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Improving Processes - Exercises PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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-6. -4. -2. 0. 2. 4. 6. Improving Processes - Exercises. Identifying Solutions. Identifying Solutions. Identifying Solutions. Possible Solutions?. Identifying Solutions. Identifying Solutions. NOT ROOT CAUSE. NOT ROOT CAUSE. Identifying Solutions. Cost/Benefit Analysis.

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Improving Processes - Exercises

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Improving processes exercises








Improving Processes - Exercises

Identifying solutions

Identifying Solutions

Identifying solutions1

Identifying Solutions

Identifying solutions2

Identifying Solutions

Possible Solutions?

Identifying solutions3

Identifying Solutions

Identifying solutions4

Identifying Solutions



Identifying solutions5

Identifying Solutions

Cost benefit analysis

Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • You are considering buying a new Ford Escape

  • The Escape is available with two power plants:

    • Standard Gasoline Engine ($21,000, 24 mpg - city)

    • Hybrid-Gas/Electric Engine ($27,000, 36 mpg - city)

  • The average price of gas is $2.35/gallon.

  • Without considering the cost of money or differences in maintenance expenses, how long would it take to pay-back the higher initial cost of the car through improved gas mileage?

Evaluating solutions

Evaluating Solutions

  • Develop a Countermeasure Matrix for the following potential solutions:


Root Causes

Potential Solutions

Exercise More

High BMI

Eat Healthy Foods

High Blood


Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Change Job

High Job Stress

Work Less on Current Job

Reduce Calorie Consumption

Barriers aids

Barriers & Aids

  • For the countermeasures of “eat healthy food” & “exercise more often” develop a barriers & aids analysis:

Current State:

High Blood Pressure

Future State:

Low Blood Pressure

Solution fmea

Solution FMEA

  • The Engineering Scheduling process was modified as follows:

  • What could go wrong with the process changes?



  • Part 1 – Recall a change that was successful in your company. Why was it successful? What factors contributed to it’s success?

  • Part 2 - Recall a change that was not successful in your company. Why was it not successful? What factors contributed to it’s not being a success?


Leading Change


Making Change Last

Creating A Shared Need


Shaping A Vision

Monitoring Progress

Mobilizing Commitment


Changing Systems & Structures


  • Suppose your company management decided that “Six Sigma” was needed to drive necessary improvements in processes and competitiveness.

  • Apply the elements of change to help them build a “plan” for introducing and implementing Six Sigma:



  • Thinking about the “Six Sigma Plan” you just developed, profile your company’s Change Processes:

Pin wheel design

Pin Wheel Design

We’ll use a simple product – a pinwheel – to help apply & tie together Process Control Planning:




Pinwheel fabrication assembly details

Pinwheel Fabrication/Assembly Details

Pinwheel fabrication assembly process

Pinwheel Fabrication & Assembly Process

  • Process Steps

  • Cut dowel rod to length (16”) (Supplier)

  • Print pinwheel pattern (Supplier)

  • Cut out pinwheel pattern

  • Punch holes in pinwheel

  • Cut slits in pinwheel

  • Bend paper clip to pattern

  • Tape paper clip to dowel

  • Insert back button

  • Insert center of pinwheel on paper clip

  • Bend pinwheel wings and insert holes on paper clip (clockwise order)

  • Insert front button

  • Bend over tip of paper clip to secure button

  • Materials:

  • Pinwheel pattern printed

  • Dowel rods (48”)

  • Paper Clips (large)

  • Shirt Buttons

  • Tape

  • Tools:

  • Scissors

  • Hole Punch

  • Needle-Nose Pliers

  • Ruler

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