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Book 2 unit1
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Book 2 Unit1. 翻译词组. look into. 1 .朝里面 / 深处看,调查   _______________ 2 .属于 ________________ 3 .寻找 _____________________ 4 .看重,器重 ________________________ 5 .而不是,与其 _______________________ 6 .作为报答,回报 ________________ 7 .处于交战状态 ____________________ 8 .拆开 _____________________

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Book 2 Unit1

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Book 2 unit1

Book 2 Unit1

Book 2 unit1


look into

1.朝里面/深处看,调查  _______________










belong to

in search of

think highly of

rather than

in return

be at war

take apart

be made into

serve as

Book 2 unit1











less than

cultural relics

tell the truth

to one’s surprise

do with

serve as(=work as/act as)

There is no doubt that

be decorated with

Book 2 unit1


Book 2 unit1



1.毫无疑问这是一只骨头小船,当然是一件珍贵的文物。(There’s no doubt that,valuable,a cultural relic)

1.There’s no doubt that this is a bone boat and is certainly a valuable cultural relic.

Book 2 unit1

2.这只属于Joe的骨头船,是作为艺术家的未婚妻子Kerry送给他的生日礼物。(belong to,artist)


3.作为回报,Joe精选了一枚戒指送给Kerry。(in return,select)


Book 2 unit1



5.令他惊讶的是这只小船在子夜被盗了。(at midnight,to one’s surprise)


Book 2 unit1

6.警察正在努力帮助Joe寻找这只小船。(make every effort,search for)




Book 2 unit1

  • 2.This bone boat which belongs to Joe is the gift that his future wife Kerry—an artist gave him for his birthday.

  • 3.Joe selected a ring for Kerry in return.

  • 4.The ring is decorated with some jewels.

  • 5.To his surprise,the little boat was stolen at midnight.

  • 6.The police are making every effort to help him search for the boat.

  • 7.Whether it can be found or not remains a mystery.

Book 2 unit1

  • (1)我不敢肯定这个新的是否会好些。(doubt)

  • I______________the new one will be any better.

  • (2)毫无疑问这项措施非常有效。(there)

  • ________________the measure is very effective.

  • 答案:(1)doubt whether/if(2)There is no doubt that

Book 2 unit1

即境活用5 完成句子

(1)The book is very interesting and__________________(很值得买).

(2)The film ________________________(很值得再看一遍).

答案:(1) well worth buying

(2) is well worth seeing a second time






Book 2 unit1

(1)Lions and tigers ______________________(属于猫科).

(1)belong to the cat family

(2)The two countries _______________(已经打了好几年仗了).

have been at war for years

Book 2 unit1

Unit 2The Olympic Games

Book 2 unit1


take part in











one after another

used todo sth

go on a journey/trip

find out sth.

every four years= every fourth year

reach the standard

play an important part/role in

as a matter of fact =in fact=actually

change one’s mind

Book 2 unit1











a set of

as well as


take place

be replaced

take the place of/in place of

Sb be in charge of sth= sth be in the charge of sb

stand for

for the honor of

apart from

Book 2 unit1

  • 1.That’s_why they’re called the Winter Olympics.

  • 这就是为什么把它叫做冬季奥运会的原因。

  • 2.She was very beautiful and could run faster_than any man in Greece.

  • 她长得很漂亮而且跑得比希腊任何男人都快。

  • 3.No other countries could join in,nor_could slaves or women!

  • 没有别的国家能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加!

Book 2 unit1



1.当李娜得知自己可以参加奥运会时,她就承诺一定要为奥运会金牌而战。(be admitted to,promise to do sth.,compete for)

Learning that she was admitted to the Olympic Games,Li Na promised to compete for the gold medal.

2.1984年7月21日,她参加了女子体操决赛。(take part in/join in)

On July 21,1984,she took part in the women’s finals for gymnastics.

Book 2 unit1

3.看到她的对手陆续地走进体育馆,她有点紧张,她们多数是世界闻名的运动员。(one after another)

She felt a little nervous when she saw her opponents coming into the stadium,one after another,most of whom were world­famous.

4.教练让她用难度较大的动作与其他选手一较高下。(compete with sb.,a set of)

Her coach advised her to perform a set of difficult movements to compete with others.

Book 2 unit1

5.事实上,在训练中,她从未完成过这套动作。(as a matter of fact)

As a matter of fact,she never accomplished the movements successfully in her practice.

6.李娜决定挑战自我。让她满意的是,她最终夺得金牌。(win the gold medal)

Li Na made up her mind to challenge herself.To her satisfaction,she won the gold medal at last.

Book 2 unit1

即境活用1 完成句子

(1)We can’t ________________ (与他们竞争)on price.

(2)He’s hoping to ______________(参加)the London Olympic Games.

