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Travel Policy, FI0705. Allen B (Joe) Croom Assistant Vice Chancellor Director, Business Affairs. Web Page for Policy.,140536&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_policy=FI0705. Travel, Purpose. Execute official university business (or)

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Presentation Transcript
Travel policy fi0705

Travel Policy, FI0705

Allen B (Joe) Croom

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Director, Business Affairs

Web page for policy

Web Page for Policy,140536&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_policy=FI0705

Travel purpose
Travel, Purpose

  • Execute official university business (or)

  • Educational objectives

  • Must be connected to duties and role

  • Specific

    • Not “meeting”, “research”, “conference”

  • Official Station = work location

  • Must be approved in advance

    • 2,3

When not to use iris t6
When not to use IRIS (T6)

  • Personal Services Contract on file with Knoxville

  • Casual Laborer Status in IRIS

  • Retired Employees

  • Anyone else in a “withdrawn” status in




  • Most direct or expeditious route

  • Indirect route – employee assumes additional expense

  • In-route expenses <= 1 day each way

    • 4,5

Reimbursement procedures
Reimbursement Procedures

  • 30 days after travel (unless local mileage)

  • Travel Reimbursement Rate Schedule

  • Limits are maximum - not what to spend

  • Travel Expense Report in IRIS

  • Official travel status – begins with departure time from official station/residence

  • Trips are paid by Direct Deposit

  • Deposit notification goes to a default e-mail address of IRIS [email protected]

    • 89,90,91,93,97

To ensure proper e mail notification of direct deposit
To Ensure Proper E-mail Notification of Direct Deposit

  • Find your netID

    • Search for your name, NetID to the right of name

  • Change your “Route Mail To:” Option

    • and log in with netID

    • Enter e-mail address in the “Route Mail to:” option

    • Press continue.

To ensure proper e mail notification of direct deposit1
To Ensure Proper E-mail Notification of Direct Deposit

  • The netId password may be different than your current computer, e-mail, Banner, and IRIS passwords. 

  • The default password is

    • First two letters of your birth month with the first letter capitalized

    • Last two digits of your birth year

    • Last four digits of your social security number. 

    • If birthday is May 3, 1901 and SSN is 123-45-6789, password would be Ma016789. 

    • If that does not work, try using the birth month without the capital letter.  In the previous example, the password is ma016789.

  • If you have difficulty with your password, contact the help desk. 


  • Itemized receipt required for

    • Lodging

    • Registration fees

    • Airline tickets

    • Rental car

    • Allowable expense over $50

  • Forwarded email is NOT acceptable

    • 18,92


  • Original signatures required

  • When employee/guest can not sign:

    • Faxed, signed copy of document showing amount

    • Attach a note as to why faxed copy

  • Other documentation (ie, form T3 or letter)

    • Used to itemized expenses for entry

    • Must show the amount to be reimbursed

    • Can be signed in lieu of signature on expense report

      • 95,96

In state travel request
In-State Travel Request

  • Travel Request not required

    • unless department requires one

  • Travel within TN

  • Travel to another state when:

    • Travel < 50 miles one-way AND

    • Trip there and back is on the same day

      • 111

Out of state travel request
Out-of-state Travel Request

  • Requires Travel Request in IRIS

  • Approvals

    • Department Head or designee

    • Department Head of cost center or designee (if charged to a different cost center)

    • Traveler’s Supervisor must approve

      • 113

International travel request
International Travel Request

  • Requires Travel Request in IRIS

  • Approvals:

    • Department Head or designee

    • Department Head of cost center or designee (if charged to another cost center)

    • Chancellor or designee

      • 114

Tn travel destination after 1 15 07
TN Travel Destination after 1/15/07

  • Brentwood, TN/BR

  • Chattanooga, TN/CH

  • Franklin, TN/FR

  • Gatlinburg, TN/GA

  • Knoxville, TN/KN

  • Memphis, TN/ME

  • Nashville, TN/NA

  • Oak Ridge, TN/OR

  • Townsend, TN/TO

  • All other TN cities and counties, TN/

Advances who
Advances, Who?

