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Arcade Game Machines – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arcade game machines are often as iconic as the games themselves. Nothing quite says video games like a room full of stand up arcade games.

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Arcade Game Machines –

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Arcade Game Machines –

Arcade game machines are often as iconic as the games themselves. Nothing quite says video games like a room full of stand up arcade games. These arcades were the places were many individuals’ love of gaming was born. For many the sights and sounds of these machines bring back fond memories of an era that is growing more and more distant in the rearview mirror.

As we head farther and farther into the future, we distance ourselves farther and farther from the physical arcade game machines themselves. This does not mean, however, that these games will become any less accessible as time goes on.

Thanks to modern emulation technology, these games have actually increased in accessibility to anyone with an Internet connect and the ability to use a search engine. Many emulators are available for free download by anyone that wants to use them. By using these emulators, those interested in playing classic arcade games can enjoy nearly endless entertainment using the software that is available for free online.

In addition to the emulation software itself—which would be like the actual arcade box that houses the game—are the ROMS, or the individual game programs themselves, are another necessary component for MAME emulation. Without ROMs, emulation software is all but useless. The quality of the emulation process rides heavily on the quality of each individual ROM.

Since the creation of a ROM is a process that requires significantly less commitment and energy than the creation of an emulator, there is a much larger divide in the quality of ROMs as opposed to the quality of various emulation software.

To make up for ROMs that may not be quite up to standards, Gameex has created a front end for MAME emulation software that works to tweak settings on behalf of the user to make ROMs easier to run and play for users of all experience levels. Using this technology, support for all ROMs has been greatly increased, making sure that all games are cropped and displaying properly within the emulator.

Controller support is also an incredibly important aspect for any emulator. Being unable to control the game in a manner that is familiar or comfortable is a major knock against a game and can often render it unplayable. Third party controller support ensures that players are able to choose any controller that they wish and that custom controls for game functions match the desire of the player.

Gameex meets all of these requirements and more. Being functional with nearly every MAME emulator available, this is a front end that will integrate seamlessly with your current set up and make major improvements in the quality of your gaming experience.

As an established program dating back over ten years, Gameex will be here to stay as you continue to enjoy MAME gaming. Frequent updates and matches show a commitment to quality and simply being the best front end for MAME available online. Give it a shot today and see how it can make a difference for you.

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