goes r proving ground cira rammb progress report 16 april 2010
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GOES-R Proving Ground CIRA / RAMMB Progress Report 16 April 2010

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GOES-R Proving Ground CIRA / RAMMB Progress Report 16 April 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GOES-R Proving Ground CIRA / RAMMB Progress Report 16 April 2010. Proving Ground Product Status New ORI case Land Surface Temperature Cloud Climatology Interactions with WFOs Interactions with National Centers PG Systems Status. 1. Revised ORI Product Description.

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goes r proving ground cira rammb progress report 16 april 2010
GOES-R Proving Ground CIRA / RAMMB Progress Report16 April 2010
  • Proving Ground Product Status
    • New ORI case
    • Land Surface Temperature
    • Cloud Climatology
  • Interactions with WFOs
  • Interactions with National Centers
  • PG Systems Status


revised ori product description
Revised ORI Product Description
  • The ORI Product Description was revised.
    • Goal: to make it a better training tool
    • Includes now a very detailed example using AWIPS screen captures for a recent ORI event in the Seattle WFO area.
    • Other good case studies will be added over time
    • New product description will be posted on-line by the end of April 2010
land surface temperature product
Land Surface Temperature Product

CIRA will be the NESDIS/StAR <-> WFO liaison for this product and will

Implement official LST Option 1 product AWG algorithm

Generate real-time LST AWIPS products

Distribute the LST product to Regional Headquarters

Support WFOs with installing LST onto their AWIPS systems

Collect LST feedback from NWS forecasters

Latest Status:

Received Bob Yu’s (NESDIS/StAR) code of his AWG Land Surface Temperature (LST) product and compiled it successfully at CIRA.


cira pg cloud climatology product
CIRA PG Cloud Climatology Product
  • Mel Nordquist (EKA SOO) has approved Deb Molenar’s process for use of the EKA climatologies within AWIPS D2D & GFE. 
  • Cindy Combs’ fog/stratus regime cloud climatology datasets will be converted into the AWIPS format by the end of April (EKA can utilize by summer 2010). 
  • Deb Molenar will work with Mel Nordquist and his Aviation Focal Point to design & develop the AWIPS menus for organization & use of the cloud climatology data. 
  • Mel Nordquist is going to check with his AWIPS Focal Point and ITO to determine the AWIPS Configuration Management restrictions.
  • Becca Mazur (CYS SOO) and Mel Nordquist will develop training materials to help the forecasters use the data.
  • Once everything is working at EKA, we\'ll repeat the process with the wind regime climatologies at CYS.
wfo interaction with cira
WFO Interaction with CIRA
  • Omaha WFO is now ingesting our GeoColor and Low cloud/fog layer products, similar to CYS and BOU.
  • Eureka WFO now has ORI, will be working towards getting our GeoColor and Low cloud/fog layer products in the next months.
  • Los Angeles WFO agreed to get the ORI and GeoColor and Low cloud/fog layer products.
  • Monterey WFO on hold, awaiting new instructions on how to configure their AWIPS.
  • Davenport (Iowa) WFO agreed to get the GeoColor and Low cloud/fog layer products. GOES-East LCFOG & GeoColor are being sent to the CRH server.
new wfo interactions
New WFO Interactions

Buffalo WFO:

  • interested in all PG products
  • especially MODIS imagery for lake ice breakup
  • Eastern Region Headquarters is reviewing the request to get our products

Portland WFO: 

  • interested in ORI, Low Cloud/Fog and GeoColor product
  • delay - WFO currently going through lab floor replacement
interaction with spc
Interaction with SPC

Hail Probability Product

Adapted to now predict the probability of hail >= 1 inch diameter

Forecast extended to the 0-3-hour timeframe

Data currently streaming to the SPC and is displaying on their NAWIPS system

Present work includes a 3-6-hour forecast and a probability of >= 2 inch hail, as suggested by the SPC

Simulated ABI Data from WRF Output

Work is nearly complete in generating synthetic ABI radiances from the daily output of the WRF-ARW 4-km model run at SPC

Data will be displayed in NAWIPS for evaluation during the Spring Program


nhc proving ground operations plan
NHC Proving Ground Operations Plan
  • Participants in NHC Proving Ground
    • Product Providers: CIMSS and CIRA
    • Consumer: NHC
  • Dates
    • August 1st through November 30th, 2010
  • Products
    • Official GOES-R Baseline Product
      • Hurricane Intensity Estimate HIE (CIMSS web-based product)
    • Decision Aid Products
      • Red-Blue-Green (RGB) air mass product (CIRA Google Earth)
      • RGB aerosol/dust Product (CIRA Google Earth)
      • Saharan air layer product (CIMSS Google Earth)
      • Super rapid scan imagery ( NHC direct ingest / CIRA archive)
      • Lightning-based rapid intensity index (CIRA ftp of test product

(based on free Vaisala lightning dataset)

new cira stars request to update proving ground interaction star map

Boulder (BOU) and Cheyenne (CYS)

Omaha, NE  OAX

Davenport, IA  DVN

Eureka, CA  EKA

Monterey, CA  MTR

Los Angeles, CA  LOX

Portland, OR  PQR

Grand Junction, CO  GJT

Buffalo, NY  BUF

National Centers






New CIRA “Stars”Request to update “Proving Ground Interaction Star Map”



Systems Progress

  • Telecons: AWIPS II and Cooperative Institutes/GOES-R Proving Ground Partners- ongoing and very helpful!!!
  • AWIPS II configuration underway on old spec hardware; hardware configured to new specs has been ordered.
    • Still unsure if 24 bit displays will be possible.
    • Concerns for data ingest method; sounds like PG products will be competing with operational products for bandwidth?
    • Efforts are underway to determine best ‘plug-in’ mechanism to develop for GeoColor data.
    • Google Earth capabilities developed for NHC offer an interim method for presenting the data at full spatial and color resolution.
  • Development of “Proving Ground Products Online” (similar to RAMSDIS Online) is underway.
    • Offers real-time snapshots of existing PG products on the web
    • Very useful for data review and training for those without an AWIPS at their desk.