How To Increase Iron Levels In Body With Herbal Hemoglobin Supplements?
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How To Increase Iron Levels In Body With Herbal Hemoglobin Supplements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This power point presentation describes about how to increase iron levels in body with herbal hemoglobin supplements. You can find more detail about Feroplex capsules at

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How Supplements?To Increase Iron Levels In Body?

Iron is very important for the transportation of oxygen to support body cell and red blood cells account for two-third of body's iron supply. Some iron compounds are found in myoglobins and enzymes needed it for various bio-chemicals reactions. There are complex concepts regarding iron stores in body where it is believed the iron level required in growing age may not be same as required by the body later in life.

How Supplements?To Increase Iron Levels In Body?

Study finds an improvement in the level of blood sugar in aging people in condition when the level of iron stores goes down. Also men with high iron storages are twice as a likely to suffer from heart attack as compared to lower levels. Many want to know how to increase iron levels through supplements without causing iron overload?

How Supplements?To Increase Iron Levels In Body?

During an examination of 1000 White Americans in age 67 to 96, researchers found 3 percent had iron deficiency, while, 13 percent had very high levels of iron, which raised the risks of diabetes, cancer and heart attack. People having a diet rich in red meat have high iron intake and taking supplements more than 30 mg daily can raise the level of iron raising risk of diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

How Supplements?To Increase Iron Levels In Body?

People above 70 years should restrict red meat intake and take foods which are easy on metabolism. Rather Ayurvedicbhasmas in herbal hemoglobin supplements can provide better ways to - how to increase iron levels, balance the iron stores in body and also get rid of excess of other minerals from the system such as aluminum and lead.

Feroplex Supplements? Capsules

The herbal hemoglobin supplements e.g. Feroplex capsules contain a set of iron based bhasmas prepared through various Ayurvedic methods. The purification process to get the

nano particles of mineral compounds involves mechanisms repeated in specific number of times e.g. 7, 14, 21 or 101 to get the final capsule.

How To Increase Iron Levels In Body? Supplements?

This can be highly complicated and time consuming method, and the ash collected from related processing is made into a capsule after the removal of impurities. The method involves stages - purification, powdering, stirring, washing, filtering, heating, triturating, coating with herbs, detoxification and adding preservatives. The process helps in incorporating minerals in bio available or absorbable form.

How Supplements?To Increase Iron Levels In Body?

Various quality checks of bhasma are done after preparation. E.g. the bhasma should be lusterless and it should float on water surface. It should be able to get into the metabolism without causing irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. These bhasmas (powders) can help in breakdown of harmful metals in the body, and eliminate toxin deposits and blockages in the intestines formed by the intake of harsh chemicals.

Feroplex Supplements? Capsules

Feroplex capsules contain nano particles of iron compounds having power to cure anemia. The main features of the bhasmas in herbal hemoglobin supplements are - it enhances alkalinity of the body and provides cleaning

action in the tissues. It aids the nervous flow and gets rid of residues of the harsh medicines.

Feroplex Supplements? Capsules

It can neutralize acidity from system and protect the body from free radicals. These capsules were tested on laboratory animals where the regular intake of proper set of bhasmas in regulated ratio was able to promote better health and cause weight gain in weak and aging laboratory animals.

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