Blwyddyn 8 9 pathways llwybrau 2014 2015
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Blwyddyn 8  9 Pathways - Llwybrau 2014-2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blwyddyn 8  9 Pathways - Llwybrau 2014-2015 . What will I study in Year 9?. All learners in Year 9 will follow 7 compulsory subjects 5 compulsory GCSEs 1 optional GCSE/BTEC. Compulsory Subjects. Physical Education French History Geography Art Music

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Blwyddyn 8 9 pathways llwybrau 2014 2015

Blwyddyn 89

Pathways - Llwybrau


What will i study in year 9
What will I study in Year 9?

  • All learners in Year 9 will follow

    • 7 compulsory subjects

    • 5 compulsory GCSEs

    • 1 optional GCSE/BTEC

Compulsory subjects
Compulsory Subjects

  • Physical Education

  • French

  • History

  • Geography

  • Art

  • Music

  • PSE which includes the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification

    These are not GCSE courses but are National Curriculum subjects that are taught to all learners in Year 9.

Compulsory gcse s
Compulsory GCSE’s

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Religious Studies

  • Welsh

    These subjects are compulsory GCSE courses that all learners will follow through to Year 11.

Gcse btec options

  • GCSE Product Design 3D

  • GCSE Product Design Textiles

  • BTEC Information Technology


    All learners in Year 9 have now chosen one of the above subjects.

    They will complete this subject during Year 9 and take more options in Year 10 & 11.

What will the courses look like
What will the courses look like?

  • GCSE courses will either be examination only, or will require completion of a portfolio or controlled assessment.

  • A more detailed calendar of the controlled assessments required can be found in the parents handbook provided this evening.


Our new Year 9 Programme of Study learners will study

and analyse a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, and

become more confident as speakers and listeners.

We aim to make the Year 9 curriculum accessible to all learners, challenging and fun with opportunities to complete extended writing for real contexts.

Most importantly, the Year 9 programme will directly prepare learners for the rigours of GCSE.

Students will complete controlled assessments

and examinations in years 10 & 11.

The english course is constructed to enable learners to benefit in three ways
The English course is constructed to enable learners to benefit in three ways:

  • Firstly, developing the skills needed to succeed in GCSE English: speaking & listening, reading, writing and organisation.

  • Secondly, they will hone the skills needed for life through English lessons. For example, to make effective presentations, to listen and respond to others and to write in a range of forms.

  • Finally, we aim to nurture learners’ appreciation of a variety of literary and non-literary texts such as: novels, short stories, plays, films, media, poetry and web pages.

Mathematics benefit in three ways:

  • NOcoursework and NOcontrolled assessments.

  • One calculator and one non-calculator exam at the end of the course.

  • Four tier scheme of learning to ensure that every student fulfils their potential.

  • Internal testing at the end of every half term.

  • Progressive scheme of learning.

Mathematics benefit in three ways:

  • GCSE External Exam at the end of Year 10.

  • 7 Lessons per fortnight

  • Sets 1& 2 (Higher Paper - Grades A* to D)

  • Sets 3 & 4 (Foundation - Grades C to G)

Science benefit in three ways:

  • There are 4 different pathways that learners could follow.

  • These pathways either follow a GCSE or BTEC route

    The 4 Pathways-

  • Triple Award Science - (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

  • Core & Additional

  • Core only

  • BTEC Vocational

Science benefit in three ways:


Each form of GCSE pathway consists of:

  • 3 examinations in the summer

    each paper = 25% of final grade.

  • 1 controlled assessment (practical exam) = 25% of final grade.


    The course consists of:

  • 3 coursework units (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

  • 1 examined unit.

Year 8 into 9 Pathways 2014-15

Science benefit in three ways:

Year 9

& Year 10

Year 11

Triple Award



Core & Additional


Further GCSE or GCSE equivalent

Core Only



BTEC Vocational


1 GCSE equivalent 1 GCSE equivalent

Religious studies
Religious Studies benefit in three ways:

  • In Year 9 we start the WJEC Short Course GCSE and study the following topics through the religion of Christianity.

