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Jeopardy. Stock Market. Bus Organiz. Labor. Investing. Misc/Govt. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500.

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Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Final Jeopardy

$100 Question Labor

What is a union?

Walter P. Reuther—former UAW president.

$100 Answer Labor

Group of employees who organize

To negotiate with Employers on

Wage and working conditions.

$200 Question Labor

What is it called when workers

Organize a work stoppage to protest

Employer activities AND what form

Of protest associated with standing in

Line out front of the business holding

Signs goes with right along with that?

$200 Answer Labor

Strike and Picket

$300 Question Labor

What does it mean when an employer

Agrees with the union to have a

“closed shop”?

$300 Answer Labor

The employer agrees to hire only

Union workers.

$400 Question Labor

Performed by unions and employers

this is known as the process of

Negotiating working conditions

And wages.

$400 Answer Labor

Collective Bargaining

$500 Question Labor

Explain the difference between

Arbitration and Mediation.

$500 Answer Labor

Mediation is when a 3rd party is called

To make suggestions on how to solve

An impasse between management and

The union. Arbitration is when the

3rd party can force an agreement on

What is recommended.

$100 Question from Investing

Rank the following investment types

In order of return on money from

Lowest to highest.



-Savings Account


$100 Answer from Investing

  • 1. Savings Account

  • CD

  • Bond

  • Stock

$200 Question Investing

What is a CD and why does it pay

More than a savings account?

$200 Answer Investing

Certificate of Deposit; because the

Investor exchanges liquidity and

Time guarantees for a higher return.

$300 Question Investing

What is the difference between

A corporate stock and a corporate


$300 Answer Investing

A stock is purchasing a small share

Of a corporation whereas a bond is

A form of lending money to a

Business or municipality.

$400 Question Investing

List 2 ways you can make money

In the stock market.

$400 Answer Investing

  • Buy stock low; sell high

  • Collect dividends (shared profits) that

  • company distibutes to shareholders.

  • 3. Short Selling

$500 Question Investing

If APR of return is 18% then what

Is the monthly rate of return?

$500 Answer Investing


$100 Question Stock Market

What is arguably the most famous

Stock market indicator in the US

(if not the world)?

$100 Answer Stock Market

Dow Jones Industrial Average or

Dow Jones

$200 Question Stock Market

What do the terms Bear and Bull

Refer to in the stock market?

$200 Answer Stock Market

When the stock market trends

Downward for an extended period it

Is known as Bear Market; When it

Trends upward it is a Bull Market.

$300 Question Stock Market

If someone makes money on a

Stock by selling it for more than

Purchased OR receiving profits from

The company, then a person will most

Likely Have to pay a

______ ______ tax unless it is a

tax deferred account.

$300 Answer Stock Market

Capital Gains

$400 Question Stock Market

Identify at least two major U.S.

Stock Markets.

$400 Answer Stock Market

New York Stock Exchange


Others acceptable at Mr. A’s discretion

$500 Question Stock Market

What is a Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E)

and why is it useful to know?

$500 Answer Stock Market

A price-earnings ratio is a comparison

Of the stock price to the dividends

It has paid and will informs buyers

Of the past performance of the stock.

Higher P/E ratios mean that an investor

Is paying more for each unit of income

Than those with lower P/E ratios.

$100 Question Business Organizations

The most simple form of business

Ownership—one owner takes on all

Responsibility for management/growth

$100 Answer Business Organizations

Sole Proprietorship

$200 Question Business Organizations

What is it called when two or more

People share in the ownership and

Day to day management of a company?

$200 Answer Business Organizations


$300 Question Business Organizations

What is a huge common

downside to owning

A partnership or a sole proprietorship?

$300 Answer Business Organizations

  • Unlimited Liability—debts the firm

  • incurs are the responsibility of the owners b/c the

  • owners are the firm.

  • Limited Life—partnerships and sole proprietorships

  • die with the owners unless sold off to willing others.

$400 Question Business Organizations

What is the difference between a

Vertical and Horizontal conglomerate?

$400 Answer Business Organizations

Vertical—company has expanded

Through various production stages of

A market (e.g. Paper Mill owns trees,

Lumber company, trucking, manufacturing

Horizontal—company has expanded across a

Like market—Weyerhouser paper, Xerox paper

Staples paper—all finished product paper suppliers

$500 Question Business Organizations

What does one call the smaller

Companies that make up the holdings

Of a conglomerate?

$500 Answer Business Organizations



AC Delco makes parts for and is a

subsidiary of General Motors.

$100 Question Misc/Gov’t

To the nearest percentage, what is

The current unemployment rate?

$100 Answer Misc/Gov’t








$200 Question Misc/Gov’t

Government creates these laws

To keep neighborhoods from

Being congested with too much

Business or destroyed by unwelcome

Economic activity (manufacturing

In the middle of a neighborhood).

$200 Answer Misc/Gov’t

Zoning Laws

$300 Question Misc/Gov’t

What was the Equal Employment

Opportunity Commission AND

What Act caused this organization to

come into existence ?

$300 Answer Misc/Gov’t

The EEOC was created by the

Civil Rights Act of 1964 and

Investigates discriminatory

Employment practices based on

Race, religion, sex, and age (over 40).

$400 Question Misc/Gov’t

What does it take to be considered unemployed?

-4 requirements

$400 Answer Misc/Gov’t

  • Over 16

  • Able to work

  • Don’t have a job

  • Want a job

$500 Question Misc/Gov’t

What famous TV private investigator played

By Tom Selleck drove a red Ferrarri?

$500 Answer Misc/Gov’t

Final Jeopardy

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  • Corporations

Final Jeopardy

What are two ways corporations can raise

Additional Money (beyond profits)

for expansion?

Final Jeopardy Answer

  • Issue Stock

  • Sell Bonds

  • Line of Credit from financiers

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