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Project Appraisal: Overview PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project Appraisal: Overview. March 28, 2006. Country Level Rapid Assessments: Key Areas. A. Status of Plans and Activities Current status of AI in the country National Strategic Plan for addressing AI Institutional arrangements, including coordination mechanisms and communication.

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Project Appraisal: Overview

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Project Appraisal: Overview

March 28, 2006

Country Level Rapid Assessments:Key Areas

A. Status of Plans and Activities

  • Current status of AI in the country

  • National Strategic Plan for addressing AI

  • Institutional arrangements, including coordination mechanisms and communication

Country Level Rapid Assessments:Key Areas

Animal Health

  • Structure of poultry sector

  • Migratory birds and wildlife

  • Evaluating and strengthening the VS to respond to HPAI

  • Policy and regulatory framework

  • Surveillance

  • Control measures

Country Level Rapid Assessments:Key Areas

Human Health

  • Policy and regulatory framework

  • Surveillance

  • Prevention and control measures

  • Health system capacity and preparedness

Country Level Rapid Assessments:Key Areas

  • Assessment of effectiveness of activities to date

  • Inventory of development partner activities

  • Resource implications of getting prepared

  • Economic and social impacts

  • Regional and global aspects of country preparedness and quality of responses to outbreaks

Strategic Context and Rationale

  • Global, regional and sector issues

  • Rational for Bank involvement

  • Higher level objectives to which the program contributes

Program Description

  • Overall coordination

  • Lending instrument

  • Program development objectives

  • Program components

  • Lessons learned and reflected in program design

  • Alternatives considered and reasons for rejection


  • Partnership arrangements

  • Institutional and implementation arrangements

  • Monitoring and evaluation of outcomes/results

  • Sustainability

  • Critical risks and possible controversial aspects

  • Main loan/credit grant conditions

The Project Cycle

  • Country Partnership Strategy

  • Identification

  • Preparation

  • Appraisal

  • Negotiations and Board Approval

  • Implementation and Supervision

  • Implementation and Completion

  • Evaluation

Project Appraisal

  • When is it done:

    • After preparation and design of the project

  • What is project appraisal:

    • Provides a comprehensive review of all aspects of the project

  • Why does the Bank appraise projects:

    • As a development institution: significant impact on economic and social

    • As a borrowing institution: maintain WB standing in financial markets

Main aspects of Appraisal

  • Economic and financial analysis

  • Technical

  • Fiduciary

  • Environmental and Social aspects

  • Safeguard policies

  • Policy exceptions and readiness

Economic and Financial Analysis

  • Analysis of economic soundness of the project

  • Quantification and valuation of costs and benefits

  • Ensure financial viability

Technical Aspects

  • Render judgment on merits of technical proposals

  • Appropriate to the borrower’s needs

  • Review investment and operating costs

Fiduciary Aspects

  • Assessment of project’s financial management system

  • Procurement agreements and capacity

  • Reflection of these issues into the project design

Environmental and Social Aspects

  • Cultural acceptability and compatibility with needs of intended beneficiaries

  • Social strategy and sustain beneficiaries’ participation

  • Integration of environmental issues in the activity to enhance benefits

  • Monitoring plan for social and environmental impacts and benefits

Safeguard Policies

  • Relevant safeguard policies triggered by the operation

  • Each safeguard policy triggered requires a detailed annex with identified guidelines

  • Disclosure of ISDS must be done before appraisal

Policy Exception and Readiness

  • Delay of EMP till after appraisal for AI operations

Working Together

  • Technical expertise is critical during project preparation

  • The WB relies on technical expertise of development partners when assisting countries in preparation of projects

  • Appraisal is done by WB

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