  • New (less than 3 mos.) employees

  • Student employees

  • Team or group leaders

  • Employees traveling outside of continental US

  • Term Employees

  • Non-Exempt Employees

  • Must be expected to be on campus to clear advance

    • 9

Advances details
Advances, Details

  • Travel Advance Form

  • Limited to 80% of est. reimbursement, except for team/group

  • Not for direct-bill items

  • Submit travel reimbursement on return

  • Write “Advance” across the top of the expense report/note in comments

  • Must be repaid within 30 Days

  • Can be payroll deduct if not repaid

    • 10

Airfare general
Airfare, General

  • Only Standard Coach fare!

  • Purchase own ticket (exceptions noted)

    • Student traveling with employee & no other expenses may be paid by employee

  • World Travel encouraged

  • Individuals not reimbursed for charter air services

    • 15,16,17,40

Airfare traveling to airport
Airfare, Traveling to Airport

  • May be reimbursed for 1 of the following:

    • Mileage reimbursement for round trip and airport parking

    • Allowable mileage reimbursement for two round trips from home and short-term parking when driven by relative or friend

      • 80

Airfare documentation
Airfare, Documentation

  • Original passenger coupon (preferred)

  • Documentation from vendor

    • Name of passenger

    • Dates of travel

    • Complete trip itinerary

    • Amount

    • Name of airline

    • Class of service

      • 18


  • Non-refundable or international airfare can be reimbursed prior to trip

  • Fees to reissue or revalidate are reimbursable

  • Unused ticket must be processed for refund or applied to future trip

    • 19,20,21

Airfare discounted for extended stay
Airfare, Discounted for Extended Stay

  • Employee stays longer for discounted airfare

  • Reimbursed for per diems (meals & lodging) associated with personal time

  • Total cost for per diems less than airfare savings

  • No additional destination related to personal expenses

  • Savings must be documented

    • 83

Airfare discounted for extended stay documentation
Airfare, Discounted for Extended Stay, Documentation

  • Purchase ticket

  • Obtain quote for airfare without extension on same day

  • Quotes obtained after date ticket purchased not sufficient

  • Detailed explanation of expenses & savings in comments section

    • 83

Airfare direct bill who
Airfare, Direct-Bill, Who

  • Students

  • Prospective athletes

  • New employees (< 3 months)

  • Term employees

  • Non-exempt employees

  • Non-employees

  • (not eligible for Corporate Travel Card)

    • 22

Airfare direct bill how
Airfare, Direct Bill, How

  • T-25 Application for Direct Bill of Airfare

  • TA number issued (Deborah Boyd)

  • Departments enter on expense report

  • Shows as “Paid by Company”

  • Must use World Travel

Auto university motor pool
Auto, University Motor Pool

  • Should be used when available

  • Restricted to continental US

  • Gas & oil at motor pool, when possible

  • Gasoline credit card provided

  • If can not use gasoline credit card, personal reimbursement requests made with Motor Pool

  • See policy Motor Pool policy 725

    • 23

Auto personal
Auto, Personal

  • No additional expense incurred

  • Itinerary and official business mileage

  • Tripometer reading

  • Rand McNally may be used if indirect route

  • Mileage or Gasoline (if less than mileage)

  • Local travel (< 50 miles) requires log

    • Details on next slide

      • 25

Auto local mileage
Auto, Local Mileage

  • Within 50 mile radius

  • Keep a daily log containing:

    • Origin

    • Destination

    • Number of miles (odometer or trip meter)

    • Purpose of trip

  • No more than once per month

  • Can be quarterly

  • Requests submitted by June 30

    • 26

Auto rental official station
Auto, Rental - Official Station

  • Motor pool rejection slip needed

  • Without Motor pool rejection slip reimbursement is limited to lesser:

    • Rental amount

    • Mileage reimbursement

  • CANNOT be direct billed to department!

    • 27

Auto rental domestic
Auto, Rental - Domestic

  • More economical -or-

  • Only practical means of transportation

  • Refuel before returning car

    • 28

Auto insurance not reimbursed
Auto, Insurance Not Reimbursed

  • Personal Auto Insurance (PAI)

  • Collision Damage Insurance (unless International travel or guest travel, then encouraged)

