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Project Work. Group Members: Chong Jin Jian Gao Helin Low Zuo Kai Nicholas Sim Meng Ying Zheng Xiaodong. Lack of sleep among teenagers. The current situation. Lack of sleep – the causes. Source: Project Work Survey. Lack of sleep – the main causes. [4]. [3].

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Project Work

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Project work

Project Work

Group Members:

Chong Jin Jian


Low Zuo Kai Nicholas

SimMeng Ying


Project work

Lack of sleep

among teenagers

The current situation

The current situation

Lack of sleep the causes

Lack of sleep – the causes

Source: Project Work Survey

Lack of sleep the main causes

Lack of sleep – the main causes





Lack of sleep the consequences

Lack of sleep – the consequences



Hinder growth

Affect concentration


Heart disease

Source: Interview with Dr Lim Li Ling (7th July 2010)

Considering the current situation

Considering the current situation……

  • Detrimental to well-being

  • Something needs to be done!

  • Significant presence in society

Target audience

Target audience





  • 13-18 year old students

Project work

Alternative forms of schools in Singapore

Case study

Case Study

Mainstream schools

  • Informative

  • Directional

  • Focuses on academics

Case study1

Case Study

Specialised Schools

Current approach

Current Approach

Singapore Sleep Society



Campaigns (Sleep Awareness Week)

Our approach

Our Approach

Cater to specific styles and needs for learning

Our approach1

Our Approach

Project work

Sleep Organizer

Sleep organiser

Sleep Organiser

  • Rationale

    • Help students to plan how much they sleep and make sure they receive sufficient rest

Sleep organiser1

Sleep Organiser

  • Approach:

    • Independent Learning

    • Visual Learning

      • Impactful pictures

      • Striking colours

Sleep organiser2

Sleep Organiser

  • Aim:

    • Allow planning of own sleep schedules

    • Help the development of good sleeping habits





Sleep organiser3

Sleep Organiser

  • Costs

    • Unconfirmed

    • Potential company to produce organizers

      • Paterson Lin (Manufacturer of Hwa Chong’s Handbook)

    • Potential sponsor

      • Sanofi Aventis (Sleeping pills company)

Sleep organiser mini trial

Sleep Organiser Mini Trial

  • Aim

    • To gain honest feedbacks from our trial group by distributing the sleep organizers to students in our present class (10S7F) for 10-day usage.

Sleep organiser mini trial1

Sleep Organiser Mini Trial

  • Details

    • Trial Group

      • 21 students from 10S7F in Hwa Chong Institution

    • No. of organizers needed

      • 1 complete sample organizer and 21 sets of selected parts from the organizer

    • Stipulated Costs

      • S$50

Sleep organiser mini trial2

Sleep Organiser Mini Trial

  • Details

    • Instructor

      • SimMeng Ying

    • Source of Fund

      • Self-printed

      • Self-paid

    • Ways of Evaluation

      • Feedback Survey and Interview

Sleep organiser mini trial3

Sleep Organiser Mini Trial

  • Flow of events:

    • Day 1:

      • Brief introduction of project

      • Display organizers

      • Distribute selected portions of our organizer for them to try

Sleep organiser mini trial4

Sleep Organiser Mini Trial

  • Flow of events:

    • Day 4

      • Gather feedback from students

      • Selected students with interesting feedback will be approached to gather more detailed feedback

      • Analyze the survey and interview results for further improvements

Project work

Power Nap Workshop

Power nap workshop

Power Nap Workshop

Should I power nap?

How to power nap?

Current Problems:

Power nap workshop1

Power Nap Workshop


Power nap workshop2

Power Nap Workshop


Venue: Air-conditioned room

Duration: 45 min

Trial Target group:

10S7F students

Power nap workshop3

Power Nap Workshop

Power nap workshop4

Power Nap Workshop

The Key is……

Try Yourself


Power nap workshop5

Power Nap Workshop



Tension relaxation 1

Power nap workshop6

Power Nap Workshop


Tension relaxation 2

Muscle relaxation:

Power nap workshop7

Power Nap Workshop

Conducive Environment:

Power Nap Music

Lighting adjustment

Power nap workshop8

Power Nap Workshop

Power Nap

Power nap workshop9

Power Nap Workshop

Rise and Shine

Music adjustment

Lighting adjustment

Cool water to refresh

Power nap workshop10

Power Nap Workshop


Power nap workshop11

Power Nap Workshop











Project work

Thank you

Thank you

Thank You


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