science of holistic living and its global applications
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Science of Holistic Living and Its Global Applications

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Science of Holistic Living and Its Global Applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science of Holistic Living and Its Global Applications. Dev Sanskriti VishwaVidyalaya, Gaytrikunj, Shantikunj, UttaraKhand. Indian Philosophy & Holistic Living. Holistic truth of life & universe and is reflected in the Vedic Mantra “ Purna Madah, Purna Midam….”.

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science of holistic living and its global applications

Science of Holistic Living and Its Global Applications

Dev Sanskriti VishwaVidyalaya,

Gaytrikunj, Shantikunj,


indian philosophy holistic living
Indian Philosophy & Holistic Living.
  • Holistic truth of life & universe and is reflected in the Vedic Mantra “ Purna Madah, Purna Midam….”.
  • Emanated from this seed, every bit of the Indian Philosophy and Culture deals with Holistic Living.
  • A life lived in consonance with the holistic system of Nature is a life lived with yoga.
holistic living encompasses
Holistic Living encompasses
  • harmonious welfare,
  • development,
  • collective management and
  • progress of the individual, family and society. (Vyakti Nirman, Pariwar Nirman and Samaj Nirman……)
holistic science
Holistic science
  • Integrated science of matter and consciousness.
  • Science of spirituality combined with social, economic, intellectual life and Nature.
holistic science the yagya philosophy
Holistic Science – the Yagya Philosophy
  • Science of co-existence, cooperation, giving and expanding the good.
  • In short, it is the science derived from the principles of Yagya. (Sangatikaran, Bahulikaran, Devpoojan and Daan).
holistic science of evolution
Holistic Science of evolution
  • Pertains to:
    • Social,
    • Ethical and
    • Intellectual elevation
holistic education
Holistic Education
  • Constructive integration of “Shiksha and Vidya”
shiksha and vidya
Shiksha and Vidya
  • Shiksha - Practical training of literacy, worldly knowledge and development of specific skills or talents which make one self-dependent and enable him or her earn respectable means of living.
  • Vidya, inculcates virtuous tendencies, independent thinking with intellectual and moral illumination of the mind and the heart and helps perfect refinement of character and development of personality.

University of Indian Culture

Dev Sanskriti University at Haridwar

An Institution dedicated to dissemination of Indian Culture all over the Globe

courses offered
Courses offered
  • Yogic Science & Human Consciousness
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Indian Culture and Tourism
  • Dharma Vigyan – Temple Management
  • Holistic Health, Health Management
  • Self-Reliance and Rural Management

University of Indian Culture

Building up of new generation and new faculties of management :


* Thought Management,

* Emotional Management,

* Temple Management


University of Indian Culture

Being developed as on the lines of Nalanda – Taxila


University of Indian Culture

  • Without any Govt. aid construction of nearly Rs. 50 Crore has been done so far out of an estimated budget of Rs.200 Crore.
holistic approach on professional fronts
Holistic approach on professional fronts
  • Integration of IQ and EQ with
    • knowledge,
    • skill and
    • self management &
    • project-management

Corporate Excellence

  • Can spirituality and ethics integrated in business bring cutting edge?
  • Is it possible to maximize ethics and profits together in business by adopting spirituality?
  • How to eliminate stress associated with the modern lifestyle and promote wellbeing at physical, mental and spiritual levels?
Spirituality …

Spiritual principals are universal and pertain to pure consciousness and harnessing of inner potential.

In fact spirituality forms the core of all religions and offers holistic approach towards solution of all problems.

holistic healthcare
Holistic Healthcare
  • Physical,
  • Psychological and
  • Spiritual Well being
root cause of problems
Root Cause of Problems
  • Our deviation from the holistic path,
  • Adoption of a single-tracked approach of comfort-driven progress
the path adopted by rishis
The Path Adopted by Rishis
  • The saints of our times, Mahatma Gandhi, Acharya Vinoba have shown us the ways of revival of holistic approach on the socio-economic and political fronts.
  • The Vichar Kranti and Yug Nirman missions of yug-rishi Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya expand it further at the mental and spiritual dimensions as well.
holistic science of health
Holistic Science of Health

Integrative Approach

  • Naturopathy incorporates balancing the five basic elements;
  • Ayurveda deals with total health of mind-body system and emotional core;
  • Homoeopathy derives from holistic activity and effects at atomic levels
opinion of scientific community
Opinion of Scientific Community
  • Many CAM approaches to health care are scientifically in advance of those based on current Western biology and medicine.
  • Such theories may well constitute the next steps in our scientific understanding of biology (+ physiology) itself.