  • Believing and Living:

  • Our World

  • Relationships

  • Looking for meaning

  • Is it fair?

How will students be examined

Cymraeg benefit in three ways: – Welsh

How will students be examined?

  • Students will receive one hour per week of compulsory Welsh in year 9.

  • Students will complete a Level 2 National Vocational Qualification.

  • More able students will have the opportunity to complete a further qualification in year 10.

  • There is no external examination for this course.

  • Students will pass by completing a portfolio of coursework.

  • 20 pieces of coursework will complete the portfolio.

WBQ- Intermediate benefit in three ways:

  • During Year 9 learners will study numerous topics from the PSE framework.

  • Learners will study:

  • The Environment

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Positive relationships and sexual education

  • Active Citizenship

  • Year 9 learners will complete the first challenge;

  • The Individual Project Challenge.

BTEC in Information and Creative Technology benefit in three ways:

  • Course is studied over 1 year and has 1 external examination and 3 coursework based units

  • Course is graded Pass, Merit , Distinction or Distinction* which is equivalent to GCSE Grade C, B, A or A*

  • Course is made up of 4 units throughout the year: Technology Systems, Creating a Digital Animation, Spreadsheet Development & A Digital Portfolio

Product Design & benefit in three ways:

Product Design Textiles

  • Learners will be assessed in two ways:

  • Examination ( one 2 hour written paper which is worth 40% of the total marks)

  • Coursework (one design and make project

  • worth 60% of the overall marks)

ASDAN- benefit in three ways:CoPE

12 coursework based units-

• Communication

• Citizenship and Community

• Sport and Leisure

• Independent Living

• The Environment

• Vocational and Diploma Preparation

• Health and Fitness

• Work Related Learning and Enterprise

• Science and Technology

• International Links

• Expressive Arts

• Beliefs and Values

What is different about being in ks4
What is different about being in KS4? benefit in three ways:

Lunchtime will be between 1.05 p.m. and 1.40 p.m.

Students will be moving all around the school for their lessons

Students will get to know a wider range of staff and pupils of all ages in their classes.

You will follow a curriculum that leads to qualifications

Tutor for learning sessions
Tutor for Learning sessions benefit in three ways:

  • Take place every day at 2.40pm for 20 minutes

  • Conducted by the tutor and co tutor both of whom will get to know the students well

  • During one session per week there will be an assembly

  • Once a month there is a full house assembly for students in years 7-13.

What happens in tfl sessions
What benefit in three ways:happens in TFL sessions ?

  • The class discuss and reflect on a thought for the week (DACW)

  • Learning conversations take place between students and co tutor

  • Uniform and equipment is checked

  • Attendance, behaviour and achievement discussed

  • Literacy and numeracy activities/ weekly quiz

  • General discussions to ensure students well being is maintained take place

House blogs
House benefit in three ways: Blogs

  • All blogs are updated regularly with information applicable to all students

  • Displayed and discussed every day during TFL session

  • Easily accessed from home via the schools home page

Concerns benefit in three ways:

TfLs benefit in three ways:

TfLs benefit in three ways:

TfLs benefit in three ways:

TfLs benefit in three ways:

Transition trip
Transition trip benefit in three ways:

  • Kayaking

  • Climbing

  • Adventure Trekking

  • Map Reading and Navigation

  • Camp Craft skills

  • Orienteering

  • Mountain Rescue Scenarios

  • Bush Craft

  • The Country Code

  • Team Challenges and Activities

Tfl groups branwen
TfL benefit in three ways: groups- Branwen

Tfl groups olwen
TfL benefit in three ways: groups- Olwen

Tfl groups taliesin
TfL benefit in three ways: groups- Taliesin

Tfl groups pryderi
TfL benefit in three ways: groups- Pryderi