  • Inspect auto before rental

  • Contact Business Affairs if damage occurs while renting

  • Responsible account charged first $1,000

    • 30,31


  • Reimbursed subject to rate schedule

  • Employees must pay for own lodging

  • Early departure fees reimbursed w/ receipt


Lodging deposits
Lodging, Deposits

  • Reimbursed with documentation that deposit is

    • Required by contract terms

    • Standard practice

      • 68

Lodging documentation
Lodging, Documentation

  • Original Receipt must contain

    • Name of occupant

    • Daily room charge

    • Applicable tax

    • Total charges

    • Explanation must be given if not original

  • Conference rate documentation, if applicable

    • 60

Lodging conference
Lodging, Conference

  • For official meetings

  • Published conference rates plus taxes

  • Submit conference materials to document rates or CONUS used

  • Select Conference Hotel expense type in IRIS

  • Reimbursed for lowest available room type

  • Overflow hotel limited to conference rate

    • 61

Lodging sharing a room
Lodging, Sharing a Room

  • If two employees share a room

    • Each pay and request separate receipt

      • If individual receipts not available, may submit a copy of the original (note this in comments).

    • One can pay if total less than CONUS rate

      • Travel report must indicate other employee

    • If shared with non-employee, will be allowed up to maximum reimbursable amount

      • 64

Travel packages general
Travel Packages, General

  • Purchased to obtain best overall trip cost

  • Can not include the following:

    • Expenses not covered by fiscal policy

    • First-class airfare

    • Lodging that exceeds per-diem

    • Meal allowances that exceed per-diem

      • 78

Travel packages documentation
Travel Packages, Documentation

  • Must provide one of the following:

    • Itemized receipt (preferred) or Statement from vendor (preferred)

    • Travel Package Itemization (Form T-40) and copy of online receipt

  • Documentation must include:

    • Name of traveler

    • Items covered in package

    • Cost for each item

    • Beginning and ending dates

      • 78a

Meal allowances
Meal Allowances

  • Daily meal allowances - rate schedule

  • Must be in travel status for 12 hours (unless team / group travel)

  • Pro-rated for 12 – 18 hours

  • Rate - where employee spent night

  • Based upon departure and return times

  • Deduct meals covered by conference

    • 69,71

Registration fees invoice
Registration Fees, Invoice

  • Reg/Conf/Train Company Paid showing amount of registration (Travel Expense)

  • Itemized invoice

    • Name of individual attending

    • Date and location

    • Itemization of all items included in fee

  • Trip number required

  • Can be processed before/after conference

  • MUST be submitted to Business Affairs for payment as with all travel related invoices

    • 86a

Registration fees t 30
Registration Fees, T-30

  • Reg/Conf/Train Company Paid showing amount of registration (Travel Expense)

  • Trip number required

  • Sent to Business Affairs, 10 days in advance

  • Documentation

    • Cost of registration fee

    • Must specify amenities included

    • Two copies of registration forms

    • Additional enclosures should accompany T-30

      • 86b

Registration fees employee paid
Registration Fees, Employee Paid

  • Paid in advance or at conference site

  • Expense reimbursed upon trip completion

  • Itemized receipt must be attached

    • 87

Registration fees lodging meals
Registration Fees, Lodging/Meals

  • Part of package arrangement

  • Listed on registration form

  • Payable to same vendor

  • Meals, banquets, or proceedings paid by Univ. must be directly related to official purpose of conference

  • Meals occurring during authorized travel times

  • Must not be purely personal (tours, etc.)

    • 88

International travel general
International Travel, General

  • Collision Damage Waiver for rental

  • Airfare reimbursed in advance

  • Travel Advances may be obtained

  • OCONUS reimbursement rates for lodging, meals, and incidentals (includes all taxes)

    • 29,19,9d

International travel passports and visas
International Travel, Passports and Visas

  • Fees & expenses for purchase of visas & passports are reimbursable

  • Must be for official University travel (not as a condition of employment)

  • Receipt for passport or visa must be provided

  • Other expenses must be fully documented

    • 81

International travel conversion
International Travel, $ Conversion

  • Currency Conversion Options ($ in IRIS)

    • Computation written on receipt or conversion printed from website & attached to each receipt

    • Credit card statements matching amount claimed are ok.

