History of cell theory
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History of Cell Theory. G.Burgess Updated 2010. History of the Microscope. First invented; 1590, Hans and Zacharias Janssen (originally 3X to 9X), Dutch eye glass makers

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History of Cell Theory

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History of Cell Theory


Updated 2010.

History of the Microscope

  • First invented; 1590, Hans and Zacharias Janssen (originally 3X to 9X), Dutch eye glass makers

  • Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, 1632-1723, designed the best simple microscopes of the time, first person to describe bacteria and protozoans

Discovery of the Cell

  • 1665: Robert Hooke, English scientist, described the spaces in cork as cells. He first coined the term cell

  • 1674: Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, Holland, first describes protozoans

  • 1824: Henry Dutrochet, France, proposed that all living things were composed of cells and discovered that plants grew by increasing their number of cells.

Discovery of the Cell

  • 1831, Robert Brown, Scotland, described the nucleus as a small-round-dense body common to all plant cells.

  • **1838, Matthais Schleiden, Germany, after a lengthy study concluded that all plants are made of cells.

  • **1839, Theodor Schwann, Germany, concluded that all animals are made of cells.

Discovery of the Cell

  • 1839, Johannes Purkinje, Czech Republic, used the term ‘protoplasm’ in reference to the jelly-like material with in a cell.

  • 1858, Rudolph Virchow, Germany, stated that all cells come from other living cells.

Cell Theory

  • All organisms are made of cells or cell fragments

  • The cell is the basic unit of structure and function in organisms.

  • Cells are produced from other living cells

Continued Discoveries

1857: Kolliker, described the mitochondria

1869: Miescher isolated DNA for the first time.

1879: Flemming described chromosome behavior during mitosis.

1898: Golgi described the golgi apparatus.

1953: Crick, Wilkins and Watson proposed structure of DNA double-helix.

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