- Dr. Alex Hankey of Harvard University

opinion of scientific community1
Opinion of Scientific Community
  • The keynote article of eCAM_2005 cites: Considering that regulation processes are necessarily independent of each other — the reductionist perspective (i.e. the modern medical theory) — is therefore a fundamental error when considering the regulation of complex biological systems.
opinion of scientific community2
Opinion of Scientific Community
  • In his paper on “Biological Coherence in Response to External Stimulai” [in the book on Th. Physics & Medicine, 1988; Springer-Verlag] Dr. Frohlich presents concrete evidence for coherent behavior in biological systems.
  • Ayurveda presents the holistic structure of regulation in any given organism.
  • Showing how to classify the regulatory systems that can go wrong, i.e. any failure of natural regulation processes must be an ‘imbalance in the doshas’
  • Tridosha constitutes the most compact, holistic account of organism regulation ever proposed,
  • Ancient Ayurvedic texts identify key properties of living organisms, more precisely and economically than modern medical text books
  • A unique feature of Ayurvedic Treatment is use of whole natural herb/plant medicines thus enabling holistic effects.
yagyopathy or yagya therapy
Yagyopathy or Yagya-Therapy
  • The most practical and thorough example of HolisticMedication.
  • This inhalation therapy of Ayurveda makes synergistic use of Herbal/Plant Medicines
yagyopathy or yagya therapy1
Yagyopathy or Yagya-Therapy
  • The notable feature of yagya-therapy is that it helps simultaneous purification of the environment (which is utmost desired today even for the great benefits of pranayam-based yoga!) and balancing of eco-system.
the integrated science of yagya
The Integrated Science of Yagya
  • Yagya makes holistic use of foundation energies –
    • Sound (by rhythmic chanting of mantra),
    • Heat (of the fire of medicinal wood in a specially designed kunda) and
    • Electricity (of ionic decomposition of the phytochemicals of herbal/plant medicinal preparation processed and sublimated in the yagya-fire)
research outcome
Research Outcome
  • Recent scientific investigations at Brahmvarchas Research Centre and DSVV, Hardwar show feasibility and remarkable of Yagya-Therapy.
research outcome1
Research Outcome
  • Statistical Modelling and Assessment of yagya effect on Air-Water Pollution in Delhi.
  • Significant Effects of Yagya in reduction of bacteria, pathogens, microflora, etc.
  • No significant effect of mere burning of wood and ghee under similar condition.


** PhD of Mamta Saxena at DSVV, Hardwar in collaboration with CPCB, Delhi. (2006)

research outcome psychological effects
Research Outcome Psychological Effects

Experiments Conducted at Brahmvarchas

Research Center**, Shantikunj Hardwar:

  • Study on Patients suffering from – Anxiety / Stress / Depression / Regression / Guilt

** Source: Akhand Jyoti, Nov. 2001, pp 30-32. (part of PhD of Hemadri Sao, Gurukul Kangadi Univ. Hardwar) 2005.

research outcome psychological effects1
Research Outcome Psychological Effects
  • Control Group: No Yagya, Only lived in the Pure, Peaceful, Spiritual Ambience of Shantikunj, Hardwar.
  • Experimental Group: Lived in Shantikunj and also Performed Yagya of 108 Ahutis with Chanting of Gayatri Mantra Every Morning.
research outcome psychological effects2
Research Outcome Psychological Effects
  • Thorough Psychometric Analysis of Both Groups Before and After 20 Days by Expert Psychologists.
  • Overall Psychometry Showed Average 66%Improvement in Control Group and 86% in Experimental Group.
yagyopathic herbal treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis symptoms
Yagyopathic Herbal Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Symptoms
  • – Clinical Trials.[our paper in ACT(2004) Vol 10(2) pp 101-105]
  • Results in Expr. Gr. Show excellent effects on AFB++, X-ray, ESR, TLL, Pulmonary Functions, Appetite, Wt, etc.

(Statistical & Clinical Significance)

  • Control Gr. Results Inconclusive. (No

clinical or statistical significance).


** PhD of Meenakshi Raghuvanshi, at DSVV, Hardwar in collaboration with IIT Bombay. (2006)

in vitro experiments on mycobacterium control sample
In-vitro Experiments on Mycobacterium: Control Sample
  • Cultures grown in solid Lowerstein Jensen medium slant and Liquid Kirchnar Medium
  • Incubation for 8 weeks at 35O C

Result: High growth

In-vitro Experiment on Mycobacterium Growth: Experimental Sample Treated only by ‘Fumes’ of Burning Wood.
  • Cultures grown in solid Lowerstein Jensen medium slant and Liquid Kirchnar Medium
  • ‘Treated’ for 40 min. using SKC 2000 air-check sampler pump
  • Incubation for 8 weeks at 35O C

Result: Growth reduced only by 15%

in vitro experiment on mycobacterium growth experimental sample treated only by output of yagya
In-vitro Experiment on Mycobacterium Growth: Experimental Sample Treated only by ‘output’ of Yagya
  • Cultures grown in solid Lowerstein Jensen medium slant and Liquid Kirchnar Medium
  • ‘Treated’ for 40 min. using SKC 2000 air-check sampler pump
  • Incubation for 8 weeks at 35O C

Result: Significant reduction in growth (by 75%)

present crisis
Present Crisis
  • Man of today, generally feels more lonely, more reserved, more deprived, more dissatisfied, more insecure, more worried, more tensed and weaker than his great grand parents.
present crisis1
Present Crisis
  • The human society today is facing negative evolution of — bodily health, mental stability and peace, moral development, familial amity, financial security and satisfaction, social goodwill and cooperation, inner bliss and enlightenment.
holistic way of living offers the solution
Holistic Way of Living offers the solution
  • Holistic living under the philosophy of Yagya, as guided by the rishis – the holistic scientists of spirituality, consciousness and Nature – promises a viable solution.