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The Inuit have lived in the far north Arctic areas for a long time. The Arctic is a cold and frozen area. Greenland, Canada, and Alaska are the places where the Inuit live. Some people call these Native Americans ’’Eskimos.’’ They like the ’’Inuit” better. Inuit men, women, and children wore special clothing to keep them warm. Shirts were made from bird skins. Pants and coats were made from animal fur. They wore lightweight parkas over their clothing. The parkas were waterproof to keep their clothing dry.

Nez Perce

The Nez Perce have lived in the Plateau region of North America for a long time. The Plateau region is in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The area has mountains, forest, grasslands, and rivers. The tribe called themselves Nimi’ipuu. This means “The People. ’’ The Nez Perce wore buckskin clothing. Buckskin is another word for deerskin. Men and women liked long, fringed shirts and leggings.


The Hopi lived in the Southwest. The climate in the southwest is 8O above 100 degree’s or above. They ate corn, beans, and squash. And they were rags. They lived in a adobe where they stood warm. There name is pueblo


The region is the Plains are warm. They hunted buffalo and the clothing was animal skin. The shelter is long house. The name was Permanent.


The Seminole lived in the Southwest Region. The climate is warm, and they hunted deer. The clothing is deerskin, The housing is the longhouse and they are nomads.

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