Demystifying ready to submit process and system info for the research community
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Demystifying “Ready To Submit”: Process and System Info for the Research Community PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Demystifying “Ready To Submit”: Process and System Info for the Research Community. Office of Sponsored Programs Carol Rhodes, Interim Director. Office of Research Information Services Ciara Nic Mhathuna , Business Analyst. BEFORE eGC1 Routing. Find funding opportunity

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Demystifying “Ready To Submit”: Process and System Info for the Research Community

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Demystifying “Ready To Submit”:Process and System Info for the Research Community

Office of Sponsored Programs

Carol Rhodes, Interim Director

Office of Research Information Services

Ciara Nic Mhathuna, Business Analyst

BEFORE eGC1 Routing

  • Find funding opportunity

  • Review sponsor requirements

  • Put together a plan & calendar

  • Build the application

  • Begin preparing the eGC1 in SAGE

eGC1/Proposal Routing

Mystery: I am not sure when I should route the eGC1 for review. Should I wait until the proposal is considered final and Ready To Submit (RTS)?

Answer: Departments manage their proposals differently. There are two options:

  • Route with draft science but final administrative/ business portions 7 business days prior to sponsor deadline.

  • Route the eGC1 with final proposal, Ready to Submit, 7 business days prior to sponsor deadline.

eGC1 Routing Process

Option 1

eGC1 Routing Process

Option 2

Mystery: GIM 19 says “Include the business and administrative portions of the application in final form” when routing 7 days ahead of sponsor deadline. What exactly must be included?

Answer: Include everything required by the sponsor but for the final science, so a meaningful review can be carried out:

Routing 7 Days Prior to Sponsor Deadline

  • Completed SF424 Form (if applicable)

  • Institutional information

  • Budget and justification

  • CVs

    - Current/pending support (if applicable)

  • Proposed subrecipient documents

  • Letters of support

  • Abstract

  • Compliance assurances (approvals, if required)

  • Appendices required (non-programmatic) such as the F&A rate agreement, tax letter, annual fiscal report

*DO include DRAFT science if you are marking “no” to RTS

*DO include letter of support placeholders, if a mentor/collaborator is unavailable to provide by eGC1 routing

SPAERC Tasklist displays all applications in SAGE (except Composing)

OSP Filters by “In OSP” status and Sorts by “OSP Received Date”

Remember: The OSP Received Date refreshes every time it is withdrawn by the Dept!


  • Do route the eGC1 when the proposal is ready for a meaningful review.

    • eGC1s routed without a proposal or with an incomplete proposal (e.g. administrative/business portion incomplete) will be returned by OSP without review.

  • Do make iterative changes to the proposal (science) “locally”. Once reviewer comments received, then update on eGC1 all at once.

Changes to Routing FunctionalityAs of Mid-November

*All eGC1s will include the question “Is the Application Ready To Submit” with a “yes” or “no” option.

*eGC1 owners will not be able to withdraw an eGC1 marked “yes” to Ready To Submit, once it is IN OSP status.

Screenshots 

SAGE routing functionality to support GIM 19 timeline

eGC1 cannot be withdrawn when status is In OSP and RTS = Yes

Help! I marked RTS=Yes, but I notice a problem.

  • Call your OSP Reviewer.

  • Ask them to return the eGC1 and why.

  • If before the GIM 19 deadline, OSP can return the eGC1 (if proposal has not yet been submitted*).

  • If after the GIM 19 deadline, you may need a waiver.

    • If a missing letter, that is one thing,

    • If whole sections to be swapped out or added, that is another.

      *Remember: “RTS” is communication to eGC1 reviewers (including OSP) that the proposal is finaland ready

RTS Campus Training Sessions

  • Update on GIM 19 and What is “Ready to Submit”?

  • Two 1-hour sessions

  • November 7 and November 13

  • Live webcast option will be available for one of these

  • Archive webcast will be posted to the OSP website

GIM 19

Business Sections

  • Face Page/ SF424 Form

  • List of Personnel

  • Biosketches

  • Budget & Justification

  • Subcontract Budget & Justification

  • Narrative & Checklist

  • Needed Compliance Approvals

  • Required Additional Information

Final Version by Day – 7

Scope of Work

Draft Version by Day – 7

Final Version by Day - 3

  • Description of the Project

  • (The Science)

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