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Climate change
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Climate Change. RECCC Pédzi V.J. Girigori MSc Curaçao, June 8 th -9 th , 2011. Overview. What is Global Warming Observations (last 100 years) Climate Variability Expected Impacts . Observations. Observations. Change in: -Temperature -Sea level -Snow coverage. Curaçao.

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Climate Change

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Climate change

Climate Change


Pédzi V.J. Girigori MSc

Curaçao, June 8th -9th , 2011



  • What is Global Warming

  • Observations (last 100 years)

  • Climate Variability

  • Expected Impacts





Change in:


-Sea level

-Snow coverage




Global warming

Global Warming

Global warming1

Global Warming

  • Greenhouse effect first discovered by Joseph Fourier in 1824,

  • Is the process in which the absorption of infrared radiation by an atmosphere warms a planet.

  • Without these greenhouse gases, the Earth's surface would be up to 30 °C cooler.

Global warming type of gasses

% : 1 part per hundred,

ppm: 1 par per million

Global Warming: Type of Gasses

200 years

280-380 ppm

Global warming radiative forcing

Global Warming: Radiative Forcing

Global warming2

Global Warming

Global warming source of gw

Global Warming: Source of GW

Climate variability

Climate Variability

Climate variability1

Climate Variability

  • The mean indicates the expected value of a random variable

  • the variance is used as a measure of how far a set of numbers are spread out around the mean

A Dataset can be characterized by a mean and a variance

Why is the change in climate variability important??

Climate variability temperature

Climate Variability: Temperature

Maximum (TNx) and minimum (TNn) of daily minimum Temperature

Maximum (TXx) and minimum (TXn) of daily maximum Temperature

Climate variability temperature1

Climate Variability: Temperature

The diurnal temperature range is the difference between the maximum and minimum temperature

Change in periods of consecutive lower temperatures (CSD) and periods of consecutive warmer temperatures (WSD)

Climate variability precipitation

Climate Variability: Precipitation

Consecutive wet (CWD) and dry days (CDD) show the change in the rainy and dry periods

Changes in total precipitation

Changes in extreme precipitation

Expected impacts

Expected Impacts

Expected impacts temperatures

Expected Impacts: Temperatures

Expected impact sea level rise

Expected Impact: Sea Level Rise

Expected impacts cura ao

Temperature Variability

An extremely likely (>95%) increase in temperature, warm spells and heat waves

An extremely likely (>95%) increase in warmer and more frequent hot days and nights

Increase in evaporation due to higher temperatures

Precipitation Variability

A more likely than not (>50%) increase of extreme rainfall events

A more likely than not (>50%) increase of the dry season

A very likely (>90%) increase in rainfall intensity

Expected Impacts: Curaçao

Expected impacts1

Expected Impacts

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