      • Amounts not combined (like lodging & food)

  • Expenses related to conversion are reimbursed

    • 43,44

Travel cellular phones
Travel, Cellular Phones

  • What is reimbursed:

    • Air Time

    • Roaming

    • Applicable tax

  • Provide the following information:

    • Name

    • Location

    • Date

    • Purpose (business related)

      • 33

Travel telephone calls
Travel, Telephone Calls

  • Business-related local and long distance

  • List on the Travel Expense Report

    • Name of party called

    • Location of party called

    • Date of the call

    • Purpose of the call

    • Explanation for the charge

      • 105

Travel parking fees
Travel, Parking Fees

  • Routine parking charges reimbursable

  • Over $50 requires receipt

  • Parking sites must be identified on expense report


Travel taxi fares
Travel, Taxi Fares

  • If traveling by common carrier: reasonable taxi, bus, or limousine is allowed:

    • To and from airport

    • Between lodging and meeting sites

    • To and from restaurants

      • 98

Travel taxi fares documentation
Travel, Taxi Fares, Documentation

  • Receipts, if $50 or more

  • Destination for each fare claimed

  • Reason for each fare claimed

  • “Transportation, Ground” on Travel Expense Report

    • 98

Travel other reimbursable
Travel, Other Reimbursable

  • Tolls allowed when necessary

  • Fees for purchasing traveler's checks

  • If comments indicate business related

    • Printing

    • Duplication

    • Promotional items

    • PC computer connect charges to access or connect to University (requires explanation)

      • 107,115,77,82

Travel not reimbursed
Travel, Not Reimbursed

  • Personal Expenses

    • Laundry

    • Hotel valet service

    • Other personal expenses

      • 76

Negative adjustments
Negative Adjustments

  • Must be entered with a (-) sign

  • Department reduces for budget reasons

  • Department reduces for internal policy

  • Traveler requests reduction

Honorariums from outside orgs
Honorariums from Outside Orgs

  • If University reimburses travel

    • Employee must remit honorarium full to university

    • Honorarium credited against account charged for travel expense

  • If University does not reimburse travel

    • Employee retains honorarium

  • Not reimbursed for same travel expenses by outside org. & University

    • 58

Grant and contract travel
Grant and Contract Travel

  • Reimbursed like other travel

  • Unless otherwise stipulated- grant/contract

  • Airfare reimbursed at standard coach fare regardless of funding source

  • Grant/Contract requires Federal/State rate, choose appropriate Trip Type, Statutory field

    • 48

Guest travel
Guest Travel

  • Who?

    • Consultants

    • Candidates for positions

    • Others who are authorized to travel at university expense

  • Non-resident alien guests must submit a copy of their visa as part of reimbursement documentation

    • 49

Guest travel1
Guest Travel

  • If only direct-billed airfare

    • no employee #, travel request, or expense report is needed

  • Others must be put as Guest traveler in IRIS which assigns an employee number

  • Meal allowance / per diem

  • Review signature requirements

    • 50

Guest travel lodging
Guest Travel, Lodging

  • Rates

    • Should be CONUS, when possible

    • If not possible, actual expenses reimbursed

  • Lodging Expenses

    • Actual lodging can be reimbursed

    • Actual lodging can be direct-billed

      • 53

Guest travel transportation
Guest Travel, Transportation

  • Expenses

    • Paid by guest

    • Billed to University

  • Insurance

    • Hired & Non-owned Automobile Liability Insurance

    • Purchase Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

    • Additional insurance will not be reimbursed

      • 54

Team group travel
Team/Group Travel

  • 5 or more individuals traveling together on univ. business

  • Nondiscrimination by facilities used

  • Travel request must list all individuals in comments or attachment

  • In-state Travel Expense Report must list all individuals in comments or attachment

    • 99

Team travel transportation
Team Travel, Transportation

  • Ground transportation at official station

    • Contracted services through purchasing

    • Vehicle from Motor Pool

    • Reimbursement of rental

  • Ground transportation at destination

    • Contact the vendor directly

  • Chartered Flight

    • Contract must be executed

      • 102

Team travel lodging
Team Travel, Lodging

  • Billed directly to university (preferred)

    • If > $5,000, must bid

  • Person responsible may obtain cash advance for lodging

  • If hotel/motel requires PO, submit to purchasing

    • 103

Team travel meals
Team Travel, Meals

  • Same day trips may be reimbursed

  • Direct bill to university whenever possible

  • Invoice or receipt

    • Identify the group for which charges are made

    • Number of meals served

    • Cost per meal

    • Total amount

      • 104

Team travel meals1
Team Travel, Meals

  • Cash advance for responsible person

  • Roster for cash distributed to group members

    • Person’s name

    • Student ID/Employee number

    • Value of each meal (not to exeed per diem)

    • Roster must be signed by person receiving cash

  • Person can not be reimbursed until all receipts or detailed, signed roster is provided

    • 104