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1 Circumnavigation, 10 ocean racing yachts, 40,000 miles, 15 races, 13 countries... Sounds like a challenge to me!

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send hannah sailing all the way around the world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1 Circumnavigation, 10 ocean racing yachts, 40,000 miles, 15 races, 13 countries... Sounds like a challenge to me!

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1 Circumnavigation, 10 ocean racing yachts, 40,000 miles, 15 races, 13 countries... Sounds like a challenge to me!

About 6 months ago, I saw an advert for the Clipper 11-12 Round the World yacht race -  I have always loved sailing and it has always been a dream of mine to compete in an around the world race, experiencing the thrills associated with sailing in the world\'s most challenging oceans.  Originally I signed up to do just 2 legs from California - New York - UK, through Panama Canal which holds a special place in my heart as my grandfather sailed through here when he working on ships in the 70s.  However, after my first weeks training, I soon realised that 2 legs was not going to be enough and that I would gain so much more out of the challenge if I attempted the whole race!

To tell you more about myself, I am 24, grew up in Devon and I am currently working in London. Most of my spare time is spent sailing - luckily my employer has a fantastic sailing club and I have been pleased to represent them in several national races. I also help to run the firm\'s annual regatta to introduce beginners to sailing - I can\'t tell you how passionate I am about this sport!

I was told by the skipper and mate on my first week of training that more people have climbed Mount Everest than raced across an ocean - this is an incredible challenge - and I can\'t wait to get started!

The race itself...

The Clipper 2011-2012 race sees 10 identical 68ft racing yachts take on a 11 month race around the globe.  This is no pleasure cruise - this is a mixture of long, tactical ocean races where endurance is tested to the limit and short, technical sprints. Weather will range from virtually flat calm to raging seas and storm force winds, enough to test the mettle of even the bravest of crew members.

Clipper 2011-2012 race route

Living on board an ocean racing yacht...

When I first applied, I don\'t think I appreciated the challenges of living aboard a yacht at sea.  Days are split into 4 to 6 hour watch systems so sleep is sporadic at best; showers are non existent and fresh fruit and veg last the first week of each leg!


Taking part in the race costs £39,500 (excluding insurance) and I am fully committed to saving as much as possible of the money required to be able to this myself, for example, I am currently moving house to save rent, and have sold a fair amount of my possessions as well as planning fundraising events. I estimate that I should be able to save £20,000 in the next year..

I am currently looking for sponsors to help me with the remaining balance. - due to the promotional opportunities from the scale of the audience (300 million) of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, this can be an extremely beneficial relationship for a sponsoring company.

The benefits of getting involved:

It’s all about perception and association:

  • Exposure – thanks to global communications and technology, the 11-12 Clipper race has an audience of over 300 million people in more than 200 countries with extensive, international coverage in every form of media.
  • Supporting development of business skills - the skills required to be successful at ocean racing are the same as those required to be successful in the business environment  - for example, strong teamwork, clear communication, endurance, keeping a calm head under pressure and last but not least - gaining that competitive edge!
  • Promoting a positive lifestyle - Sailing in extreme conditions is incredibly physically and mentally challenging, association with a competitor in this event shows support for a healthy attitude towards getting the most out of life.

In short, it’s the ideal sport and the ideal event with which to associate your corporate image, branding, products and services as part of a promotional campaign that will repay investment many times over.

What I can do for you:

  • Promotion - I would proactively promote your company and the support you have given me in the following ways:
    • Wearing clothing branded with your logo (including during the race itself) - this means that your logo could be seen by up to 300 million people worldwide
    • Recognition in media coverage up to and including the event, e.g. in local and international media interviews, and in articles I intend to write
    • Space and links on my website –
    • Wearing clothing branded with your logo (including during the race itself) - this means that your logo could be seen by up to 300 million people worldwide
sponsorship continued
Sponsorship continued

...What I can do for you:

  • Speaking at events - I would love to come and talk to you and your company about the challenges I am likely to be facing and experiences gained in training so far - I have already learned an incredible amount about team working, leadership and quick thinking under pressure.  As part of my job I am experienced in giving high quality presentations to large groups of people in a professional context.
  • Written materials - I will send you regular updates and written articles on my progress towards the event.
  • Invitations to events - I would be pleased to invite you to any events I am holding to raise money towards this.  With advance notice I may also be able to arrange for you to meet the team and tour the 68ft racing yachts.

How can you help?

Support you can give me:

  • Grants and sponsorship – any contribution, of any size, is greatly appreciated
  • Sailing equipment – a basic level of kit is provided by Clipper, however I will also need to buy other additional items such as sailing boots, sailing knife, thermal layers etc.
  • Donating products – as part of my fundraising activities I will be holding events with raffles, prize donations would be much appreciated
  • Matching charity donations – I am pleased to be raising money for the Philip Green Memorial Trust which provides help for sick and disabled children across the UK and overseas. In addition, for every £3 I raise for the Philip Green Memorial Trust, I receive £1 of my final payment for the round the world race. This is a fantastic way to help me achieve my dream whilst supporting an incredibly worthy charity.

Please get in touch to discuss this further – my website is and I can be emailed at [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your support!