(3)The songs of the birds __________ (与……媲美)the sound of the church bells.

答案:(1)compete with them(2)compete in

(3)competed with

Book 2 unit1

2.admit vt. 承认;允许进入

admit (to sb.)sth./that...(向某人)承认……

admit (to) doing sth.承认做了某事 be...承认……怎么样

be admitted to/into...被允许进入(场所)加入(组织)

be admitted as...被(某组织或团体)接纳/吸收成为……

sth.admit of sth.容许,留有……余地

【注意】 后接动词时,只能用动名词或“to+动名词”,不能接不定式。

Book 2 unit1


(1)She ____________________(承认对……很严厉) her children.

(2)They ________________(坦率承认) they still have a lot to learn.

(3)He ________________ (供认驾驶了)the car without insurance保险.

(4)Women ________________ (被接收) the club last year.

答案:(1)admits(to)being strict with(2)freely admit(that)(3)admitted having driven(4)were only admitted into

Book 2 unit1 well as 也;又;还

as well as与……一样好

as well as连接两个并列主语时,谓语动词与前一个主语在人称和数上保持一致。类似的还有including,with,together with,except等。

as well as连接动词时,多用动名词形式。

as well相当于too。

Book 2 unit1

即境活用7 完成句子

(1)She speaks English ____________________ (和约翰说得一样好).

(2)Jack as well as his wife ________________ (被邀请去参加舞会).

(3)He sings ____________________ (和弹钢琴一样好).

(4)If you go,__________________ (我也去).

答案:(1)as well as John does(2)was invited to the dancing party(3) as well as plays the piano(4)I’ll go as well

Book 2 unit1

即境活用10 完成句子

(1)I have never been abroad,____________________(他也没出过国).

(2)You can ride a bike .________________(我也会).

(3)—Tom studies hard and is a good student.



I don’t expect children to be rude;______________I expect them to be disobeyed不服从,不顺从.

答案:(1)neither/nor has he(2)So can I(3)So he is .(4)nor do

Book 2 unit1


as soon as 一……就……

so/as long as 只要

as much/many as 多达……;达到……之多

so/as far as 远至……;就……而言

as well as也;又 possible 尽可能

as good as 实际上;几乎等于

Book 2 unit1

即境活用11 完成句子

(1)I haven’t known him ________(和……一样长) you (have known him).

(2)He was ________________(面无血色).

(3)She plays ____________________(和她姐姐一样好).

(4)The two­year­old boy __________________________(走了两英里远).

答案:(1)as long as(2)as white as sheet(3)as well as her sister(4)walked as far as two miles

Book 2 unit1

1. (2011全国卷I) The prize will go to the

writer _______ story shows the most


A. that B. which C. whose D. what

2. (2011全国卷II) Ted came for the

weekend wearing only some shorts and

a T-shirt, ____ is a stupid thing to do

in such weather.

A. this B. that C. what D. which

Book 2 unit1

3. (2011北京卷) Mary was much kinder to Jack than she was to the others, ____, of course, make all the others upset.

A. who B. which C. what D. that

4. (2011上海卷) You’ll find taxis waiting at the bus station ____ you can hire to reach your host family.

A. which B. where C. when D. as

Book 2 unit1

5. (2011山东卷) The old town has narrow streets and small houses _____ are built close to each other.

A. they B. where C. what D. that

6. (2011江西卷) She showed the visitors

around the museum, the construction

_____ had taken more than three years.

A. for which B. with which

C. of which D. to which

Book 2 unit1

7. (2011江苏卷) Between the two parts of the concert is an interval, _______ the audience can buy ice-cream.

A. when B. where C. that D. which

8. (2011安徽卷) Whatever is left over may be put into the refrigerator, _____ it will keep for two or three weeks.

A. when B. which C. where D. while

Book 2 unit1

9. (2011浙江卷) English is a language shared by several diverse cultures, each of ____ uses it somewhat differently.

A. which B. what C. them D. those

10. (2011浙江卷) A bank is the place ______ they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.

A. when B. that C. where D. there

Book 2 unit1

1. The work ______ soon.

 A. will be finished    B. has been finished   

C. will finish    D. finishes

2. I ______ if I finish the work within one day.

  • shall be praised     B. would praise    

    C. will praise       D. praise

Book 2 unit1

3. These films ______ until tomorrow morning.

  • can’t develop    B. aren’t developing   

    C. won’t be developed  D. won’t develop

    4. Hundreds of jobs ______ if the factory


    A. lose         B. will be lost    

    C. are lost      D. will lose

Book 2 unit1

5 . — A party is going to ______ tonight.

Would you like to go with me?

   — I’d like to, but I have to look after

my sick mother.

   A. organize   B. have been organized    

C. be organizing  D. be organized

6. Stamps ______ by people for sending


A. use B. using C. used D. are used

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