech - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adopt a Tree: The American Beech. By: Mary Coleman and Katy Brooks. Mommies and Tree. Our Tree. Common name: American Beech Scientific name: Fagus grandifolia. Pictures of Our Tree. Pictures of Our Tree. Bark. Leaves. The leaves often remain on the tree until spring. Leaves.

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Adopt a Tree: The American Beech

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Adopt a Tree:The American Beech

By: Mary Coleman and Katy Brooks

Mommies and Tree

Our Tree

  • Common name: American Beech

  • Scientific name: Fagusgrandifolia

Pictures of Our Tree

Pictures of Our Tree



The leaves often remain on the tree until spring.


Once the previous leaves fall off, new buds start to form.


Here the leaves are just starting to emerge from the buds.


As time goes on, the leaves start to grow and expand.


The leaves finally grow to their full potential.

Fruits or Nuts


Prickly Burs

Organisms using this tree

Our Poem


Abstract lopsided

Stretching reaching growing

Buds limbs leaves roots

Sprouting living changing

green red

5 Snippets

  • Can live to be 300 to 400 years of age

  • Beechnuts are roasted, eaten, and used as a coffee substitute

  • The leaves and bark are used to make dyes

  • Is the only member of the Fagus genus that grows in North America

  • The tallest American Beech found today in Ohio, in Ashtabula Country is 130 feet tall




  • Hard, strong, and tough

  • Not durable when exposed to weather

  • Furniture and flooring

  • Tools, wedges, baskets

  • Fuel

  • A type of creosote used as a medicine

What we liked the best

  • getting to see this tree transform from winter to spring

  • identifying the type of tree we were studying

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