inequalities consequences rebellion education film techniques
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Sugar Cane Alley St. Martinique , 1930s

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Sugar Cane Alley St. Martinique , 1930s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inequalities & Consequences Rebellion Education Film Techniques . Sugar Cane Alley St. Martinique , 1930s. Evelyn, Francesca, Andrea and Ellen. Inequalities . Plantation Owner. Exploiter\affluent\White. Economic & Class structure

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inequalities consequences rebellion education film techniques
Inequalities & Consequences



Film Techniques

Sugar Cane Alley St. Martinique , 1930s

Evelyn, Francesca, Andrea and Ellen


Plantation Owner


  • Economic & Class structure

Owner’s discontent with the harvest 1

Workers’ smallest delinquency & injury—O:fine 2

Child labor

Workers’ lacking of sugar 3

Flunky\advantaged \Mixed or Black





Leopold couldn\'t’t inherit White’s last name

The attitude of school authorities in

Fort-de-France 4

  • Advantageous position of the elders

Mme. Leonce’s using Jose 5

consequences of inequality
Consequences of Inequality
  • Negative


--Hollywood dream

--bedroom scene

Ticket seller

  • Negative to positive


--the school scene

--the arrest scene


FL: Those people are hopeless. I really detest that race. H: You shouldn’t say that.F: What? I tell you I hate them. How can I be proud of my color. When I see those people fouling up ever day? It disgusts me. Anyway, except for my color, I’m not black. My character is white.H: I am sure no white ever yelled “I hate my race” when another white stole or even murdered. Then, why, for a trifle, are you willing to condemn all blacks?F: You don’t understand. It hurts me to see someone who is already black do something bad. Even for a trifle, my impulse to hurl my race into the fire.

  • Children Reaction over the Adults
    • Burning off the sugarcane field
    • Jose breaking plates of Madame Leonce
    • Leopold stealing the account book
  • Black Adults’ Rebelling over the whites
    • Using Voices Instead of Real Action
education jose
  • Medouze
    • Teaching about Nature
    • Black self-identity
  • Grandmother
    • Attitude
    • Her Insist
  • The teacher
    • Test
    • Writing
  • Self education
film techniques
Film Techniques
  • Opening Images – Postcards
  • Stories within the Narration
    • Medouze telling Stories
  • Setting
  • Color
  • Framing & Style